Best Fastpitch Softball Cleats for Catchers

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Looking for the best catcher cleats for girls and wondering what will give them the best performance each time they set foot on the field. 

Well, the search is over! In this article, I am going to tell you some of the best cleats for catchers in fastpitch softball. 

Let’s get into it!

Best Fastpitch Softball Cleats for Catchers

Nike Hyperdiamond 4 Elite Softball Cleats

Well first on the list we have the Nike hyper diamond cleats these cleats are absolutely perfect. The cleats are really designed for catchers in fastpitch softball mainly because they are exceptionally they have been designed in such a way that they maintain a grip whenever you’re on the field. 

The cleats are made of metal so they are super great in terms of traction especially since they give you a lot of freedom in terms of ball control as well as maintain that grip on the type of field that you are playing in. So honestly they are the perfect type of cleats for any of the days where you just wanna maintain your grip and stay perfectly in position. You should definitely get these since they will help you perform excellently on the field. 


  • Great traction 
  • Good grip 
  • Good control 
  • Great comfort 


  • Not a lot of trial and testing 

Mizuno 9-Spike Swift 7 Softball Shoe

The Mizuno 9 spike is honestly my favorite pair of cleats mainly because of how they are specifically designed for women’s feet but also give you so much more grip on the field simultaneously. That’s what I love about these cleats honestly. They are stylish but also come with all the features that you’d want in a great pair of cleats as well. 

They have 9 spikes that are strategically placed and that’s my favorite reason bout these cleats they will give you that perfect traction and grip every time you are on the field. That is definitely what you need on the field and definitely what you need as a catcher as well. The perfect type of grip and control as well without losing any aspects whatsoever. They also have engineered features knowns as Mizuno waves that help whenever you hit or catch the ball, they provide you enough grip each time. 


  • Breathability 
  • Agility
  • Mobility 
  • Flexibility 


  • Not a lot of trial and testing

Ringor Flite Molded Softball Cleat

The Ringor flite molded softball cleats are the best softball cleats for catchers they give you everything that you need while still incorporating the design and style aspects as well. They do give you the features of what you need on the field in terms of performing. They will provide you with exceptional quality and an amazing feel each time you play on the field. 

Along with that the ringor flite molded cleats also have other great features such as lightweight properties and even durability incorporated as well, so that kind of gives you a two-in-one combo. The lightweight properties allow you to catch hold of balls easily and give you control as well. The outsoles have TPU cleats that are designed to give you the type of traction you need on the field. 


  • Speed 
  • Traction is improved 
  • Grip
  • Control 


  • Longevity is compromised 

New Balance Fresh Foam Velo V3 Softball Shoe

The new balance fresh foam Velo V3 softball shoes is another great pair of cleat that will help you perform excellently on the field while giving you enough traction and grip as well. The cleats are designed to give you immense control every time you catch not allowing you to trip or anything with the force of the ball. 

They have a synthetic mesh upper for lightweight properties giving them the characteristic of moving quickly and swiftly at the same time. They have metal spikes installed which gives them great traction and also a perfect grip on the field each time they perform. They have a fresh foam incorporated into their midsole that gives them extra comfort each time you set foot on the diamond or are in the rigors of the game you will feel at utmost ease with these pair of cleats. 


  • Breathability 
  • Synthetic upper mesh for lightweight 
  • Cushioned midsole 
  • Perfect grip 


  • Not a lot of trial and testing 

Things to Consider When Buying Catcher’s Cleats

After reading all of the things suggested above I’m pretty sure you have a clear idea about what to consider when buying a catcher’s cleat. If you don’t well in this section we are gonna be talking about that exactly. The first and foremost thing to consider is durability, some of the cleats come with a durability of a year while some last for weeks only. But I suggest looking for something that will be able to endure the rigors of the game for a good enough time. Don’t look for something that will just wear off in a week, because that would be a waste of time and money. 

Most of all it is important to check something that will be comfortable, you are gonna be on your foot for a very long time to find the best catcher’s cleats for girls you must keep in mind about this factor. Another thing to check is the fit whether your fit is perfect or not, and whether it will fit without any hindrance whatsoever. When purchasing online do make sure to check the brand and the various reviews given as well this will give you an idea of other people’s experience as well. 

Be sure to also check the cleat configuration there shouldn’t be an overwhelming amount of cleats just enough that will help you to perform well on the field and will give you the traction and the grip that you need each time you perform on the field. So well there you have it some of the points to consider when buying a cleat for yourself. Of course check for something that is well within your budget as well. 

best softball cleats for girls


Well, there you have it the best cleats out there for catchers who play fastpitch softball. All of these cleats have everything that you need in the perfect pair of cleats from traction and grip to even control. Of course, it’s not necessary to buy these cleats, but if you wanna go for the best then I suggest these ones since they will increase your performance greatly. 

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