Best Baseball Batting Helmets: For Youth & High School Players (in 2018)

Protection of head is crucial when it comes to playing outdoor sports like baseball. If not protected, it can lead to severe head injuries that can be fatal. It might not be a glorious thing to purchase a head helmet for adding to the collection of the baseball equipment, but is very important to invest in one.

When the player, young or old, steps into the batter’s box, it is essential for them to wear the helmet while batting. Make sure that you invest in a helmet that is made of a hard material and that has a premium quality so that it doesn’t break easily and provides a better protection.

Here is a guide to the top baseball batting helmets that you can choose from.

Best Baseball Batting Helmets

    1. Easton Junior Z5 Grip Batters Helmet

This helmet is one of the best options if you are looking for durability along with great style. It comes with dual density padded foam which not only helps in absorbing the sweat but also makes sure that the helmet stays away from the head and protects it through its cushioning.

This will ensure that you don’t wipe the sweat frequently from your head and face and will make your play efficient. The ears of the helmet are wrapped, which adds to the durability of the helmet and makes it one of the best options for the players. One of the best features of this helmet is that it can be used by players of all ages.

Also, it consists of ABS plastic which provides excellent protection against any kinds of impacts like the ones from the balls or the ones from the collision with any other player. This helmet comes with a superior fit that is exclusively designed to last long without undergoing any kind of wear and tear.

It meets the NOCSAE standard that makes it an ideal option for various leagues and competitions. Also, this helmet is the best option if you prefer to look good during the play.

You can team it up with any uniform or your preferred style options. It will definitely make you look great on the field.

It is the best youth baseball batting helmet for the high school players.

The features of this helmet are quite competitive when compared to the others in the market. If the price is not a concern for you, you can definitely go for this helmet.

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    1. DeMarini Paradox Batting Helmet

This helmet is from the brand DeMarini that is well known for the production of top quality sports equipment. This is one such helmet that has a top class performance, perfection, and protection.

It features a shell of low profile that is designed uniquely for the providing the players with a comfortable as well as a superior fit.

It features a premium rubber finish which is useful in absorbing any kinds of vibrations or shocks if in case the helmet is hit by a bat or a ball. The rubber shell of the helmet consists of several ventilation holes that are carefully placed which aids in the filtering of cold air and pushing out the hot air.

This will ensure that the top of your head is cool and sweat free and also make sure that you don’t slow down near the bases even when the climate is hot. The padding of the helmet is made up of a fabric that is antimicrobial.

This makes sure that the sweat is properly absorbed and a proper cushioning is provided to the player’s head for protection. Also, the earpieces of the helmet are wrapped up in a much softer fabric, made up of cotton, to provide extra cushioning during the game.

One of the best things about this helmet is that you can purchase it with or without the face mask. This helmet comes in two sizes which are s/m and l/xl so that it can fit almost all the players.

For a mid-range price, this helmet has great features that provide the player with excellent comfort and protection.

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    1. Rawlings Coolflo Molded Baseball Batting Helmet

Rawlings designed revolutionary helmets that feature the CoolFlo technology which can be used by both catchers and hitters.

The brand is popularly known for its excellent products that are highly durable and reliable. This helmet by Rawlings proves to be one of the most stylish baseball batting helmets amongst the ones that are presently available in the market.

It features a high tech and unique ventilation system which keeps your head cool. This helmet is specially designed by the professionals to meet the requirements of the players. It features such a unique and classy design that not only ensures to be comfortable on your head but also ensures that it gives you a better head protection and not cause any kind of head straining.

This helmet consists of a few pre-drilled holes alongside the ear guard so that the player can easily attach the wired face mask if required during the game. Also, its aerodynamic and molded appearance gives it a superior class of style that looks professional.

Also, it meets the NOCSAE standards for the youth baseball helmets. The helmet is constructed in such a way that it cannot be broken by any kind of forces by the bat or ball.

This helmet comes at an affordable price with great features that makes it worth buying. The younger player will stand out in the field with this excellent helmet.

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Final Words

When you look forward to purchasing a baseball batting helmet, make sure that you settle for the one that meets your requirements and is of a high quality.

These helmets will provide you with enough protection to your head against various injuries, shocks, and vibrations and is a must wear during the time of the play.

Adding to the immense safety, the helmet will make sure that you play your game with confidence and no fear of getting injured.

Hopefully, you would have got an idea about the various features and qualities of a baseball betting helmet that will help you in choosing the perfect one for you.

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