Best Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine in 2023

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Looking for the best type of wiffle ball pitching machine? Searched the world wide net and nothing has pleased your tastes? 

Well, the search is over because you have just found the place, right here in this article and you will find exactly what you need. 

So without further ado, let’s get into it! 

Our Top Picks For Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine 

Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine 

The Jugs small ball pitching machine is great and will help you hone your skills at the next level. This then allows you to get the necessary skill set and gives you a lot of techniques. The small ball pitching machine also improves complete depth each time you are playing on the field. 

lightweight wiffle ball pitching machine

The pitching machine is also super portable and lightweight, so you can carry them anywhere and everywhere, wherever you want to practice you’ll be able to easily carry them. The Jugs Small Ball Pitching machine is the absolutely perfect type of pitching machine that requires a polyurethane foam ball that’s half the size of the normal ball. It has adjustable legs that will help you to adjust according to how you desire it to be. 


  • Portable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Super easy to handle 
  • It can throw different types of balls


  • The balls come separately

JUGS Lite-Flite Machine 

The Jugs lite flite pitching machine is great for upcoming pitchers and hitters. These will give them a great sense of technique as well as help them to get a perfect technique to swing each time a ball approaches them at full speed. Kids or even high school players who don’t want to go through the hassle of getting expensive machines and just want something light and portable then this is your choice! 

wiffle ball pitching machine for kids

The Jugs Lite-Flite machine can throw a lot of different types of balls, it can throw 11-inch and 12-inch Lite-Flite balls and even throw the Jugs Bulldog Poly Balls as well. The Jugs Lite-Flite simulates pitches up to 85 mph at 25 feet. The jugs lite flite can throw different types of balls including fastballs, left and right-hand curveballs, and sliders, so they are great overall for improving your different types of pitching and batting techniques. 


  • Throws different types of pitches 
  • Super lightweight 
  • Perfect for kids 
  • Throws up to 85 mph 


  • The adjustment settings can be way too sensitive 

 Franklin Sports Adjustable Pitching Machine

Now on Amazon, these are marketed as toys, but honestly, they are great for any type of youth player who wants to get their gaming skills on for baseball. I mean you want that perfect pitching and hitting techniques while also doing your absolute best each time you are on the field. The Franklin Sports pitching machine is gonna help you achieve your dreams of training like a pro and make you perfect in your game each time. 

battery operated wiffle ball pitching machine

You can practice in various ways, just adjust the setting to how you like. You could lower it for fast pitches or even soft tosses, etc. anything will work to make your perfect type of training setting and thus give you the happiness of training like a star baseball player. The thing is perfect for young players especially, it will help train them how to hit and even how to field as well. It does come with 6 balls and can hold up to 9 balls which all pitch every 7 seconds. It is battery-operated so you don’t require any external power source to get it running. 


  • Battery operated 
  • Perfect for all ages 
  • Holds up to 9 balls 
  • It makes you a pro 


  • Its Performance is not the best

Heater Sports BaseHit Lite Pitching Machine 

The next best type of pitching machine is the heater sports base hit lite pitching machine, looking for portability, lightweight, and everything else, then well this is the machine made just for you. It has everything that you need, from improving your movement and even simultaneously increasing your performance as well. These are honestly the best type of pitching machine you can ask for. 

baseball and wiffle ball pitching machine

So the best thing about the heater sports base hit lite pitching machine is that it can do both, it can throw real baseballs around the speeds of 10-45 mph and they pitch lite baseballs up to 80 mph. So once again it’s super safe to say that this pitching machine is versatile enough. Worried about practicing your other techniques? Don’t worry heater sports has got that covered as well. It pitches ground balls and even pop flies as well. 


  • Automatic ball feeder 
  • Pitches ground balls and pop flies 
  • Pitches both lite and real baseball 
  • Throws up to 200 ft. 


  • Warranty is not guaranteed 

Franklin Sports MLB Kids Pitching Machine

The Franklin Sports MLB Kids Pitching Machine is a great way for kids to improve their baseball skills. The machine can be adjusted to throw pitches at speeds up to 60 mph, so it can be used by kids of all ages and skill levels. It also has a variety of pitch settings, so kids can practice hitting fastballs, curveballs, and other pitches. The Franklin Sports MLB Kids Pitching Machine is a great way for kids to have fun and improve their baseball skills.

best in class wiffle pitching machine

The youth machine is perfect for youth players to hone their skills and level to the pros that they want to be, so honestly it is the great type of investment you can do. The pitches also have an automatic release system, like around 7 seconds of pitches will be released each time you put a ball in the feeder which is going to help the kids and youth players alike to get a better hand-eye coordination system. 


  • Great investment 
  • Perfect for tee ball 
  • 7-second pitches 
  • Hand-eye coordination improvement


  • Durability is highly compromised

Personal Pitcher Pro Pitching Machine

The personal pitcher Pro pitching machine is another great option that you will be looking at when considering buying something for yourself in terms of practice or anything else for that matter. So it is absolutely perfect for everything that you need. It can load up to 60 balls, and they come with 4 dozen balls. These are perfect baseball enthusiasts or someone who just loves playing baseball for fun even. 

portable wiffle ball pitching machine

No matter where you are, or what you are up to this can be absolutely perfect and they will help you to gain control of your timing and even gain control of your techniques as well. The speeds can go up to 95 mph, so that’s where you can improve your hand-eye coordination as well. They also come with batteries, so there’s no need for a power source, so this means it’s even portable and you take it on any day for a good old field practice. 


  • Rechargeable 
  • Portable 
  • Great holding capacity 
  • Throws different pitches 


  • The balls may be too small

Factors to Consider When Buying a Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine 

Type Of Machine 

The first thing that you must consider when buying a pitching machine is the type it is. Would you be comfortable working with something that is manual, something that will work with just the food pedestal or is hand cranked. Or would you require something electric of some sort, something that will be easy to allow you to work with your pitches easily each time you are playing on the field. Decide the type which fits your preference and requirements and then go for it! 

Pitching Speed 

Consider something with a flexible pitching speed, something that will help you to easily focus on throwing your pitches easily and comfortably at the same time. Something that will help you improve your hand eye coordination also. Don’t stick completely to your comfort zone, do look for something that will change its pitches whenever you require it to. 

Pitch types 

Do try and find something that will throw different types of pitches, something that will suit you each time you are playing on the field. This will improve your technique also at the same time each time you are playing and thus giving you better techniques and also improving your playing style. 


This is the most important factor that one must consider when buying a wiffle ball pitching machine. You should try and find something that will be easy to carry anywhere where you go. Something that would be way too difficult to carry, or something that will just be a hassle to assemble in general, there’s no point in buying it and investing in it. 


So well there you have some of the best types of baseball pitching machines, something that will improve your skills incredibly and also give you so much more freedom when working with them, therefore these are perfect and will help you to gain a much better knowledge of baseball. All the machines suggested here are perfect for youth players as well, so this will make them perfect and pro level in no time! 

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