Pocket Radar Ball Coach Review: Pros & Cons in 2020

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Many professional ball game coaches use a speed training tool to measure the speed of the ball in flight accurately. This includes measuring the speed of the ball when it is pitched in a baseball game, when the ball is hit right off the bat, thrown by the fielders, etc.

The primary purpose of measuring the speed of the ball in these scenarios is to create a detailed analysis of the player’s performance. With the help of this analysis, the coach prepares a training regime for the players to increase their performance in the game.

While there are plenty of good speed training tools available, Pocket Radar Ball Coach is one of the most popular and accurate speed training tools. In this article, we will discuss everything about Pocket Radar Ball Coach that will help you decide its real value.

Pocket Radar Ball Coach Review

Pocket Radar Ball Coach Review

Ball Coach speed radar by Pocket Radar is currently one of the most popular speed training tools. It is actively used in training players for various games such as baseball, hockey, softball, volleyball, cricket, and many more.

It is a highly accurate device which can record precise speed measurements of the ball, when in flight. However, for the most accurate readings, it needs to be aligned directly with the path of the ball. If it is placed even slightly left or right from the way of the ball, then you can expect the readings to be lower than the actual.

Ball Coach speed radar features a compact size that is lighter than iPhone, and weighs around 4.5 ounces, including the batteries, which makes it easily portable and comfortable to carry around.

Comparing Portability with mobile phone

There is also a case included with the package, in which you can easily fit the device and holster it to your belt as well. The ease of portability that it provides is one of the main reasons why most people prefer using the Ball Coach.

Apart from this, the Ball Coach can provide highly accurate speed measurements, but only within a range of 120 feet, when using a baseball – this range increases as the size of the ball increases. However, one of the major drawbacks is that the Ball Coach cannot work at vast distances. Therefore, it is an ideal option only for training in a confined range of 120 feet.

Another distance-related drawback that Ball Coach users have been facing is that it does not work consistently in extremely short distances as well. When placed too near, it struggled to show the correct readings.

Anyway, the best part about using Ball Coach is that unlike many cheap speed radars, it can differentiate between the body movements and the ball movements. This simple speed radar is smartly designed to measure the highest velocity of the ball in flight, which is the most common metric used while training ball game players.

The Ball Coach works on two essential speed reading modes, i.e. Constant-On mode and User-triggered mode. In constant-on mode, it can be used hands-free, and it will automatically keep on reading the speed of the ball. In User-triggered mode, the user has to hold the button and release it when the speed reading appears.

Modes of Pocket Radar

This compact speed radar also features an extensive memory that can save up to 25-speed readings. These readings can be easily accessed by the user any time later. There is also a memory clear function included, which can wipe out the previously saved readings instantly.

However, there is no way of increasing the memory size, nor is there a way to export these previously recorded readings to an external storage device. This means that coaches and players can work with only 25 readings at a time and will have to clear these before they could save any more.

Unlike other high valued speed radars, Ball Coach does not require much power to work. The users can use two rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries or high drain alkaline batteries for the device to work. In both cases, the batteries last for a considerably long time, making it an efficient tool for long term training.

It is also very durable as it is made of the same plastic used in hockey helmets. It can be handled rough and can be tossed from one hand to another without causing any damage. The two years warranty offered by the company also makes it easy for the players to focus on the game more and less on the device safety.

What Will You Get with Pocket Radar?

Inside the Pocket Radar Ball Coach Box

What Coach & Parents Think About Pocket Radar Ball Coach?

Discussed below are all the features of Pocket Radar Ball Coach in a one by one fashion so that you can analyze this simplified and handy speed radar on your own and decide whether it is good enough for you or not.


Pocket Radar Ball Coach features a pro level accuracy, which matches evenly to the measurements of a high value radar gun. This simple lightweight device can read accurate speed measurements with maximum distinction of +/- 1 MPH.

It was also tested by comparing it to the readings of a high-value radar gun. The only difference that was observed in both these devices was that the Ball Coach rounded off the measurements, while the high-value radar gun counted even the decimals. For instance, if the radar gun read 76.4 MPH, the Ball Coach read 76 MPH.

The Ball Coach was also compared with many other speed detecting tools and the result was just the same. The Ball Coach is simply as accurate as any other speed training tool.

However, in order to get the most accurate readings, it needs to be placed directly in the line of the ball path. If it is kept even slightly to the left or right, you may not get the most accurate readings.


Ball Coach might look feeble and ready to break with little force. However, it is actually made of the same plastic which is used to craft hockey helmets. It is fully designed to perform with full accuracy even in the most demanding sports environment.

The tough exterior might seem lightweight but actually is very strong. It can easily handle rough usage, which includes tossing, falling on solid ground, and even accidental foot-stomping. Moreover, it is smartly designed to hold the interiors firm in their place. This ensures proper functionality even after the device has been roughly handled.

In many cases, it has been observed that Ball Coach has been efficiently working for more than 2 years. This only proves that this device is highly durable and can be a good speed reading companion for a long time.

Speed Range

Pocket Radar Ball Coach is one of the most simplified speed radars ever. It is designed to be compact in size and it can easily measure the speed of the ball accurately over the range of 120 feet for a baseball. The range increases as the size of the ball increases.

You can count on this small speed detection device to measure the speed of the ball accurately from 25 to 130 MPH, which is 40 to 209 KPH. With this wide speed range, one can easily record the accurate speed of the ball thrown by a well-trained baseball pitcher and also the speed of the ball when the batsman hits it in the air.

Speed Range of Pocket Radar

However, Ball Coach fails to perform in very large distances. The range limit is 120 feet, anything beyond that will be completely missed by the Ball Coach. If you are hoping to use this device to scout players from the stand, then this may not be the most ideal choice for you.

Battery Life

Keep training with Ball Coach without any battery restraint. It usually runs on rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries, which provides enough power to run continuously for over 2 hours in Constant-On mode and can measure over 4,000 readings in user-triggered mode.

However, you can also use high-drain alkaline batteries instead of AAA NiMH batteries. If you are using high-drain alkaline batteries, then this device can measure over 2,000-speed readings in user-triggered mode and can run for an hour in Constant-On mode. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries for the best functionality.

Battery Backup of Ball Coach Radar Gun

Everything about Pocket Radar Ball Coach sounds efficient. It is designed smartly to automatically switch off the power after 30 seconds of inactivity in user-triggered mode and after 5 minutes of inactivity in Constant-On mode. Thanks to these incredible power-saving features, one can solely focus on training rather than thinking about the battery drain.

With Ball Coach in your hands, you can keep training for as long as you can. When the training is done, conveniently recharge the batteries for the next session. With Ball Coach speed training tool, you can always be powered up for continuous training.


One of the most intriguing features of Ball Coach is that it is compact in size. With the size of 2.3 x 4.7 x 0.8 inches (width x height x depth), Ball Coach is very comfortable to hold and convenient to carry around. In simple words, it is basically of the same size as an iPod.

Ball Coach Radar Gun Portability

Apart from being small in size, it is very lightweight as well. The total weight of the device is 4.5 ounces, including the batteries, which is hardly 130 grams. One can easily fit this device in any safe corner of the bag or tuck it comfortably in the pocket of your trousers without noticing any weight.

The small size also helps in measuring the speed discreetly. Most of the professional radar guns usually have camera visuals and are quite big, which can make the new players conscious and nervous. Moreover, the bigger the size, the difficult it becomes to handle and transport it.

For growing players, Ball Coach works excellently due to its small size. Players can completely focus on playing their natural game, while coaches and mentors can discreetly measure their true performance. Therefore, the small size of the Ball Coach is a highly attractive feature.


Be as flexible as you can while using Ball Coach to measure the ball speed. The extensive memory of this speed radar can easily record up to 25 previous readings. Thanks to this, coaches and players can efficiently measure the performance growth.

One can also use this extensive memory of Ball Coach to measure and compare the performance of different players accurately. Thanks to this vast memory, Ball Coach provides visible progress of the player’s performance. This visible progress ultimately increases trust, confidence, and motivation in players.

Ball Coach also features a Memory Clear Function, which smartly wipes out the memory of previous measurements. You can comfortably wipe out the memory of earlier measurements by holding the mode buttons for 2 seconds to change between the features and then finally tapping the central button when the “clear” mode appears.

However, know that there is no way in which you can increase the memory of the Ball Coach. You can only save 25 readings at a time, no more than that. Also, there is no way in which you can export this data to another storage device.

Therefore, you will have to make do with only 25 slots of speed readings. For someone, who is highly determined to practice and improve his game, only 25 readings cannot always be sufficient.

Hands-free Capabilities

One of the most useful features that Ball Coach offers is that it can work hands-free, i.e., without anyone operating the controls. All you have to do is set it to Constant-On mode and just place it in the line of sight. It automatically triggers on without any push of a button.

This feature proves to be extremely handy as many players can use this speed radar to train solo. Thanks to the hands-free usage of the device, players can record their own progress without always needing someone to hold it for you. For fully determined players, who train for long hours, Pocket Radar Ball Coach is one of the best options.


Pocket Radar Ball Coach features a display screen of approximately 1.8 x 2.1 inches (width x height). The size of the screen may not be very big, but it is big enough to display the readings in a large and clear format. In fact, the size is designed just enough to showcase the digits properly. It can also easily display measurements in both MPH and KPH units.

The screen also clearly displays various modes of usage thanks to which users can comfortably choose the mode on which they want to operate. The Constant-On mode also do not fail in showing continuous readings accurately. The numbers change as soon as the speed is measured, but are displayed clearly for anyone to see.

Anyways, the display is likely suitable for only one person to clearly see. Other high value speed radars come with an external port through which the readings can be displayed in an output device. But since Ball Coach does not have any ports, the small screen is all you have to make do.

Other Features

Ball Coach speed radar, unlike other cheap speed radars provides just the right speed measurements. Many cheap speed radars cannot differentiate between the body movement of the player and the speed of the ball. So, they end up measuring the speed of the swing or the body movement, even before the ball is released.

However, that is not the case with Ball Coach. This speed radar is smart enough to differentiate between the player’s body movement and the ball’s movement, giving an accurate speed reading of the ball. As a matter of fact, Ball Coach analyses and reads the maximum velocity at which the ball is moving when in flight.

The device offers multiple modes of operation, which includes Constant-On mode suitable for hands-free use, user triggered mode for clear monitoring, unit change mode for setting either MPH or KPH units for speed reading, memory clear mode for clearing the previous speed readings and an instant off mode which switches it off instantly.


Pocket Radar Ball Coach is one of the most affordable speed radars available in the market. However, even after being sold at a very affordable price, Pocket Radar offers a 2 year warranty on it. Thanks to the 2 year warranty period, the coaches and players do not always have to be conscious about using the device in a careful manner.

A true speed training tool will only focus on improving the performance of the players, which is exactly what Pocket Radar Ball Coach does. Its affordable price and extended warranty allows coaches and players to be carefree and focus all their attention on improving their performance on field.

In any case, if the Ball Coach device you bought turns out to be defective, you can easily get it changed for a better one. The Pocket Radar Company does not hesitate in handing out the best service possible. Thanks to their effort, Ball Coach is now counted as one of the professional speed radars, standing evenly with all the other high value speed radars.

Is Ball Coach Worth the Price?

When buying cheap speed radar, it’s natural to be sceptical. You may not be sure whether it will actually perform the way it is supposed to or not. It’s a total gamble. However, when it comes to buying Ball Coach, there is no need to hesitate.

Ball Coach speed training tool, if used properly will always provide an accurate speed reading. It has been compared with many other high value speed radars such as SKLZ, Stalker 2 Radar Gun, Rapsodo, Bushnell, etc. and the results were surprisingly same. The pocket Radar Ball Coach performed excellently well in all speed reading situations.

Apart from this, the extensive battery, memory and speed reading modes make the Ball Coach one of the most simplified speed radars for sports training. Anyone can comfortably use this device for assessing self-guided drills or for one-on-one training scheme. The device becomes even more favourable thanks to its compact size and easy portability.

When every feature of this device is fairly considered, Ball Coach proves to be a well worthy speed training device. As of now, the reviews prove that it is one of the most preferred speed radars by a large number of coaches and ball players.

Instructions to Use Ball Coach

Using the Ball Coach speed radar is extremely easy. You can measure the speed of the ball in two modes, which are Constant-On mode and User-Triggered mode.

In any case, Ball Coach uses laser mechanism to measure the speed and hence, needs to be put in the direct line of sight of the direction in which the ball is moving in order to get the most accurate reading.

In User-Triggered mode, all you have to do is hold the main button on the device and release it when the speed reading appears on the screen. In Constant-On mode or Hands-Free mode, it will automatically show the speed reading every time the ball is in flight.

Measure Speed Manually with Ball Coach

However, do not forget that the Ball Coach speed radar must be placed in the direct line of sight to get the most accurate readings. For this purpose, it is recommended that you choose a fixed target or direction in which you can throw or hit the ball. Choosing a target is relatively easy in baseball, but can prove rather tricky while playing softball.

You can easily switch modes by holding the mode/recall button for around 2 seconds. Each time you press the mode/recall button, the mode changes. The device basically features four modes, which have already been discussed.

Reasons to Buy Pocket Radar Ball Coach

Pocket Radar Ball Coach is one of the most excellent speed radars. Aside from a few limitations, there are many good reasons to why one should consider buying the Ball Coach. Some of these reasons are discussed in detail below.

Ideal Weight and Size

For most of the people who have struggled using the high value speed guns such as Stalker 2 Sports Radar because of their large weight and size, Ball Coach is just perfect. It features an ideal weight and size that allows the users to comfortably place it anywhere, carry it around effortlessly, and measure the speed without any excess effort.

Ball Coach comes with a holding case that can easily fit into the belt holster and as it weighs just 4.5 ounces, including the batteries, you can hardly feel it there. It is extremely lightweight and can be easily carried to and from any sports park without attracting much attention.

However, when it comes to larger speed radars, their large size and weight make it difficult to carry around and attract too much of attention, when placed anywhere. You may also need a proper transport to carry them anywhere, which adds on to the burden. Hence, this is one of the best reasons to why one should choose Ball Coach.

Spot on Accuracy

When placed directly in the line with the ball flight, it works just as good as any other high valued speed guns. This means that if you have the access to stand directly behind the player, you can get the most accurate readings. Moreover, the readings work accurately even after standing 100 feet far from the thrower or the hitter.

Long Lasting Batteries

Pocket Radar Ball Coach does not require much power to function. You may use 2 rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries or high drain alkaline batteries, which can last a very long time if used efficiently.

However, the other high-value speed guns may require changing batteries every two weeks. Moreover, most of these guns use three times the number of cells needed for Ball Coach. With such efficient power-saving features, the Ball Coach gets the upper hand again.

Hands-free Capabilities

One of the main reasons why the Ball Coach is preferred by many is due to its hands-free usage capabilities. You can put the device in Constant-On mode and keep on training, no need for an extra man to hold the tool for you. The extensive memory of the Ball Coach also allows the players to save up to 25 readings, which can be observed by the player anytime later.

The combination of these two features provides a comfortable hands-free usage of the device, allowing the players to train on their own and analyze the improvement in their performance.

Reasons to Avoid Pocket Ball Radar Coach

While there are plenty of pleasing points, there are a few things about Ball Radar that may not prove to be very sufficient. Therefore, for those who are looking for a highly professional speed radar with all the quality features, this may not be the right device for you.

Discussed below are a few reasons that may lead you to avoid buying the Pocket Ball Radar Coach, though these reasons may not be that much of deal for an average player looking to buy this device.

It does not work accurately when placed at angles

As discussed before, the Ball Coach works best when it’s lined with the direction of the ball in flight. This basically means that if your device is placed a few feet to the left or right of the direct path of the ball, then you may not get the absolute readings. However, you will get the readings, but they will not be absolutely accurate.

When we talk about other high valued speed guns such as Stalker 2 and SKLZ, they work accurately even at the angles. However, you will have to set the angle at which the speed radar is placed in the settings. But, if all you have is a Ball Coach, then this feat is not possible.

Mind you, the Ball Coach still works on the angles and will provide accurate readings according to its place. But if it is not aligned with the direct line of path of the ball, then you may consider the readings to be a little lower than the actual.

Does not work in long distances

Another reason that may turn into a deal-breaker is that Ball Coach will not work when you are considerably far from the ball. For instance, if you are scouting a player from the stands, then Ball Coach may not be the ideal device as it is only ranged to work a little more than 100 feet.

Does not work in very short distances

Apart from the fact that Ball Coach does not work in long ranges, it does not work in very short distances as well. When tested in live situations where the Ball Coach was placed 2 feet away from the ball path, it struggled to display consistent readings.

Display and Memory

Pocket Radar Ball Coach has a good enough display screen and can record up to 25-speed readings. However, this is not the case with the classic styled radar guns, which use ports to output the speed measurements to a display and can store a large number of speed measurements.

When it comes to Ball Coach, there is no way of porting out the output speed to a display as there are no ports available. Moreover, there is also no way of increasing the memory, which means that you will have to make do with analyzing only 25 readings at a time.

  • Perfect Accuracy.
  • Long-lasting Batteries.
  • Ideal Weight and Size.
  • Hands-free Usage.
  • Works Inaccurately when Placed at Angles.
  • No Way of Porting the Output Speed.
  • Unable to Increase the Memory.
  • Doesn’t Work Perfectly for Extreme Distances.


Considering everything, Pocket Ball Radar Coach is one of the best speed radars currently available in the market. However, it may not be the most ideal device in highly professional grounds.

Ball Coach is highly suitable to use in training sessions, where a team of small players or a single player can be trained. This device can be used by the coaches to comfortably analyze the performance of the players from a short-range, i.e. a little less than 100 feet.

In any case, Ball Coach is highly accurate when it is aligned directly with the path of the ball. It may not work well in the angles, but thanks to its compact size and weight, it can be discreetly used to analyse the performance of a player.

This device is also perfect for those who are determined to train using self-guided drills. You can easily put this device in Constant-On mode and keep on training until you see visible progress.

Whether you are a coach, player, or a parent, Ball Coach is well recommended for growing players. It comes with all the features that are necessary for an average player to visibly improve his ball performance. For a large number of sports enthusiastic audience looking for affordable speed training tool, Pocket Radar Ball Coach might be the most ideal solution.

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