How High Should a Batting Tee Be

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Ever thought what would be the ideal height for a tee to be at? Would it be around your waist area, or is it supposed to be higher than that, or is it supposed to be a little lower than that? 

I know questions like these must keep running in your mind. Well, fret not, because this article is gonna cover all your doubts about the length of a batting tee in general. 

So let’s start right with it shall we? 

How High Is Too High

Well, you are typically looking at something with over 46 or 48 inches to be on the safe side. Now this all depends on the type of skill level, your association, technique, and most importantly your age. Try to find something that will work for you in a super comfortable way. Without you having the need to keep adjusting to how you like it to be. 

Normally when you look for batting Tees for youth players you wanna try and find something in the range of 20” up to maybe 40 inches or so. This sort of technique will help kids to like get a grip at a very early age and they will also improve their hand-eye coordination to the next level so this is pretty great. 

You could adjust the levels all according to your personal level. You wanna first start out with something typically around waist level. The waist level is super easy to work with at first. It’s gonna give you that necessary training and that control of hitting the ball exactly how it is supposed to be. 

After you’ve tried and perfected the waist level you can move to the belt level. The belt level is where you get much more immense training in hand-eye coordination and lower your plane of swinging the ball. So these are pretty great factors just overall to consider. That gives you a boost in your skills and makes you a much better player. 

Once you’ve got down the waist and belt level then we have the armpit level as well. Now you must be thinking that a bit too high right? Well, this sort of setting will benefit technically benefits more older and professional players, this gives them much more control and practice to try and practice a light uppercut and prepares them for higher velocity pitches as well. 

But in the end, it’s all about your personal preference and how everything should be done according to your style and preference. You can look for something that will also help you to continuously improve your coordination, control, and even swings persistently. So yes try and find hats best suited for you, but do look for something that will make you improve yourself at the same time. 

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Well, there you have it! Everything that you need to know about how it is. Everything that will help you to perfect your style and technique on the next level each time. I hoped that this article helped you to get a better understanding of how batting tees work and how they should function to provide you with the best of the best training.

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