Do MLB Players Get New Jerseys for Every Game

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Ever thought about whether or not MLB players get a new jersey for each and every game that they play? 

Well, I have got just the answers to all your questions right in this article right here. 

So why don’t we get right into it? 

Do MLB Players Really Get Jerseys For Each Game? 

While this does seem super ideal and super realistic as well. Believe me, it’s not. If you have read some of my previous articles I’m pretty sure you know a lot of MLB players just in general at this point. If someone were to quiz you I’m pretty sure you’d get them all right reading my articles. 

So I’ll put it straight out there for you. No, they don’t get it new for each and every game that they play. I mean think about it practically, like hey, you’d be spending a lot of money just manufacturing the jersey for each and every game. Then comes the amount of money put into having a field and other equipment and even playing the players as well! 

Honestly in my opinion it would be pretty stupid and impractical that they get new jerseys for each and every game that they play. Okay, but hey, that doesn’t mean that they don’t get new jerseys at all and have to pay some sort of crazy fine if they don’t have their old ones. I’m just kidding. But, some MLB players receive a set of jerseys that have to be worn throughout the different types of seasons that they are playing so yes another added plus point as well. 

Oh not to mention that MLB players tend to have different types of jerseys for different types of games and occasions as well. They tend to have a home and an away jersey as well. They also tend to have jerseys for different games or even occasions as well, that is special occasions especially. 

What Are Home And Away Jerseys? 

Well if you are new to the baseball club, I’m pretty sure you won’t get this way too easily but home jerseys are something that an MLB player would wear when they are playing in their home stadium, it is normally white in color and yes players tend to wear them especially when they are playing in their state or something like that. 

Away jerseys are something that is colored and MLB players tend to have both of them as a set, they have this so that they can play this when they are on the road or when they are not playing in their home stadium preferably. Also, these jerseys are typically colored or just a different color, something that meets the teams or associations requirements. 

Ahhh… and MLB players do have different sets of uniforms as well that are specially catered to the need for other games, maybe special ones. Or even one that is required to be worn on a special occasion particularly. 

Do These Jerseys Get Enough Care? 

Yes, these jerseys are typically well taken care of. They have each and every facility that is needed when you are playing on the field. It is laundered perfectly, clean, and even pressed to make sure that the players are getting pressed and clean clothes each time. They are taken and handled by managers of the specific team. Although each and everything is not new for each game, they are definitely replaced if they are old worn out, or even damaged. 

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So well there you have it all you have to know about the entire jersey situation, like whether or not it’s being renewed each game or not. Well no it’s not, but also they have a set of arranged jerseys for the different seasons that players will be playing so that’s a great point. I hope this article helped. Until next time folks!

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