All-Star Pro Elite Catcher’s Mitt (CM3000SBT) Review in 2021

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If you’re thinking about buying a catcher’s mitt, then I’m sure you’re already considering All-Star Pro Elite Catcher’s Mitt – CM3000SBT.

But, the question is, 

Should you invest in All-Star Catcher’s Mitt?

You must be thinking about various similar questions. 

Therefore, today, after reading the review of All-Star Pro Catcher’s Mitt, you’ll know why catchers still love this mitt in 2021. 

All-Star Pro Elite Catcher’s Mitt Review

The All-Star Pro Elite Catcher’s Mitt is easy to break in but has a longer life. The soft leather pocket gives a great feel and extra pop that pitchers like. The reinforced closed web, index finger hood, and velcro wrist strap are some extra features that catchers love. So, let’s learn a little more about this mitt.

Features of All-Star Catcher’s Mitt


If you look at the design, then, believe me, it is one of the most stylish catcher’s mitt that you can purchase.

Wilson a2000 Catcher’s mitt is another high price mitt, but it is not as stylish as the All-Star Pro Elite.

The yellow and black color looks nice along with the black laces.


The All-Star Pro Catcher’s Mitt is one of the best catcher’s mitts on the market in 2021.

It has a deep pocket that helps you catch a pitch very easily. Even after using it for a long time, it’ll not lose its shape. You can use it for years without any decrease in its performance.

After unboxing, you may find it a little stiff but as you know, you need to break in every glove. So, after catching some pitches you will love to use it.

Being lightweight is another plus point for this mitt, and it allows the users to catch pitches quickly and move their arms as they don’t have to carry heavy gloves.

Ajustable Strap

Adjustable Strap of All Star Catcher's Mitt

In the All-Star Pro Catcher’s Mitt, the adjustable strap is one of the features that you’ll love.

The adjustable strap is super helpful for all baseball players because the hands of every person are different. So, even if you purchase a mitt by measuring your hand size, then it is possible that you feel like your mitt is slightly loose or tight.

In that case, an adjustable strap becomes the most helpful feature a mitt can offer. There is no use in having a great mitt if you’re not comfortable in it.

Many catchers find this common problem as if they purchase a 33.5 inches mitt, then it’s slightly tight for them. While if they go with 34 or 34.5 inches mitt, then it’s loose for them.

In that case, you can easily adjust the fitting of your All-Star mitt by using the adjustable strap.

Break-In Time

How much time a glove or mitt will take in the breaking process depends on the leather quality.

The All-Star Pro Elite Mitt is made with Japanese Tanned Steer Hide leather. This mitt quickly breaks in and doesn’t take much time.

all-star pro elite catcher's mitt review

If you unbox a new All-Star Mitt, you can easily do your hand movements in the new mitt. So, you can expect that, if you can control your hand movements within a new mitt, then obviously it’ll not take much time to break in.

But, if you expect your mitt will be already broken in, then you’re wrong. Whether you purchase a high-quality expensive mitt or a cheap one, every mitt needs to be broken in.

Leather Quality

Whether your catcher’s mitt will last for many years or if it will work only for one season, that depends on the quality of leather.

If your catcher’s mitt is made with high-quality leather, then you can wear it for many years. This All-Star Pro Elite Catcher’s Mitt is made with Japanese tanned steer hide leather. It is one of the best leather that glove manufacturers use.

With great leather quality, you can easily use this mitt for many years. So, if you’re a high school or college baseball player, then it’s a great choice for you.

Pocket Area

The pocket area is deep as required. There is nothing much to discuss in the pocket area because it is appropriate for the players so they can easily catch the balls and the ball doesn’t come out from the mitt.

Watch this short video to learn how you can make a deeper pocket for your glove and mitt.


The mitt’s web type is a traditional half-moon style with a cross-laced web. The laces are of high quality and they won’t break as long as your catcher’s mitt lasts.

Color Options

Currently, All-Star Catcher’s Mitt is available in two different colors.

The one is the original color that is black and yellowish-green while the other color option is black.

Initially, there was no color option, you have to choose only the original color. But, now you have two options.

Size Options

This catcher’s mitt is definitely available in different sizes.

The 33 inches and 33.5 inches are the most popular sizes for the All-Star Mitt which are good for high school players.


The padding is really nice, and while catching the baseballs, you’ll not feel any shock on your hands.

The proper padding absorbs the force of the fast pitches and helps you to easily catch them.

Hand Made

Each All-Star catcher’s mitt is handmade.

There could be machine work, but all the major work is done by humans who are experts in their field and helped in each process to make this great mitt.

Expensive But Worth It

This is definitely a high-priced mitt. You have to pay much more than $50.

When it comes to price versus quality, then I must say, this mitt deserves this price tag.

However, with this price, everyone can’t buy it but if you can purchase it then it is definitely worth the price you’ll pay. It is one of the best catcher’s mitts for high school baseball kids.

  • Nice design with good use of colors
  • Velcro wrist strap
  • A proper amount of padding
  • High-quality leather
  • Index Finger Hood
  • Easy to break in
  • Durable for many years
  • Fully Handmade
  • Two color options
  • Reinforced Closed Web
  • Tried & Tested by a lot of catchers
  • Expensive
  • Designed for Serious Players Only

Who Should Buy This Catcher’s Mitt?

Buying All Star CM3000SBT Mitt

This baseball catcher’s mitt is a perfect match to your catcher’s gear for baseball players who are currently in high school or college.

After buying this mitt, you do not have to buy another mitt for the next few years. This is so durable that after buying it, you can wear it for many seasons.

But, for that, you have to spend 4 to 5 times more money as compared to the cheap catcher’s mitt.

The Final Verdict

The All-Star Pro Elite Catcher’s Mitt is one of the most trusted mitts available on the market.

It’s quite expensive, but because of its durability, you’ll understand why as compared to some cheap ones.

The design and performance are great. It’s easy to break in, and after that, It’ll be very comfortable. You can also read my other article that talks about how you can easily break-in in a baseball glove and mitt.

I hope that this All-Star Pro CM3000SBT Mitt Review helped you to take the decision of whether you should buy it or not.

If you have any questions, then feel free to let me know in the comments section.

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