Baseball Bat Shaving and Rolling: Everything You Need to Know

Baseball is a strong batting game wherein every hitter aims to make contact with the pitch, get on the base, and eventually score a home run.

However, hitting a home run is not an easy task. You need to have a bat that is strong and powerful enough to send the ball far and long.

In order to accomplish that, many baseball hitters adopt bat shaving and rolling methods to increase the performance of their bats.

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Catcher Signals: {Hand Signals of Baseball Catcher & Pitcher}

The signals given by catchers to pitchers are extremely important in a baseball game. They are done to make sure they are in agreement in every pitch.

But, which signs should a catcher use?

How can catchers hide the signals on the field?

There are so many questions regarding the use of catcher’s signals. Today, we’ll try to answer every question related to pitching signals.

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How to Fix Bad Baseball Throwing Mechanics: Simple Tips

Baseball is a game of proper mechanics and fair practice. However, both are interrelated. It is essential to immediately fix if there are any mistakes in techniques in throwing a baseball. This is especially important when it comes to pitchers.

But don’t worry, it’s something which can be worked on! Mentioned below are some of the best tried and tested ways to fix bad baseball throwing mechanics and master pitching skills on the field. So keep reading.

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How to Fix a Wrinkled Baseball Cap: A Step by Step Guide

Baseball is a game that is played and loved worldwide. There are various gears used while playing this game which makes baseball unique and distinct from other sports— a baseball cap is one of them.

The baseball cap is a part of the traditional uniform which can be a rounded, soft cap with a curved peak worn to protect the eyes of the players.

The baseball cap is not only used by the players but is also worn by the audience to support their favorite MLB team. It will also help in protecting them from UV rays which can cause various eye and skin problems.

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Softball Pitching Drills for Beginners: Updated for 2021

Invented in Chicago, 1887, softball is a bat and ball game similar to that of baseball. The ball is larger in size in softball, bats are thinner and longer, and the field is smaller in dimensions. The most obvious difference between the two is pitching.

When you are practicing pitching drills for softball, you should understand what needs to be done differently from the standard baseball pitching drills.

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How to Fastpitch a Softball: Easy to Follow Techniques

Becoming a good fastpitch softball pitcher takes skills, learning the technical aspects of pitching, and lots of practice. 

As the name of the sport suggests, pitching in fastpitch softball requires you to throw the ball at fast speeds with the goal of striking out the hitter every time.

Compiled below are different ways of fast pitching in softball. These are all considered fast pitches but can be executed in various ways.

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End Loaded vs. Balanced Bats in Baseball & Softball

You may have heard a few times that you should play with an end-loaded bat or with a balanced bat.

But, the main question is,

How does an end-loaded bat or a balanced bat affect your performance?

What type of bat should you buy if you’re a baseball power hitter or a softball contact hitter?

Let’s find out in this short article.

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Plate Crate Review: (Is Plate Crate Worth in 2021)

Every baseball fan is always looking for the next best thing to show and support their interest in the sport. The next must-have items for every baseball fan right now are subscription boxes.

Plate Crate is a subscription box for baseball fans with a mission to deliver fun and exciting baseball items to your doorsteps.

Learn more about Plate Crate below to see if you should start your subscription this month.

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