6 Best Batting Gloves for Baseball: For 2019 (Unbiased Reviews)

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Batting gloves are very important for comfort and safety during play. It is mainly to improve grip and also to keep your hands warm and safe from moisture. It is necessary for all the players to wear a baseball batting glove. Young or old, expert or beginner, they all need very good batting gloves.

There are a number of considerations that you need to check if you need to buy the best glove available. There are a number of gloves for batting available and hence just make sure what you buy is the best available.

7 Things to Consider Before Buying Batting Gloves

Baseball Gloves for Batting


The player is going to be wearing the gloves while batting and hence, while buying, check the feel, style, and the fit.

The sleeve must fit perfectly, a big or a small glove can cause discomfort while playing. A perfect fit will ensure better comfort and thus more confidence to the player. There are a lot of features like pre-curved fingers which reduce the amount of fabric under the knuckles to give the player better comfort.

Material Used

These gloves are usually made of leather. The premium and the pro-laced leathers are the ones with the best quality. The material using which the gloves are made determines the durability of the glove. The material also determines the break-in period of the glove.

It also has an effect on the weight of the gloves. Young players may need lightweight gloves and hence they have to consider gloves made of lighter leather. Synthetic gloves are also in use due to their superior comfort and lightweight but they lack a little in the grip.

Hybrid gloves made of both leather and synthetic materials to get the best grip and also the light weight are upcoming in the market. This option is available for youth, adult and kids.


Gloves protect the batter’s hands from taking a hard sting in case of a corner hit. They also help in getting an added layer of protection for the hands against friction burns caused during the slide while running bases. Wearing a batting glove under the mitt while playing can reduce the perspiration from reaching the mitt.


There is a safety parameter associated based on the padding provided by the glove. Depending on the make and different varieties, various levels of padding are available. Choosing one depending on the player’s requirement and comfort is the best.


An important factor while buying a batting glove will be to get the pair of gloves that provides the best fit. A good fit will lead to good grip and thus more confident and stronger swings.

Youth players will have a different sizing chart for the gloves and ranges from size small to extra large in most brands. Adults and pro players have more options in size chart ranging from extra small to double extra large.

Wrist Style

There are variations in the wrist style of the gloves provided by the manufacturers of batting gloves. Velcro straps are very popular among players. It is very easy to remove and wear and doesn’t require any assistance.

Another variant offers the feeling of taped wrists for players that prefer it. Taped wrists are very good for long practice sessions but require the assistance of another person for wearing and removing.

Some lower-end variants also provide simple slide in gloves with elastic to grip the hand of the player.


There are a lot of variations in the pricing of batting gloves based on the make and also the features the glove offers. The material choice also affects the price of the glove. Gloves made of pro stock leather are usually costly and last for a long time, while ones made of synthetics are cheaper comparatively.

Added features to the glove and custom made gloves with special padding requirements or pre-curved fingers can add to the overall cost of the glove.

Best Batting Gloves for Baseball

Batting Gloves in 2019

Franklin Sports MLB CFX Pro Baseball Batting Gloves

Every batsman deserves a glove that is perfect for them. Franklin sports pro baseball gloves is a well fitting and are used by many adults and pro players. It is said to offer an excellent grip and is known for its comfort. It is very efficiently made to fit the curves of the finger.

The best advantage is the availability of the glove for all sizes making it a perfect fit for adults and youth. These gloves have a very good, peak season performing capacity as it is made of high-quality leather. The quality leather ensures durability and longevity of the gloves.

It is built with the ability to increase flex without adding bulk into the back of your hand. The overall experience of these gloves is very positive and it has good customer reviews.


  • The leather feels very soft and works perfectly in all weather conditions.
  • It can absorb the impact on the bat and hence it can eliminate the sting. This can keep your hands safe.
  • It uses a technology called floating thumb technology. This is to promote the overall flexibility of the glove, making it more comfortable.


  • In rare cases, some users experience small tears. This is a small disadvantage.
  • For some users, the size might be slippery. Just make sure you wear and check it before buying it.
  • The availability of some of the colors is very limited. This can be a disadvantage if your size is not available in the color you want.

Rawlings Adult 5150 Away Batting Gloves

Being a top manufacturer of sports goods, Rawlings provides the best comfort to the batter with its Adult 5150 batting gloves. The comfort is associated to the palms made of genuine goat leather.

The flexi fit material used allows the user to have an uninterrupted swinging experience with the added advantage of the firm grip. The glove is available in many sizes ranging from small to extra large.

The double knit lycra for the fingers ensures better durability and also aid in the comfortable gripping provided by the glove. The glove comes in a few colour variations that are subjected to availability and comes in pairs. It is made for adults and does not fit youth and kids.


  • Cheaper cost compared to other products.
  • Highly durable material.
  • Double knit lycra for better longevity and comfort.
  • Various sizing options.
  • Made of High-quality goat leather.
  • Has good sweat absorption properties.


  • Not available for kids and young players.
  • Smaller than the sizing provided in the sizing chart.
  • Colour variations are not always available and require the user to wait for a long time to get the required color.

Under Armour Men’s Clean-up VI Batting Gloves

Under armour clean up batting gloves give you an amazingly comfortable grip. It is available for both hands at a very cheap price and is very durable. There is not much problem with the size as they have sizes from small to extra large.

The reason for it having the best grip is the embossed synthetic overlays and the leather palm that ensures a soft feel and super flexibility. It can also wick moisture and hence can be worn even on a hot sweaty day. The model also comes in a variety of colours to choose from and you can match the glove with your baseball t-shirt.


  • Has moisture wicking properties which make sure your hands stay dry and cool at all times.
  • It has enough perforations to ensure very good ventilation.
  • Very comfortable and durable.
  • Cheap cost
  • It has a tag inside where you can put your name and personalize it.
  • Lot of colours and sizes to choose from.
  • These gloves are made of very high-quality material and are hence worth buying.


  • Some users had issues with the durability of these gloves.
  • The sizes they provide are suitable for teens and men but not for younger players.
  • The glove has a lot of options with colour but it might dye your hands.

Franklin Sports MLB Shok-Sorb Neo Batting Gloves

Franklin is another very famous brand that is used by many league players. This glove is one of the best pair of gloves available in the market. As the name suggests, it is very good at absorbing the shock even after hitting a fast, hardball and eliminates the painful sting. It comes in 4 different colors and is known to improve the player’s control over the ball. You can also learn to adapt quickly.

The design has meshes with lycra backing. It is soft and is made of smooth leather. Franklin Shok-sorb gloves have flex points placed to increase flexibility. It is very versatile and is available at all sizes and perfectly fits even youth players.


  • The smooth leather can help keep the tactility of the gloves in all the weather conditions.
  • Any kind of impact or sting can very easily be eliminated by the shok-sorb padding.
  • Very flexible especially in the thumb.


  • The grip in these gloves is not very good.
  • It is a little smaller than the specified size chart.
  • Might tear after a few uses.
  • Certain colors are not available all the time. It is required to wait to get the color you need.

Mizuno MVP Baseball Batting Gloves

This model of batting gloves is made with a material called Mizuno air mesh. It is to make the gloves very breathable and flexible. It is also very easy to handle. There are only adult sizes available and there are not many options with colour.

The tightness required by the player can be achieved very easily. This is because of the wrist band, which provides better comfort in the wrist. The Mizuno MVP gloves have a nonslip palm enhance and hence decreases hand slippage during a swing. This characteristic attracts lots of lead and expert players. It can give a very secure fit. The weight of these gloves is very low.


  • It has very good breathability and hence, can keep the hands dry of moisture due to perspiration.
  • Additionally, the gloves give an extremely comfortable grip and are very flexible.
  • The availability of these gloves is in pairs and hence you can get it for both left and right hands.
  • Size is perfect and is according to the size chart.


  • Many customers complain that the gloves start tearing after very few shots.
  • This is not as good as the previous Mizuno gloves.
  • There are no kids-sized gloves available in this brand
  • There are only a few color options available for the model.

Clutch Sports Apparel Baseball and Softball Batting Gloves

This is a very thin model but has an excellent design. Basically, to be able to swing the bat properly, the gloves must be very flexible. These gloves have a sublimated back, making it possible to take any kind of swing with it.

The model uses meshes to make sure there is enough breathability and the curved finger construction aids to provide a better and comfortable fit. The grip provided by these gloves is excellent. There are not many colours but its unique design gives it an edge.


  • The fit of these gloves is excellent and the comfort it provides is preferred.
  • The gloves last very long and can be used for multiple seasons.
  • It provides excellent mobility and hence you can just hit any ball, fast, slow or hard.
  • It has excellent breathability.
  • It is not very expensive.


  • It is very thin and hence it is not very protective.
  • The stitching isn’t very good and might start coming out.
  • The actual glove size is a little smaller than the size mentioned in the size chart.
  • The color might start fading soon.

Final Words

Baseball batting gloves are very important as they play a major role in the performance of the batter. It is hence important to check if the gloves you are buying are of the best quality while fulfilling all the requirements. Go through all the things to be considered before buying the gloves. Read through the customer review thoroughly before getting a fix on a few models.

Wear the gloves and check if it fits and if it is comfortable. If you face problems with the fit, return it and buy the perfect one. Adult, youth or kid, all of us deserve a perfect and properly fitting glove and hence, if you are a baseball or a softball player, make sure you get the most suitable choice for you.

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