How to Choose Baseball Bat of Right Size

Choosing a perfect bat is one of the most important decisions in the baseball game.

The ideal bat for you will be of correct length & weight, and, it should be in your budget.

If you’re a serious baseball player, then you would not want to pick just any bat which looks good. If you pick a bat which is according to your age, height, and strength, then it’ll definitely improve your hitting skills.Continue reading →

5 Best Baseball Cleats for Wide Feet Players

For a baseball player, finding the perfect pair of baseball cleats can be quite difficult. Whomever you are choosing for, be it your friends, family or yourself, the right brand has a lot of impact on the performance of a player as well as an athlete.

As there are many brands out there in the market, selecting the right one is very essential. There are many different factors too that play a major role in selecting the perfect cleats such as the size of the feet, material, the position of the player, etc. Here are a few of the best baseball cleats for players with wide feet.Continue reading →

4 Trusted & Reliable BBCOR Bats in 2017: Unbiased Reviews

Investing in a BBCOR bat can be quite tricky and a little difficult task, if you look for the reviews of each bat as the preferences of each player, may differ from one another. Keeping in mind all the BBCOR bats according to the players’ choices, you may invest in what suits you the best.

However, it is not always that your preferences and choices will be the same as that of the players. You might not like what they claim to be the best ones for them, and it can be vice versa too. If you are planning to buy a BBCOR bat, here are a few of the best BBCOR bats shortlisted amongst which you can look for your choices.Continue reading →