Best Grip Tapes for Baseball Bats in 2021: Tried & Tested

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If you’re wondering how you can jazz up your bat while having a firmer grip, then the answer is Bat Grip Tapes.

They have been used by MLB players not just to show their personality by decorating their baseball or softball bat with unique styles, but also for improved bat control and firm grip.

This article discusses the finest bat grip tapes in 2021 and how to choose the best grip tapes for your bats.

My Personal Recommendation

If you’re looking for a grip tape for your baseball or softball bat, I personally recommend Champro Extreme Tack Bat Grip Tape because it’s extremely easy to install.

Also, its tacky surface makes it the best grip tape as it gives you a better grip and control on your bat when you step into the batter’s box.

You can show off your personality as well since it comes in a variety of colors with four basic patterns. This grip tape will surely increase your confidence on the field.

Comparison of Bat Grip Tapes

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Best Baseball Bat Grip Tapes

Best Baseball Bat Grip Tape

Vulcan Bat Grip

The Vulcan is a baseball bat grip tape manufacturing company that produces a wide range of bat grip tapes with various customization for elite baseball players to the major league players. They have been known for their innovative styles and techniques used for designing the bat grip tapes.

They are an all-weather tape as they offer the maximum amount of feel with ultimate grip in all weather conditions. These bat grip tapes are designed in such a way that they can fit into the wood, alloy, and composite bats comfortably and smoothly.

The baseball grip for the bat tape features components with progressive technology that helps to develop the best gripping structure for the players of different levels. They are available in three distinct thicknesses that allow you to choose according to your preferences or requirements.

The three distinct thicknesses are 0.50mm, 1.00mm, and 1.75mm. The 1.50mm thickness bat grip tape is around 41 inches long and offers the player with an advanced feel. They also enhance the control of hitters on a wooden baseball bat and provide maximum stability.

The 1.00mm thickness bat grip tapes are designed for the alloy or composite bats to offer the player with ultimate comfort, control, and feel. They are about 43 inches long and are also suitable for wooden bats.

The 1.75mm thickness bat grip tapes are around 39 inches long and are mostly suitable for alloy and composite bats. They offer a decent amount of stock grip to the players on the field.

These baseball batting grip tapes are made up of advanced polymer and are one of the best options 2021 has to offer. They are also available in various colors and designs. They are straightforward to wrap around your youth baseball bat and comes with a state-of-the-art maze imprint on it to offer a superior grip to the player.

Gonex Bat Grip Tape for Baseball

The Gonex is a brand name for the manufacturing of grip tape for baseball and softball bats. They design these bat grip tapes using premium quality, non-slip and cushioned polymer that is exceptionally durable as well as reliable. They do not peel off easily even after numerous rough uses in the game.

The Gonex grip tape for bats has a thickness of 1.1 mm that offers the player the best grip as well as an ultimate feeling while playing the baseball and softball. This thickness also protects against vibration due to the ball hitting the baseball or softball hat. The bat grip tape also comes with an additional 3.9 inch (100mm) choke up length at the ends of the front and the back.

This additional length can be either used by the player or cut off if not required according to your preferences. The width of this bat grip tape is around 25mm or 0.98 inches. These tapes also feature double-faced adhesives that ease the process of installation around the softball or baseball bats.

These double-faced adhesives are quite easy to peel off and wrap around the baseball bat securely with the tape provided. The thickness of the bat grip tape can also be increased to get a thicker feel by widening the overlapping part while you are wrapping around the bat grip.

These best bat grips are most suitable for wood, alloy, and composite bats of any kind of size. They are tightly pressed around the corners as well as on both sides to avoid splitting. The Gonex Bat grip tapes offer the best slip resistance as well as vibration protection to provide the players with the best batting experiences.

Each bat grip tape comes along with two finishing tapes that ensure the positions are fixed and do not loosen up while playing the game. These bat grip tapes can be easily washed with water and alcohol using a soft towel as they are designed with water-proof technology.

Hot Glove Mega Wrap 1.5mm Tacky Bat Grip

The Hot Glove Mega Wrap is the best and fun option to add some style to your baseball bats but with high performing grips. They are quite easy to wrap around the baseball bat handles as they are as easy to apply as to peel off. The Mega Wrap bat grip tape offers pioneering traction craters with a tacky feel that provides the player with a secure grip for their player.

The traction craters offered by the Mega Wrap prevent the handle from slipping and ensure a tight and firm grip to the hands. The tackiness of the bat grip tape gives an advanced feel to the hands of the players and provides maximum control as well as stability to promote your performance on the field.

The Hot Glove Mega Wrap also features perforations in the wrap that allows it to absorb the sweat and moisture from the hands to prevent slipping or twisting of the hands-on the baseball bat. These bat grip tapes are suitable for all types of baseball bats like wooden, alloy, and composite bats.

This bat grip tape has a thickness of around 1.5mm that helps to reduce the sting and vibration caused by the ball hitting the baseball bat. These bat grip tapes come with double-faced adhesives that ensure the supreme security of the tape onto the baseball tape. The Hot Glove Mega Wrap also comes with beveled edges that prevent the edges from rolling up.

The Hot Glove Mega Wrap bat grip tape measures about 40.5 inches long and 0.4 inches wide, this ensures easy wrapping around the baseball bat. Due to synthetic construction, they are incredibly durable and do not peel off even after continuous rigorous use. They are available in a variety of colors, camo and also features the USA flag on them.

CHAMPRO DigiCamo Grip Tape

The CHAMPRO is known to manufacture the best bat grip tapes for baseball as well as softball bats from elite players to major league players. Their DigiCamo Bat grip tape adds a personality to your baseball or softball bats and also gives you a chance to stand out in the crowd. They provide a unique look to your bats with the best grip system as you dig into the batter’s box.

The DigiCamo Bat grip tape features a tacky surface that offers an innovative feel to the hands of the player along with a firm and controlled grip to baseball or softball bats. They also ensure the stability of the hands while batting and prevent slipping or twisting of the hands. It helps you to enhance the performance of the player in the field by improving their batting forms and style.

The DigiCamo Bat Grip has a thickness of around 1.8mm that helps to prevent the stinging feel of the hands as well as the vibration of the baseball bat while hitting. The edges of the bat grip tape are tapered to craft a contoured fit to the baseball bats that offer a professional look to the bats.

The ChamproDigiCamo Bat grip tape features a camouflage design that adds to the uniqueness of the tape and gives the bat an inventive look. These bat grip tapes are quite budget-friendly and have an incredibly soft feel with a strong and firm grip. The ChamproDigiCamo Bat Grip Tapes would never fail to impress you with their innovative styles and designs.

Rawlings Premium Synthetic Bat Grip

The Rawlings has been known for manufacturing a variety of sporting goods and is the most reliable brand for the athletes for a long time. The Rawlings Bat Grip Tape is one of the finest and comfiest tapes available in the market. They have been consistently the top seller in the market since their launch.

The Rawlings Bat Grip Tape is made up of premium synthetic material that is exceptionally durable and runs from season after season, even with constant rough use. These bat grip tapes are suitable and standard for all types of production bats like wood, alloy, and composite bats.

The tackiness offered by these bat grip tapes is medium to give a soft and comfy feel to the hands of the player while batting. They have a thickness of around 1mm that prevents the stinging feel to the hands due to the vibration caused while hitting.

These ultra-thin bat grip tapes have a medium-cushioned grip that ensures a secure and a firm grip to the hands of the player and avoids the slipping or twisting of the hands. The Rawlings Bat Grip Tapes adds an extra feel to improve the bat control for the players by offering them stability. They are available in three different colors that are purple, grey, and black.

The Rawlings Bat Grip tapes also feature perforations on them to absorb the sweat and moisture from the hands of the player to avoid slipping of the hands. The Bat grip tape has tapered ends that create a contoured fit around the baseball bat. It also includes peel-off adhesives that ensure a perfect fit for the baseball bat and does not peel off easily.

The Rawlings Bat Grip tapes are premium quality tapes that ensure a perfect grip around the bat with high standard performances and would never disappoint you.

Easton Deluxe Bat Grip Tape

The Easton Deluxe bat grip tapes enhance the grip by offering an improved and firm bat grip to the players. These bat grip tapes are ideal for all the productive bats available in the market like wood, alloy, and composite bats. The Easton Deluxe bat grips are responsible for reducing the weight off your bat that enhances the bat control for the players by improving the stability.

These bat grip tapes can also be worn on the wrist to give a unique and innovative look to your personality. They are available in a variety of colors that are red, orange, yellow, green, royal, black, pink, purple, Digicamo, and white.

However, they are extremely thin and can be peeled off the roll smoothly and are also quite slippery to feel. They are budget-friendly, so you can consider the Easton Deluxe Bat Grip Tape if you are on a budget.

How to Choose Bat Grip

In earlier times, the major league baseball players used to wrap their bats with a few layers of athletic tape. However, this athletic tape could not offer the benefits offered by a bat grip tap; instead, it kind of took the bite out of batting.

With the technology advancing, there has been an increase in the options of bat grip tape available in the market. This makes the whole process of finding the best bat grip tape a little bit tough. There are some of the things listed below that you can consider while buying a bat grip tape for yourself or a friend.


Many bat grip tapes come with padding to protect the hands from the vibrations of the bat while hitting the ball and offer steadiness to the hands. However, the padding adds a little weight to the bat and can be uncomfortable for some players. If you are one of those players who prefer to have a thin handle grip, then you can go for a 0.5mm bat grip tape.

The 0.5mm bat grip tape is the thinnest bat grip tape available in the market though it does not obstruct your performance; instead, it helps to advance your grip.


The instructions card provided in the packaging of the bat grip tape should always read carefully before purchase as different bat grip tapes have different specifications for its use. Many bat grip tapes cannot be used over old tapes, so you may have to remove your old grip tapes before wrapping your new bat grip tapes.

If this step is neglected, it can cause damage to your new bat grip tapes and may not offer you its best performance and quality. Therefore, it is always advised to read the instructions to get the best performance out of your bat grip tapes.

Combination of Colors

The baseball players love to show off in the ground with their forms and also like to stand out with their vibrant bat grip tapes. Many major-league players customize their baseball bat by adding their name as well as the number on the bat ball grip tape. However, these customizations are premium and are quite expensive.

If you are one of those players who do not want to pay for these premium customizations or are on a budget, then you can use different color bat grip tapes and customize it by yourself. The different color bat grip tapes can be arranged alternately to give it a fresh and unique look.


The baseball bat grip tapes are quite affordable, even the best ones available in the market. However, still, you can stick to your budget and prepare a value or price comparison chart that will guide you through your process to help make the best decision. This would help you to save as much money as possible and still get the best performance.

The internet has the boon of browsing by which you can easily find your perfect bat grip tape to give your baseball bat an elevated look with a touch of grip and comfort that might enhance your swinging skills and upgrade your performance.

Final Words

Best Grip Tape for Baseball

Whether it’s softball or baseball bats, these grip tapes not only advance the look and style but also it enhances the performance of the player in the field with their firm grip and non-slip technology. We hope this article helps you to choose the best bat grip tape for your bats according to your requirements and preferences.

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