How to Fastpitch a Softball: Easy to Follow Techniques

Becoming a good fastpitch softball pitcher takes skills, learning the technical aspects of pitching, and lots of practice. 

As the name of the sport suggests, pitching in fastpitch softball requires you to throw the ball at fast speeds with the goal of striking out the hitter every time.

Compiled below are different ways of fast pitching in softball. These are all considered fast pitches but can be executed in various ways.

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Plate Crate Review: (Is Plate Crate Worth in 2021)

Every baseball fan is always looking for the next best thing to show and support their interest in the sport. The next must-have items for every baseball fan right now are subscription boxes.

Plate Crate is a subscription box for baseball fans with a mission to deliver fun and exciting baseball items to your doorsteps.

Learn more about Plate Crate below to see if you should start your subscription this month.

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Baseball Thumb Guards in 2021: For Hitters & Catchers

At least 40% of MLB professionals wear hitting thumb guard.

It’s a small thumb ring which professionals wear while they’re batting on the field.

But, why do they wear these thumb guards?

Do these thumb guards improve their hitting performance or do they protect their thumbs from getting injured?

Today, you’ll why MLB professionals wear baseball batting thumb guards, and after reading this article, you’ll also want to wear them.

So, let’s get started.

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Rico Custom Baseball Glove Review: Pros & Cons in 2021

Baseball gloves are a necessity when playing on the mound whether you are a youth player, a professional athlete, or anything in between. Not all gloves are created equal—they are usually made for different purposes and positions, by skill levels and age, and some are specifically designed for right and left-hand orientations. The design and structure also differ from one glove to another to cater to the positions and preferences that one has.

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