Best Baseball Elbow Guards: Batter’s Elbow Protectors in 2020

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If you’re a baseball hitter, then you know the importance of a baseball elbow guard.

Sometimes, the ball hits the batter’s elbow, and if he is not wearing an elbow protector, the consequences could be dangerous.

But, finding the best elbow guard for youth baseball players can be a time-consuming task.

When buying a batter’s elbow guard, you’re looking for a good design along with protection.

So, let’s find out the best elbow guards in 2020 that you can use for both baseball and softball.

Best Batter’s Elbow Protectors in 2020

G-Form Baseball Pro Extended Elbow Guard

This is one of the best youth elbow guards as it actually protects the arm of the user from the elbow to the top of the triceps. It is made durable enough to protect you from any kind of hard hit. It also fits perfectly. It is also flexible enough that it causes no distraction during the game.

This elbow guard has a proper technical mesh back. It is very intricately designed to make sure the guard is properly breathable. It can be worn on either arm. It is very flexible and is thus easy to handle.

It is also claimed that this product can increase and regulate blood circulation. It also has a very moisture-wicking construction to keep you dry throughout the game.

You can basically just remove the guards and throw it in the washing machine. It gets clean with just one wash. It is then good to wear it for the next game.

  • Easily washable.
  • Enhances blood circulation.
  • Provides adequate flexibility.
  • Can be worn on both elbows.
  • Durable and light construction.
  • Available in various colors.
  • Only one pad on the elbow.
  • The pad seems a little flimsy and soft.
  • Wears out after a few washes.

EvoShield EvoCharge Batter’s Elbow Guard

The best part of this elbow guard is that the company ‘EvoShield’ was created by former expert baseball players. They are hence very good at making protective gear. It can protect the elbow bone from getting hit by very hard balls. It not only works on the elbow bone but also the muscles around it.

This particular elbow guard concentrates on dispersing the impact of the hit of the ball rather than absorbing it. It can fit perfectly if you order the right size. You don’t have to spend too much money on the maintenance of this elbow guard. It can be washed by hands but not by machine. It is totally safe as it has anti-microbial properties and keeps the elbows and arms dry.

It comes out in a lot of colors and is hence very easy to choose one color that suits you and the baseball uniform.

  • Available in various colors.
  • Custom molding fit.
  • Comparably very durable.
  • Not an ideal fit for children.
  • Comparatively lacks coverage of the remaining part of hands.

Mizuno Batter’s Elbow Guard

This is yet another elbow guard that has been top-rated by many users and baseball players. It is very easy to adjust this elbow guard. The adjustment here is using a Velcro strap with a very strong Velcro.

Though it is actually made of durable materials and is strong, it is very lightweight. The fit for this product is to make sure the user feels soft and comfortable.

This offers excellent protection. It has a one-piece construction. It is a free size guard but mostly fits a lot of people. The main reason for people buying this is the quality of the guard and how well it works while playing.

  • Extremely lightweight and hasslefree.
  • Adjustable and durable strap.
  • Adequate flexibility for comfortable swing.
  • Extra comfort due to added inner lining.
  • Fantastic customer reviews and ratings.
  • Available in only one free-size.
  • Little difficult to maintain because of the Velcro.

Marucci Elbow Guard

Marucci elbow guard is known for the craftsmanship in the guard they make. It fits well and has very good breathability and is thus worth spending on. The materials that are used to make this are durable and of very high quality. It is used by many league players and most customers love it for the comfort and the protection it provides.

This guard is designed keeping the game, the balls faced and the players in mind. It is recommended by most customers and users. The guard comes only in black color.

  • Tough and durable.
  • Superior quality material.
  • Remarkable customer reviews.
  • Suitable for both kids and adults.
  • Available in only black color.

Rawlings Youth Elbow Guard

Rawlings is a very famous brand for sports, especially baseball. They make very good quality products. The elbow guard is very comfortable and fits the users arm perfectly. The best part here is that the adjustable strap is elastic and that is what makes it fit perfectly well.

It has a proper impact shield flexes for better comfort and protection for its users. It also fits the youth players perfectly and weighs very less. It is very good for baseball batsmen. It is the perfect choice for all sizes and comes out in two colors, red and black. It is available on almost all E-commerce websites.

  • Fits perfectly without any added molding
  • Available in adjustable sizes.
  • Lightweight, but very strong.
  • Fits both the hands properly.
  • Amazing customer reviews.
  • Rawling offers plenty of seasonal offers and discounts.
  • A little unfit for smaller hands.
  • Not very suitable for fielding.

Things to Consider Before Buying Baseball Elbow Guards

Size of Elbow Guard

The first thing to look into when you are about to buy an elbow guard is the size. It comes out in many sizes to make sure the users are able to buy one that fits them perfectly. Usually, the baseball elbow guard goes from mid-forearm to mid-bicep, with extra protection in the elbow area.

Before ordering or buying an elbow guard, be sure to measure the size with an inch tape. It is easy to measure the length from the mid-bicep to the cuff of the glove. It is also important to measure the circumference of the arm.

There are size charts but usually, they are divided into 3, youth, junior and Senior. Each of it has sizes from Small to large while, senior alone has an extra large category too.


The material with which the elbow guard is made plays a major role in the degree of comfort it gives the user. This is also responsible for the durability of the guard. Check the elbow pad.

The durability is very important as it keeps your elbow safe from getting hurt. The pad has to feel good on your elbow and it should be free enough for the user to move the elbow without any constraints. Check if the material is good to wash in a washing machine. This makes cleaning it much easier.      

What Other Baseball Players Say

The next most important thing to consider is customer reviews. The people who have used the product know about the product very well. They can give the details in a more connected way than the product description.

The customer reviews and ratings define the elbow guard and the way it feels when worn. Be sure to read the reviews properly before deciding on which elbow guard to buy.

The whole point of the elbow guard is to protect the elbow and hence, when you buy one, remember it is important to check if it really does its job. Research and buy the best brand and fit for yourself.

Cost of Elbow Guard

The most important factor that affects the selection is the price of the guard. Getting a cheap guard is not advisable as the quality of the product is compromised.

Buying a very expensive guard is also not advisable for young players as it does not require so much durability. So getting the right product at an optimal price should be preferred.

Color Combination

This is not a very important factor to be considered while buying a guard. But some people might want to buy a guard which satisfies all the other requirements and is of the same color as their jersey or team uniform. So a good variety of colors for a model increases the chance of a customer opting for it.

Considering all these factors before looking for an elbow guard can help make the selection process easier. It is also advised to compare a few products to get the one with the best features and also suits your tastes.

Final Words

With safety being the key to any game, this is quite important as hurting an elbow badly can cause severe damages to the gameplay. It is important to know how to choose the right elbow guard. There are also other things you need to check other than the safety it provides.

Now that, we know what to consider and which one to buy, it gets easier to choose the best guard. Just make sure it fits perfectly and keeps you very safe. Check the fabric. Wear and check it properly and remember to wear and check before buying it. If it doesn’t fit you, don’t hesitate to return it and get one that works for you.

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