Best Baseball Chest Protectors: For Catchers & Other Players

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The chest protectors are the most vital protective gear for a baseball player as it protects the most vulnerable area of the body; the chest, shoulder, back and neck. It is quite important to make the right choice as the right gear boosts your confidence and keeps you comfortable to excel in the field.

In this article, we have tried to enlist some of the best baseball chest protectors available in the market and have tried to offer you with all the positive and negative impacts of the product.

Best Baseball Chest Protector Shirts

G-Form Baseball Pro Sternum Shirt

 The G-Form baseball Pro sternum shirt acts as a protector to the chest area of the player while on the field. It protects the player from line drives, pitches and hard slides into second base. The sternum area of the player is protected from any severe impact in the game.

Baseball Chest Protector Shirt

The players can wear this pro-sternum shirt underneath their baseball jersey or even over the jersey as per their convenience. This chest protector is extremely light and comfortable to wear and does not weigh down the player due to its weight. The innovative material used in the construction of this chest protector shirt toughens upon impact and disperses the energy in all directions.

The pads of the chest protector return to its normal flexible state soon after the impact is absorbed completely. The SmartFlex technology used by G-Form in the pads offers the player with flexible and unhindered freedom of movement. The pads are well-ventilated and feature mesh backs to keep the shirt breathable even under high temperatures.

The G-Form has also introduced moisture-wicking properties to absorb all the sweat off the players’ bodies and keep them cool by lowering the body temperature. The chest protectors also offer the player with UPF 50+ protection.

Smartflex technology prevents the formation of foam-eroding perspiration by sealing out water and these chest protectors can be effortlessly washed in the machine. The compression sleeves and silicone grippers featured on your shirt ensures a secure fit and keeps the pads in place while you are on the field.

The G-Form Baseball Pro Sternum Shirt is the best chest protector for the hitters as well as pitchers in the baseball game in the 2020 market.

McDavid HEX Chest Protector

The McDavid Chest protector helps to reduce the impact focused on the chest area form the pitched ball or fielding the ball. The pad on the sternum shirt absorbs the sting from the impact and disperses the energy throughout. The HEX technology used for the construction of pad allows absorbing trauma and protecting the sternum especially in young players.

Chest Protector Shirt for Youth Baseball

The material across the shoulder, back and sides used is a mesh fabric that keeps the sternum shirt breathable and offers an adequate amount of ventilation for the player. The mesh fabric also ensures to keep the body temperature of the player down to offer cooling effects while on the field. The mesh fabric allows the optimum amount of airflow through the sternum shirt to ensure breathability.

The hDc moisture management technology used in this chest protector wicks away all the moisture and keeps the body of the player cool as well as dry. This McDavid Chest protector is ideal to keep the baseball player safe from balls, pitches, and hard hits. They can be easily washed in the machine and come in a variety of size options.

The McDavid chest protector is extremely light-weight and highly flexible allowing the player to complete freedom of movement during the game. The Hex technology used by McDavid makes it one of the best youth baseball chest protectors in the market as no one can ever copy their standards of protection.

Markwort Youth Heart-Gard protective Body shirt

The MarkWort is known for its reliable and finest quality products in the market. The launch of a protective body shirt specially designed for youth pitchers and hitters new in the game made their name more popular in the market.

Best Chest Protector Shirt for Baseball Players

The body shirt is made up of high-performance compressors that absorb the entire energy of the impact and disperses it throughout the shirt. The dispersal of the energy protects the heart from severe impact effects and prevents major trauma especially for the youth baseball players.

The pad located in the center of the chest protective shirt is a dome-shaped structure made up of tough, high-density polyethylene material that allows the absorption of the impact energy and forcing it away from the heart. This dome is located to protect the vital areas of the sternum area and covers almost 6” x 6” area of the chest.

The moisture-absorbing technology of the shirt keeps the player dry and cool by seeping up all the moisture from the shirt. The Markwort Youth Heart-Gard protective body shirt enhances the confidence of the player by reducing the possibilities of injury during the game.

This chest protector is not quite preferred due to its low-quality rate and protection level for hard-core professional players but it can be suitable for youth baseball players as they don’t get exposed to hard-hit balls frequently.

Best Chest Protectors for Catchers

Easton Gametime Baseball Catchers Chest Protectors

The Easton Gametime chest protector is designed for those strong baseball catchers that need adequate protection, they safeguard the sternum area of the body which is the most vital and vulnerable area of your body. This chest protectors offer the catchers with everything that they need while competing in the adult leagues.

Catcher's Chest Protectors

The Easton Gametime chest protector boosts the confidence of the player by offering them with maximum protection in the field from hard-hit balls by offering protection from the whole chest area to the whole area in the back.

The youth baseball players would love this chest protector as they are extremely comfortable and light on the body and the player would not weigh down from the weight of the product.

The integrated memory foam ab padding featured in this Easton model reduces the impact by absorbing the impact energy and forcing it away from the chest area by distributing the energy throughout. This multi-layered foam allows the player to dent the ball and keep those pitches in the dirt in front of the catcher by offering the best rebound control.

The strategically placed air vents in the chest protector allow optimum airflow through them to enhance breathability and keep the player cool and dry all the time. The chest protector also features adjustable steel inset waist clips to securely fit them on your body as per the convenience of the player and allow the player freedom of motion effortlessly.

The shoulder caps are quite adjustable for an effortless motion of head and neck that is an extremely vital requirement for a catcher. The Easton Gametime chest protector also features a four-point webbing strap system and it meets the NOCSAE Commotion Cordis standards. They are available in different colors and different sizes for youth, intermediate, and adult players.

Mizuno Samurai Youth Chest protector

Mizuno samurai youth chest protector is built with a young player in mind. The ability to protect vulnerable areas of the body is the key to staying healthy for the whole season.

Best Chest Protectors for Catchers

The new simple silhouette design and air mesh back provide a more streamlined and exceptionally operative protective shell that is lightweight and designed to move in one piece with the catcher’s body. The air mesh back also keeps the body cool during the hot summer by allowing the air to escape and doesn’t press against the player’s body.

The detachable wings and detachable shoulder pads with the dual adjustable system leave room for a customized fit and feel. The curved shoulder pads allow catchers to snap throws down to first or gun out base stealers with as little restrictions as possible.

It contours the body but still keeps that flat blocking surface so ball goes down with the low rebound foam that dents the impact of foul balls and wild pitches allowing better control and protection for the player and keeps the balls close when the player is blocking the ball straight down.

Final Words

To prevent major injury or accidents in the game the player as well as the parent needs to research more on the subject to provide their kid with the finest quality chest protection as it is one of the most vulnerable areas in your body.

We hope this article helps you find your perfect fit.

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