Best Catchers Mitt: Reviews of 5 Top Products in 2017

Just like players wear gloves in baseball, a catcher is also supposed to wear them. However, the catcher calls them by mitt instead of gloves. The difference between the players’ gloves and mitt is that mitt doesn’t have any individual components for each finger, whereas, gloves do.

Apart from that, mitt is designed especially with a pocket of uniquely large size than the normal gloves to catch the ball easily. It also meets the requirements several times when the catcher will have to catch the ball during the game. It has a unique shape and design which provides extra protection.

Choosing the correct catcher’s mitt is definitely a tough task while there are so many to choose from and so many factors to be considered. Some of them include the size of the pocket, type of pocket, the material used, etc. Here are some of the best catcher’s mitts that you can choose from.

5 Best Baseball Catchers Mitt Reviews

  1. Wilson A2000

baseball catchers mitt

If you are planning to buy to buy a long lasting and high-end pair of a mitt, you can definitely go for this one. Wilson is a trusted name when it comes to gloves and is preferred by many of the professional players across the world.

There are certain things which make these mitts better than the rest of the available ones. The first thing is that it is made up from pro stock leather that is famous all across the world.

This leather is very well known and preferred by the players due to its durability. These can be stiff in the beginning, but once you start getting used to them, they will last long for many seasons.

It is definitely pricier than the rest, but durability will not come at a cheaper rate. Go for them if you are looking forward to something that lasts long apart from giving you extra comfort and protection.

  1. Mizuno Prospect

best catchers mitt 2017

A great and high-quality pair of mitts can be difficult to find for the youngsters as their hand size keeps changing with age. But for the adults, this is not the case. Keeping in mind this factor, the Prospect series by Mizuno provides high quality, comfort and easy use that are specially designed for youngsters and are quite affordable.

These mitts come with a special power close technology which provides an ease for the little hands of youngsters to catch and squeeze the ball through the pockets of the mitt. It is also featured with Para-shock technology which enables fast catching through absorbing the force from the ball impact.

This is a great option for the youngsters when they look forward to something at an affordable price as well as does not undergo wear and tear easily.

  1. All Star Pro

best catchers mitt

Talking about the professional baseball players, the all-star pro elite series is quite famous. Many of the serious players choose them due to their perfection and the fine materials by which they are made. Sometimes they are even called as the best mitts available in today’s market.

You will easily be able to feel the difference between them and other mitts once you wear them. The leather from which these mitts are made is what makes them so appealing. You will be able to catch the ball so easily and it will also save you from buying a new pair of mitts every season.

The combination of the tan and black leather improves the quality of the mitts and adds strength and control. The price may be a bit higher for these mitts, but it is worth every penny spent. The benefits it provides you with their unique design, softness, comfort, and high grip will make you feel proud of yourself for owning them.

  1. Rawlings Renegade

catchers mitt by rawlings

The Rawlings Renegade series is a pro style mitt for those young and budding baseball enthusiasts who dream of taking part in bigger leagues. This is specially designed and made for smaller hands but also has the feel and the look just like the ones that the majors use.

These pair of mitts is very comfortable and easy to use for the young players. The full-grained and tanned leather makes it one of the most stylish and good looking mitts available in the market. The palm pad is highly cushioned that avoids any sting from a fast and hard throw, which makes the game even more enjoyable without the need of worrying of bruised hands.

These mitts allow the youngsters to learn the tips, tricks, and proper techniques through their advanced features. These include a speed trapping technology that makes the catching of the ball as easy as a breeze, and provides a game ready feel to the player.

The closed web feature enables the player to have a proper and full control over the catching such that there is not a single chance that the ball will be missed.

  1. Mizuno World Win

best mitt for catchers

The Mizuno series is known to be one of the best manufacturers of mitts in the world today. The world win series by them is totally different from the other mitts that you see in the market. These are so lightweight and durable that it would be difficult for you to resist buying them.

One of the most competitive features of these is the price. If you are looking for mitts that are good playing and good playing, and at affordable prices, these will be your rescuers. Due to the high quality and affordability, it is a great option for the high school players.

These mitts are made up of retro leather which is so soft and supple that provides a high comfort to your hands with a greater durability. The fabric is lined with a special moisture management technology that absorbs shocks and keeps the hands of the players safe, cool and dry.

It keeps the sweat at par and thereby eliminates any kind of slippage. Not only are they affordable, but also they are of superior quality and durability.

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