How To Shrink Softball Pants & Make Them Tighter

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You might want to know how to shrink your softball pants because of how loose and stretchy it looks. 

Well, look no more because I have come up with a list of how to shrink your pants quickly and easily. 

Let’s jump into it!

How to Make Softball Pants Tighter

Use A Belt 

Now as simple as it may sound the easiest way to your fastpitch pants is simply by wearing a belt. Most of the players have an issue with the waist size and their legs, and the looseness between the fabric and the legs is perfect not hindering any movement. But, the waist might seem to have a problem, they might not sit properly in the naval areas, which creates an issue. So, girls, the simplest way to solve is this by getting a belt. 

 Wash It Under Hot Water 

Well, girls here’s another trick on how to get your pants tighter just in general. You can rinse them under some hot water. All you have to do is read the care instructions recommended on the label and wash it under that temperature. Hot water may cause the fabric to shrink slightly. If the care label has a maximum water temperature do not try and exceed it. 

Dry On High Heat 

Another method to shrink your fastpitch pants is by trying and drying them using high heat. After washing the pants transfer it to your dryer and set it to the highest heat setting. The combination of hot air and heat will help shrink the fabric further. If your care label has a warning for high heat, then go for a medium setting instead.

Monitor the Process 

When using such methods make sure you are spying careful attention to your pants and their condition. Doing these methods may lead to damage to the fabric, so one must follow the care label before doing anything further. Girls make sure that you keep a close eye on your pants. Check their size and fit periodically to ensure that they shrink to the desired level. Make sure you don’t over-shrink the pants, as this may lead them to be smaller or even misshapen.

Repeat If Necessary 

If the pants have not shrunk on the first cycle itself, then you can always try and repeat the process. You can try the washing and drying methods to see if they can shrink any further. However, do be mindful that repeated exposure to hot water and high heat may cause the fabric of the fastpitch pant to deteriorate. 

Can you put softball pants in the dryer?

Yes, you can put your softball pants into the dryer whenever require. However, girls do take note that you must read the care label instructions properly. The maximum amount of heat that can be applied is mentioned on that label and you should be careful enough to dry it at that specific temperature itself. 

Are softball pants supposed to be baggy?

Softball pants are specifically designed to be on the baggier side. They must have a slightly relaxed and loose fit. When you are on the field and immense in the rigors of the game you must feel comfortable at all times. So whenever you consider shrinking your pants make sure that you have enough breathing room for yourself as well. The bagginess in the pants helps you to stretch, run and even squat easily. 

how to make softball pants tighter

How do you shrink 100 polyester softball pants? 

To shrink any type of pants including polyester fastpitch pants, you should keep in mind to note the instructions stated at the back of the care label. They are of utmost importance, to understand how to treat your pants and what is the proper care that you must give them. 

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