Best Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt in 2020: Catcher’s Favorite

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The Catcher in the Fastpitch Softball game needs to have a sharp eye along with strong arms and quick legs. They need to be highly perceptive and analytical while playing the game.

Best Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt

Therefore, they hold the most critical and challenging position in the game. Thus, it is quite important that the catchers have the right kind of tool to control the defense line of their team. The Catcher’s gloves or mitts are the most crucial tool as the right glove leads to your success as well as the team.

In this article, we have tried to ensemble some of the best and top-rated fastpitchcatcher’s mitt in the market.

Comparison of Best Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt

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Best Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt

Best Catcher's Mitt for Fastpitch Softball

Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Glove Series

Wilson has been one of the leading companies in the sporting goods sector for its best quality goods. They have been in the market for years now and are conquering the market ever since their establishment. Wilson’s best known gloves are designed by taking innovative ideas from the players in the game for better production of quality products.

The Wilson A2000 Fastpitch softball gloves are from the 2019 glove series designed by the greatest gloves designer of the time, ShigeakiAso in Japan for the Wilson Company. The Catcher’s Fastpitch Gloves are slightly different than the gloves of the infielders, outfielders, and pitchers.

The catching gloves are measured along the circumference rather than the length of the hand to find the perfect fit for your hands. The Fastpitch A2000 glove series have been created using the custom fit technology to allow the fastpitch softball female players to have a snug fit no matter how tight she can wear it.

The leather used to manufacture the Wilson A2000 fastpitch glove series is the premium quality Pro Stock Leather that uses the Super Skin backing leather material. This leather is twice as strong as the usual leather and is extremely lightweight to offer comfort to the fastpitch players in the game. The Pro Stock leather is the most durable in the market as it runs season after season even after rough use.

The Pro Stock leather also has a dual welting property for a pocket that is quite long-lasting. This leather makes it quite easy for players to break in their gloves as it takes less effort. The Wilson A2000 has a honeycomb cell padding that allows the fastpitch catcher to have a good catch with a no-sting catch zone.

The gloves come with a Velcro wrist closure as it keeps the player comfortable and cuts the effort to achieve the perfect fit to the hands. They come in fifteen different types of colors in five different styles or sizes. The Wilson A2000 fastpitch catcher’s glove series is the best catching gloves for the female athletes.

Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Glove Series

The Mizuno Franchise has the biggest name in the manufacturing and marketing of the Sporting Goods and Accessories. It has been known to produce the most reliable and contended gloves in the market with their precise craftsmanship. They have been manufacturing the softball gloves for years now and are getting better with every launch.

The Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Glove series is specially designed for middle school to high school players who are in the learning process to improve their forms and style. The Mizuno gloves have an easy to close design that allows the fastpitch catcher to work on their forms and styles by helping them to easily catch the ball.

The gloves also have an equilibriumthat helps the player to hold or catch the ball in a position they want to which also increases the skill level of the player. The gloves are heavily padded especially at the palm area to offer a no sting catch zone. These fastpitch softball glove series is designed for the small hand athlete to catch the bigger balls with ease.

These gloves also come with pockets in them which are neither too deep for the ball to get stuck nor too shallow for the ball to hit back the glove. With the thumb and pinkie fingers, these gloves are designed to form a wider centered pocket for the gloves. This glove series is specially designed for the fastpitch players in the softball from all levels.

The Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Catcher’s glove series is made up of a pre-oil tumbled Java leather that is 100% game ready just out of the box and is amazingly durable. The gloves with ortholite pads on the palm make it easier for the players to prevent the stinging while catching the balls. These palm pads can also deaden the ball during an impact that is quite an important feature for the learners.

The gloves also come with power lock wrist closure and sheer fit foam on the back of the fingers to have a more customized fit to your hands. The Hilo lacing delivers the flexibility to the gloves by retaining the authenticity of a fully-laced web. These gloves are extremely light light-weight weighing around 1.33 pounds and are pretty easy to break in.

Wilson Aura Fastpitch Softball Glove

The Wilson has been in the Sporting Goods business for years now and has never failed to impress its customers with its unique and innovative designs mainly focused to deliver comfort to the players. They have been in the business for forty years now and are known for their fine quality softball gloves designed by ShaekingAso.

The Wilson Aura Glove series is specially designed for the femaleathletes who are in the learning and developing process as it offers equilibrium and versatility to these players. These Gloves help them to develop their forms and enhance their skill level. These gloves are designed for the female fastpitch catchers in softball.

This is a 12 inch model of the Wilson Aura Fastpitch softball glove series for the catchers that allow them to upgrade their performance by offering a maximum amount of protection. The Wilson Aura 12” fastpitch softball gloves are one of the best gloves available in the market and are suitable for beginners as they are 100% game ready just out of the box.

The Wilson Aura Gloves uses the game ready top grain leather shell that offers you strength and smoothness wherever you need it. They are extremely lightweight as they weigh around one pound and offers comfort to the player. The leather used in these gloves offers twice the strength of normal leather but half the weight.

As these gloves are specially designed for the fastpitch players, the designer uses a specific fastpitch pattern that helps them to be the best in the field. The gloves are made of full leather shell and laces that offers additional comfort and protection to the players in the field. The glove comes with a wrist closure for the perfect and comfortable fit for the hands of the girl athletes.

The Wilson Aura FastpitchSoftglove series comes with a two-piece weave web to deliver the best grip for the catchers with a dual welting pocket that is highly durable. These gloves are pretty easy to break in as they are made up of soft leather and are the finest choice by a dad for their daughter’s first catching glove.

Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

The Rawlings is the United States-based American Sporting Goods Company known for its manufacturing and marketing of high quality and reliable sporting goods since 1887. They have been designing the best catcher’s mitt for softgloves. They have been developing softball gloves for all the players from beginners to the pro league ones.

The Rawling’s Liberty Advanced Glove series is specially designed for the female catchers in the game to deliver an ultimate level of comfort and control to the size of their hands. These gloves are developed to develop the skills and performance of a catcher in the game by offering them an upgraded version of protection while playing.

The Liberty Advanced glove series is suitable for those avid players from the professionals to the beginners who have towards learning and progressing in the game. These gloves are a leap forward version of the Rawling’s glove series in which they have introduced an advanced vibrant new pattern technology that upgrades the level and performance of a fastpitch player in the game.

The Liberty Advanced fastpitch softball glove series is developed by using the full-grain leather that offers twice the strength of normal leather with half the weight which is perfect for the beginner female catchers. This leather is quite durable in nature and can work for the season after season even with vigorous use.

The leather used to manufacture these gloves offers stability to the hands of the player that allows them to have a better catch by determining its position of the ball in their hands. The gloves come with a full-grain leather lace that extends the life of the glove. The hand openings provided in the catching gloves come with finger back adjustments to smoothly accommodate the hands of the player.

The palm openings in the gloves offer a delicate feel to the hands of the player while putting on or taking off the gloves even if you have back to back games to play. The Gloves also features a Poron XD palm padding along with finger padding to offer the players with an additional layer of protection and comfort in the game.

The Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Glove series features a pull strap closure to offer the players a secure and comfortable fit without struggling for the adjustments. These youth catching gloves only weigh around 1.38 pounds and are extremely lightweight that allows the player to keep control of their hands. They are easy to break in like 70% of work is already done by the company and only 30% of work is to be done by you.

The Rawling’s Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Glove Series comes in three different colors and is the best catcher’s glove for Softball.

Wilson A1000 Fastpitch Glove Series

The Wilson has been in the Sporting Goods business for forty years now and has always astonished its customers with their new and innovative ideas in the manufacturing of the softball gloves. They have been designing the Softball glove series for years now for the eminent players in the game to the beginners.

The Wilson A1000 Fastpitch Glove series is designed by the king of gloves, ShigeakiAso who himself is a baseball and softball enthusiast. This glove series has been preferred by all levels of players as it offers ultimate comfort with a steadiness of hand without any hand movement limitations. The Wilson A1000 glove series is manufactured using the pro stock leather that is similar to the A2000 glove series.

The Pro Stock leather offers the players with an increased amount of strength and comfort with a decreased weight than usual leather. However, the Wilson A1000 glove series do not feature full Pro Stock leather as in the Wilson A2000 series that leads to the decrement in the price range of these gloves.

The leather used in these gloves delivers the players with the ultimate comfort and a combination of strength and smoothness. The Pro Stock leather is quite reliable and is extremely soft thus is easy to break-in. They have the moisture-wicking properties that keep the hands of the player dry and warm in the entire game.

The Pro Stock leather is quite durable in nature and can be used season after season. The Wilson A1000 glove series is designed especially for the catchers in the game in a color combination of black and white with a dual post web design to offer the finest grip to the catchers.

The A1000 glove series also features a custom fit back wrist lacing that allows the player to have a customized fit to their hands. The Wilson A1000 fastpitch catcher’s gloves are the top-rated youth fastpitch catcher’s mitt in 2020.

Louisville Slugger 2019 XenoFastpitch Glove Series

The Louisville Slugger is the leading name in the Sporting Goods Industry and is known for its finest and the most reliable products available in the market. This company was founded in Louisville, Kentucky hence the name in around the late 1800s. It is originally a wood bat company but has been manufacturing other sporting goods for a long time.

The XenoFastpitch Glove Series have been trending in the market ever since they have been launched due to its innovative and unique styles. The Louisville Slugger Xeno Glove series is designed for the younger male and female players who are in the learning process. These gloves allow these beginners a decent amount of comfort with a combination of smoothness and steadiness.

The Louisville Slugger 11.75” Xeno Men’s fastpitch catcher’s mitt model features a memory foam wrist lining and patterns that are specific to the shape and size of the hands of a female athlete or catcher. These patterns allow the gloves to perfectly fit around the hands of the female catcher and help to secure around the shape of the hands.

The gloves also feature a dual post weave web that is highly suitable for the fastpitch catchers as well as the infielders. The Xeno glove series also features a conventional open back to deliver an additional amount of comfort and a secure fit to the hands of the female catchers. The Xeno Glove series is game ready just out of the box which makes it the most demanded gloves in the market.

These gloves are extremely easy to break in as it is super smooth and can easily be clutched in. The Xeno 33” catcher’s model features a dual post web construction that comes in two different colors that are white and tropical blue. The gloves also include top-of-the-line leather along with a soft lining and this feature makes it the best fastpitch catcher’s glove for the ardent fastpitch players

The gloves also come a wrist closure made up of Velcro straps that offer a customized fit to the fastpitch catchers without struggling for the perfect fit.The Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Softball Glove series is the top-rated glove in the market and is worth the buy if you are on a budget.

Mizuno MVP Prime SEF8 Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

The Mizuno Franchise produces one of the most reliable and outstanding quality sporting goods and has been in the business for a long time now.

The Mizuno MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball Glove Series is designed by using bio-soft leather that is extremely smooth and professional leather. This leather has a perfect balance of oil and softness to offer a subtle and smooth feel to the hands of the fastpitch catcher. The leather also allows the player to have full control over their hands while playing.

The gloves are quite steady in nature and offer equilibrium to the catchers to advance their forms and experiment with their styles. The color pop designs used by the Mizuno for this glove series add a unique texture to the gloves. These Mizuno MVP Prime special edition glove series are designed with the addition of just a pop of color that allows the player to stand out in the crowd and look like a pro.

The Gloves also come with an outline and embroidered logo that gives the whole glove a rich and premium look. The Mizuno MVP Prime fastpitch softball gloves also come with a lace of professional level that extends the life span of the gloves by making them quite durable.

The Gloves have a strong edge design that offers additional stability to the gloves for the thumb and pinky fingers. They are extremely light-weight weighing around 1.66 pounds and come in two different color varieties that are while and silver for the 34” catcher’s model.

How to Choose Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt

The Catcher’s Fastpitch gloves come in a variety of designs and styles with a wide range of options to choose from. They can be easily customized according to your choice and requirements in the field. With a wide range of varieties available in the market, it’s quite difficult to choose the best fastpitch gloves for softball catchers.

The catcher holds the most crucial position in the softball game and it is also a very demanding position in the game. Choosing the right gloves for the catcher is pretty important to suit your specific needs that help the player to perform better and advance their forms. The right pair of gloves can boost your confidence that leads to a resilient and spontaneous play.

Before buying the catcher’s gloves for softball you need to consider some of the points given below to have a better product in your hands at the end.

Gloves Vs Mitts

The gloves and mitts are used interchangeably in the game of softball by the players but the difference lies in the kind of player using the tool in the field. These are quite distinct tools for a catcher in the softball as the structure, style and design of the gloves and mitts kind of differs to a large extent.

A glove features separate pockets for all the different fingers in the hand allowing the player’s hand to be more flexible, increases the versatility as well as the speed. However, the catcher’s mitt is designed in such a way that the fingers lie closer together and deliver additional security to the players rather than versatility.

The security provided by the mitts is mostly protected from the impact along with the ensure-you-catch-that-ball variety as well. Nevertheless, these mitts are quite complex when we come to the structure and construction pattern as they have a wide number of options.

These are some of the points to consider before buying a catcher’s mitt before you make that final decision.


The major difference between a softball and a baseball catcher’s glove is that the former uses open webbing whereas the latter uses closed webbing. This construction style of the softball mitts sacrifices the support provided by the gloves, however as they mostly come in larger sizes, the added visibility proportionate to the size of the ball makes it quite necessary.


The catcher’s mitt has a closed-back rather than an open back that strengthens the support of your wrist but it is quite not a necessary feature to look out for. Although an open back that is a space between the wrist strap and the upper part of the glove in the catcher’s mitt allows greater mobility for the players.

Nowadays, some models also feature an external finger slot on the back of the mitt to improve the control and agility of the gloves.


While choosing the perfect catcher’s mitt or glove for yourself, it is advised to look precisely about the padding of the gloves. As a lot of padding can sacrifice enough amount of space for a bigger ball to accommodate while a bigger ball leads to more pressure on a wider surface area, thus more protection is required in the form of padding.

Therefore, while purchasing a catcher’s mitt, you should always look for a softball catcher’s mitt as they neither sacrifice protection nor space by using the thin form of padding.


The leather model to be chosen by you depends on the quality you want in your gloves, like how long you need your glove to last or how much time you can spend on breaking in your glove.

The leathers that are less expensive like synthetics and pigskin can easily break in but won’t last for more than one season. This type of leather quality is suitable for beginners who haven’t reached the multiple season levels yet but not more advanced league players.

The full-grain or steer hide leathers that come in the high price range is difficult to break in but can last for a longer duration of time. This type of leather is best suited for the advance league players or if you are planning on to play for a couple of years. You can buy these types of gloves a couple of months before a tournament to break them in while practicing.


The catcher’s mitts are measured differently than the other players’ mitts in the game as they are measured around the circumference area of the hand rather than the length to fit perfectly. In softball, the bigger the mitts the better, although you always need to keep in mind that bigger mitts can the range of your visibility as well as flexibility.

The players in the age group between 12 and under should look for a mitt around 32.5” whereas the players in the age group ranging between 13 and above should look out for 33” or 34” mitts.

These are some of the factors you should look for before buying a catcher’s glove for yourself so that you are not dissatisfied with your performance in the game.

Final Words

Before, you seek your catcher’s mitt or glove always remember to work through your needs and requirements in the field to upgrade your performance by advancing your skills. We hope this article helps you understand your weaknesses and strengths to receive the catcher’s glove of your choice.

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