Best Baseball Chest Protector: Top Rated Catcher Chest Protector

If you are a baseball catcher, then chest protector is one of the things that you can’t ignore.

Catcher is the player who needs the maximum protection and that’s why he needs to wear a lot of catching gear.

So, there is no skipping that.

You need a chest protector.

But, the question is,

What is the best baseball chest protector on the market?

In this article, I’ve shared all the things from what are the things that you should consider before buying a chest protector and along with that, I’ve also shared the reviews of some top rated chest protectors so that you can easily choose one from them.

Things to consider before buying a chest protector

  • Size: The size should be bought according to the size of the player who will be wearing it.

The size should be perfect in order to fit the person.

The chest protector should not be very loose or very tight as it will restrict various movements and can hence be dangerous also.

  • Material: You should consider the material which should be bought for the person. The fabric used should be of great quality.

You should consider buying a high-quality material in order to avoid the various risks attached.

  • Price: The price depends on the material and quality which you will purchase.
  • Padding: The padding of the chest protector should not become bulky. A bulky Padding will rather become a hindrance for the player wearing it.

This will also not allow the player to give his 100%.

So, consider buying light-weight padding for chest protector which will act as a protector and not become a hindrance.

  • Protection: The protection provided by the chest protector should also be considered as the main criteria.

As if there is proper protection there are fewer chances of injuries.

  • Brand: The brand can also act as a factor which can be considered before buying the perfect chest protector.

Best Baseball Chest Protectors

Best Chest Protector

  1. Mcdavid Hex Chest Protector

Mcdavid Hex Chest Protector is a mesh fabric across the back of the shoulders and for full-on ventilation.

It has moisture management technology which will allow the chest protector to be cool and dry.

The size can be selected according to the chest size.

The different sizes available are XXSmall: Youth Chest 20-23”, Xsmall: Youth Chest 23-35”, Youth Medium: 26.5-29.5″, Youth Large: 29.5-33″, ” Youth XLarge: 33-36″

9MM Hex technology is perfectly positioned to help minimize injury from minor impacts to the sternum and chest area.

It also doesn’t guarantee to reduce the risk of Commotio Cordis, which is rare but sometimes can become a fatal injury arising from sudden impact to the heart.

It is an affordable chest protector which can be bought for the person playing baseball.

It is also not too bulky. It won’t affect the pitching or the batting on the person wearing it.

It is available in different sizes for youth and adult. But, it is not available for small size for small kids.


  • Affordable
  • 9MM Hex technology
  • Moisture Management Technology
  • Mesh Fabric
  • Not bulky


  • Not available for small size for small kids
  • Doesn’t guarantees to reduce the risk of Commotio Cordis

Final Verdict

Mcdavid Hex Chest Protector is a chest protection which is made from mesh fabric, has 9MM Hex technology and is also not bulky.

It is available in different sizes of adults and youth. But, it is not available for small size for small kids.

But, it also doesn’t guarantee to reduce the risk of Commotio Cordis.

It is an affordable chest protector which can be bought for a person who plays baseball.

2. G-Form Baseball Pro Sternum Shirt with Back

G-Form Baseball Pro Sternum Shirt has a body-mapped technology as impact- absorbing rpt pads protect from impact at the sternum, lower spine, kidney, and ribs.

It doesn’t have bulky pads.

The RPT technology means G-Form Sleek pads can fit with ease under any clothing or sports gear.

Its compression fabric is breathable, the ergonomics design will also allow moving freely thus keeping the pads in place at all times.

It is machine washable. You can take them off and wash them after every use.

It is a quality assured and lightweight chest protector.

It is an affordable chest protector

It is available in different sizes. The person can select the size according to his need.


  • Quality Assured
  • Light Weight
  • Body Mapped Technology
  • Easily Washable
  • No bulky Pads
  • Affordable

Final Verdict

It can be said that G-Form Sleek is quality assured, lightweight which has the body mapped technology. It also doesn’t have bulky pads.

It is thus an affordable quality product which can be bought by the person to use.

  1. Wilson Pro Stock Hinge FX 2.0 Baseball Catcher’s Chest Protector

Wilson Pro Stock hinge Fx2.0 is sewn-through hinges fold the protector around the body providing a custom fit.

It is made from breathable perforated EVA foam with mesh backing which helps in reducing the weight and maximizing the air flow.

It has lo-kick memory foam across all the blocking area.

It has removable shoulder cap which can be removed when not required.

It is made from durable material and is also light-weight.

The lightweight padding allows the player to move and roam freely.

It also allows the players to breathe freely and concentrate on their game.

It has 3 sizes mainly-14 inch, 16 inch and 18inch and has 4 different color options.

Coming from one of the best brands, this chest protector is one of the affordable chest protectors present in the market.


  • Affordable
  • Quality Assured
  • Different Colors
  • Light-weight
  • Durable
  • Breathable material


  • Fewer sizes are available

Final Verdict

This baseball chest protector is an affordable and quality assured material which is also durable.

It has 4 different colors from which you can choose. But, lesser sizes are available.

It’s a great deal if your size chest protector is available.

Final Words

With increasing injuries day by day, a player should consider taking all the protective measures while playing the game.

Similarly, many protective gears and things have been included in order to protect the players.

Chest Protectors are one of them.

They are needed to cover and thus protect the chest area from various injuries.

You should consider the material, size, padding and the protection it will provide.

These are some of the factors on which you can decide which purchasing the best chest protector according to your needs.

The price will be determined according to the quality of the material and various other factors.

So, it can be said that the decision should be taken on the needs and requirements of the player.

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