Best Batting Gloves with Palm Padding: Prevent Blisters

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Batting gloves are very important for comfort and safety during play. It is mainly to improve grip while also keeping your hands warm and preventing blisters.

It is necessary for all players to wear a baseball batting glove. Young or old, expert or beginner, they all need very good batting gloves.

There are a number of considerations that you need to check if you need to buy the best glove available. There are a number of gloves for batting available and hence just make sure what you buy is the best available.

My Personal Recommendation

If I have to recommend a batting glove for baseball or softball that has an increased grip on any bat, then I’ll go with Franklin Sports CFX Pro Batting Glove.

This is the best batting glove because it is designed to increase your performance while providing long-lasting softness and tactility. 

It is made of premium quality leather that will fit the curves in your hand naturally. Also, it has a floated thumb technology for added lightweight flexibility to keep you comfortable when playing.

Best Batting Gloves for Baseball

Batting Gloves for baseball players

Evoshield Adult Aggressor Batting Gloves

The Adult Aggressor Batting Gloves is definitely one of the best batting gloves out there crafted by Evoshield to deliver elite performance and excellent protection for the batter as he faces head-on pitches on the plate.

It features a premium embossed sheepskin which not only provides a firm and non-slip grip on the baseball bat so the batter can produce his best offensive hits but also deliver a cushiony and soft feel despite the impacts the batter receives. It acts as a shock absorber when the batter hits the ball to avoid risks of injury from the pitches. It is also a breathable material so it is perfect to use even in the summer seasons.

The backhand of the baseball glove is made with Lyrca spandex to give the batter maximum flexibility and unrestricted movements without that boxy feeling so he can grasp the bat better and have better control when hitting. It is also durable and allows the glove to retain its shape for longer despite the flexibility it provides.

This baseball glove has an extended neoprene wrist cuff that you can adjust to give you a snug and customizable fit.

The Evoshield Adult Aggressor Batting Gloves come in nine colors to match your team uniform. However, these gloves do not have very thick padding which some batters might prefer but if you’re someone who has sensitive hands or is prone to hitting aggressive pitches, the padding might not be enough for you.

  • Premium embossed sheepskin
  • Lyrca spandex backhand
  • Extended neoprene wrist cuff
  • Breathable and durable
  • Available in a lot of colors
  • Doesn’t have much padding

DeMARINI Youth CF Batting Gloves

These gloves are undoubtedly the best batting gloves to prevent blisters for youth brought to you by DeMARINI. The Youth CF batting gloves are made with sheepskin leather palms that are digitally embossed to provide superior grip on the baseball bat allowing to hit pitches with more control and precision. It also offers a soft and comfortable feel when hitting and reduces the impact as the bat comes in contact with the ball.

It features a four-way stretch construction that enables the glove to stretch and correspond to your every move for maximum flexibility and comfort when swinging the baseball bat. It also has pin dot jersey mesh on the backhand for breathability and comfort. It allows your hand to stay cool and prevents sweat buildup which can disrupt your grip and performance on the plate.

These hitting gloves have a pro-grade form-fitting elastic wrist cuff with a pull tab to keep the gloves in place and give you the perfect fit possible.

The DeMARINI Youth CF Batting Gloves embody the coolest and the most attractive-looking design available in 10 contrasting colors. However, others noticed some inconsistent stitching around the fingers which can come undone quickly.

  • Digitally embossed sheepskin leather palms
  • Four-way stretch construction
  • Pin dot jersey mesh backhand
  • Pro-grade form-fitting elastic wrist cuff with pull tab
  • Has attractive design and colors
  • Has some inconsistent stitching

Under Armour Clean Up 19 Baseball Batting Gloves

These Clean Up 19 baseball batting gloves will give you the best grip and protection you need in all seasons. It features HeatGear fabric that keeps your hand cool and dry perfect for the summer seasons. It also allows you to have a better grip on the bat when playing softball without worrying about it slipping off your hands. It has 4-way stretch construction to give you more freedom on your hands as you swing the bat to make accurate offensive hits.

The genuine leather palms deliver excellent grip when hitting pitches without sacrificing comfort. It offers a soft feel despite the shock and impact you are receiving and maximum durability regardless of the beating the gloves are taking. The leather construction of the glove can be a little firm so you definitely need to break these gloves in to get that comfort and soft feel.

These baseball gloves have perforated synthetic overlays for extra support and durability as well as perforations on the fingers for added ventilation and sweat control. It allows air to pass through your hands to keep you cool and comfortable.

It has an elastic cuff on the wrist that delivers added support and lets you customize the glove easily for a secured fit.

The Under Armour Clean Up 19 Baseball Batting Gloves is available in eight different colors and many appreciate the cool and eye-catching appearance of the gloves with the visible Under Armour logo at the backhand.

  • HeatGear fabric
  • Genuine leather palms
  • Perforated synthetic overlays
  • Finger perforation
  • Elastic cuff
  • Leather needs a break-in period

Easton Adult Power Boost Batting Gloves

The Power Boost batting gloves are constructed with tacky goatskin leather palms which helps in delivering the best grip possible. Because it is tacky, it enables you to grasp the bat better allowing you to hit the ball with much more control and accuracy when playing baseball or softball on the mound.

It has VRS palm padding that provides protection and reduces bat vibration on impacts from hitting pitches. It acts as a shock absorber to lessen the risk of injuries, blisters and stinging when making offensive hits more comfortably.

The Power Boost heel pad located on the wrist offers wrist support and helps in drawing the impact away from this area to reduce injuries. It also enables you to comfortably swing your baseball bat to make accurate hits.

The back of the hand is made with Lycra fabric which is very stretchable and flexible to better match your movements. It allows you to move hands-free and have more control over your movements when hitting the ball. It also incorporates silicone for added structure so the glove maintains its shape despite being flexible.

It has molded wrist protection strap with a 40mm neoprene wrist band that allows you to adjust the glove accordingly to give you the best snug fit and distraction-free feel.

The Easton Adult Power Boost Batting Gloves are available in five colors. However, others noticed that the stitching in the wristband is easily coming undone after a few uses.

  • Tacky goatskin leather palms
  • VRS palm padding
  • Power Boost heel pad on the wrist
  • Lycra fabric backhand with silicone
  • Molded wrist protection strap with 40mm neoprene wrist band
  • Wrist band can be improved

Louisville Slugger Adult Prime Batting Glove

Louisville has put in their highest quality care and craftsmanship into the making of the Slugger Prime batting glove utilizing their professional patterns and innovative technologies that give batters the comfort and feel needed at the plate.

This batting glove is made with premium embossed sheepskin leather palm delivering superior grip for effective swinging and accurate hitting when playing softball or baseball without compromising comfortability. It gives you firmness and better control so you can hit pitches the way you want.

It has wave spandex joints strategically placed on the finger joints which offer maximum flexibility and elasticity so it better hugs your hands and gives you more freedom on your movements to better grasp and swing the bat when making offensive hits on the mound. It is also lightweight and breathable to deliver comfort and to keep your hands cool.

This batting glove has an elastic wrist cuff that lets you adjust the wrist closure for that form-fitting and locked-in feel.

The Slugger Prime batting glove comes in five colors featuring the cool and professional-looking design of the gloves the batters love. However, others experienced that the finger areas of the glove ripped off because of inconsistent and weak stitching in these areas.

  • Premium embossed sheepskin leather palm
  • Wave spandex joints on the fingers
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Elastic wrist cuff
  • Has good design and colors
  • Inconsistent stitching on the fingers

Mizuno Adult MVP Batting Gloves

The MVP batting glove by Mizuno features a textured non-slip palm that delivers better grip and stability when hitting pitches on the plate. It also significantly decreases hand slippage when swinging the bat giving you more control and confidence to make accurate offensive hits. It is also a lightweight construction for the best performance without sacrificing comfort.

The backhand of the batting glove has an AirMesh fabric that increases airflow throughout your hands to keep you cool. It is also incredibly flexible and conforms to your hands giving you more freedom on your movements and more comfortable as you move.

It has a Neoprene wristband that offers added comfort around the wrist as well as ensures that the gloves are securely in place while in-game. It also has a quick-adjust strap that lets you customize the fit easily and quickly for a locked-in fit and feel.

The Mizuno Adult MVP Batting Gloves are available in four colors. Others pointed out however that the palm construction is relatively thinner and has the tendency to wear off thereby losing the texture and grip more quickly in the long run.

  • Textured non-slip palm
  • AirMesh fabric backhand
  • Neoprene wristband
  • Quick-adjust strap
  • Lightweight
  • Palm construction is relatively thin

Marucci Quest 2.0 Batting Glove

The Quest 2.0 batting glove offered by Marucci delivers breathability, durability, and comfortability needed by batters as they face aggressive pitches head-on on the plate when playing softball or baseball.

These gloves have genuine leather palms that have an advanced non-slip grip designed to provide better grasp and superior control without compromising comfort. It delivers a soft feel despite the impacts of hitting pitches.

The dimple mesh is incorporated in the backhand of the gloves for added durability and flexibility. It allows the gloves to move with your hands for more unrestricted movements when making offensive hits. It also gives you more control so you are more confident in making the hit that you want. It also encourages air to flow throughout your hands and fingers to keep you cool while in-game.

These batting gloves feature a Neoprene cuff on the wrist that allows you to customize it to better fit your hand and ensure that the gloves stay in place.

The Marucci Quest 2.0 Batting Glove is available in six different colors. Many love the cool and aesthetic design of the gloves with the Marucci logo found in the backhand and wrist which definitely ties in the entire look of these gloves. However, the seams and stitching in the finger areas tend to loosen up.

  • Genuine leather palms
  • Dimple mesh backhand
  • Neoprene wrist cuff
  • Has a lot of color options and an attractive design
  • Seams and stitching on the finger areas can be improved

7 Things to Consider Before Buying Batting Gloves

things to consider before buying batting gloves


The player is going to be wearing the gloves while batting and hence while buying, check the feel, style, and fit.

The sleeve must fit perfectly, a big or a small glove can cause discomfort while playing. A perfect fit will ensure better comfort and thus more confidence in the player. There are a lot of features like pre-curved fingers which reduce the amount of fabric under the knuckles to give the player better comfort.

Material Used

These gloves are usually made of leather. The premium and the pro-laced leathers are the ones with the best quality. The material using which the gloves are made determines the durability of the glove. The material also determines the break-in period of the glove.

It also has an effect on the weight of the gloves. Young players may need lightweight gloves and hence they have to consider gloves made of lighter leather. Synthetic gloves are also in use due to their superior comfort and lightweight but they lack a little grip.

Hybrid gloves made of both leather and synthetic materials to get the best grip and also the lightweight are upcoming in the market. This option is available for youth, adults, and kids.


Gloves protect the batter’s hands from taking a hard sting in case of a corner hit. They also help in getting an added layer of protection for the hands against friction burns caused during the slide while running bases. Wearing a batting glove under the mitt while playing can reduce the perspiration from reaching the mitt.


There is a safety parameter associated based on the padding provided by the glove. Depending on the make and different varieties, various levels of padding are available. Choosing one depending on the player’s requirement and comfort is the best.


An important factor while buying a batting glove will be to get the pair of gloves that provides the best fit. A good fit will lead to a good grip and thus more confident and stronger swings.

Youth players will have a different sizing chart for the gloves and ranges from size small to extra large in most brands. Adults and pro players have more options in the size chart ranging from extra small to double extra large.

Wrist Style

There are variations in the wrist style of the gloves provided by the manufacturers of batting gloves. Velcro straps are very popular among players. It is very easy to remove and wear and doesn’t require any assistance.

batting glove with wrist style

Another variant offers the feeling of taped wrists for players that prefer it. Taped wrists are very good for long practice sessions but require the assistance of another person for wearing and removing.

Some lower-end variants also provide simple slide-in gloves with elastic to grip the hand of the player.


There are a lot of variations in the pricing of batting gloves based on the make and also the features the glove offers. The material choice also affects the price of the glove. Gloves made of pro stock leather are usually costly and last for a long time, while ones made of synthetics are cheaper comparatively.

Added features to the glove and custom-made gloves with special padding requirements or pre-curved fingers can add to the overall cost of the glove.

Final Words

Baseball batting gloves are very important as they play a major role in the performance of the batter. It is hence important to check if the gloves you are buying are of the best quality while fulfilling all the requirements. Go through all the things to be considered before buying the gloves. Read through the customer review thoroughly before getting a fix on a few models.

Wear the gloves and check if it fits and if it is comfortable. If you face problems with the fit, return it and buy the perfect one. Adult, youth, or kid, all of us deserve a perfect and properly fitting glove and hence, if you are a baseball or a softball player, make sure you get the most suitable choice for you.

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