How to Become a Better Baseball Hitter {Tried & Tested Tips}

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Baseball is an easy looking game, but it needs a lot of undivided attention, focus, and coordination.

You can complicate the process of hitting, but if you follow tips we mentioned below, then you’ll see your hitting skills become better than earlier.

The skills of a player separate them from being a good hitter to a great hitter.

When you practice more and more, you become better and better in judging the coming ball. We all heard that guys talk about how big baseball was looking, and how they were seeing it clearly.

So, let’s talk about a few tips that’ll actually help you to improve your skills, and eventually, you’ll become a better baseball hitter.

How to Become a Better Hitter in Baseball

Just Be Calm

Take deep breaths, and stay calm when you’re on the field, and the player is going to pitch. If you’re over-excited, then it may not help you to hit well. Stay calm, look at the ball, wait, and hit with your full power.


Don’t try to hit every time. Sometimes, it’s good to leave the ball, while sometimes; you have to swing the bat with full power. Believe in yourself, just wait for the perfect pitch, and when you get it, do it.

How to Become a Better Baseball Hitter

There will be times when you have to play like a power hitter, while other times, you have to play like a contact hitter. It depends on the situation. So, be patient, wait, and strike the ball.

Mental Focus

When you’re on the field, you need to focus on the ball. If you keep thinking about what’s going on in your home right now, you can’t deliver your best. You should pay the undivided attention to the coming ball, and you will see it clearly. Trust the hard work you’ve done, and be in the moment, and just hit the ball.

Swing the Bat

A good axis of rotation is also a very important aspect when hitting a ball. Your head should not move all around. You should get rid of unnecessary body movements, and try to focus on the pitcher, without moving your head.

When hitting a ball, players do many mistakes like swing a bat too early or too late, keeping the bat too close to their body or to away, and many other mistakes.

Therefore, it’s important to take the help of some tools to improve your hitting skills. There are various tools you can use like the Ultimate Rope Bat, Swingrail Swing Trainer, and Velopro Baseball Harness.

More and More Practice

Practice makes a man perfect. By practicing your brain, eyes, and body will come in coordination. Initially, it’ll be hard to see a fastball, but after practicing you’ll be habitual of that. Facing fast pitching will not be a big problem for you.

To practice hitting fast pitches, you should take the help of your friend or coach, who can throw fast pitches at you and you can hit them. But, sometimes, when you’re practicing alone in your backyard, you need something else.

Improve Hitting Skills in Baseball

In that case, you can use baseball pitching machines. There are many good pitching machines out there which you can use. You just need a good pitching machine that will throw a pitch at high speed and you can hit it with your bat.

Final Words

If you want to become a better baseball hitter, then you don’t need to read books about it. You just need to keep a few things in your mind and practice as much as you can. Without practice, even a talented player can’t perform well.

So, make sure, you practice a lot. Take the help of a baseball coach, if not, then set up a batting cage in your backyard, and start practicing using a batting Tee or pitching machine.

If you keep practicing for some time, you’ll see significant improvement in your hitting skills, and you’ll become a better player. 

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Vijay Singh
I started playing Baseball when I was 13 years old. I never made to MLB or any big league, but played enough to share some knowledge.

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