Swingrail vs Line Drive Pro: A Simple Comparison

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Training aids can majorly help batters improve their game in different ways.

The Swingrail and Line Drive Pro are two of the most popular training aids currently in use by batters of all levels around the world.

Although these training aids do not share a similar appearance due to their different design and construction, both are devoted to the same purpose, which is to help batters practice.

Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences of the Swingrail and Line Drive Pro to see which training aid is best suitable for your batting needs.

Swingrail vs Line Drive Pro


The Swingrail Training Aid is specifically for hitters who want to correct their swing mechanics and develop proper muscle memory for live hitting. 

It guides the hitter’s hands through the swing enabling him to feel exactly how to swing the bat properly.

This training aid works by forcing your body to align in the right posture so you can stay connected with the pivoting movement of your body every time you swing.

swingrail vs. line drive pro

Plus, if you don’t swing properly, this training aid will let you know as it will give you immediate feedback perfect if you’re training alone and no one else is supervising you.

Once you hit the ball, the Velcro loop that is attached to your armband will stay connected to the bat if you hit it properly. Otherwise, the armband will instantly detach from your bat letting you know that you did not swing properly.

The Line Drive Pro has a different patented design which is developed to help hitters gain a proper swing path.

It helps keep the barrel in the hitting zone for an extended time which results in various points of contact, better plate coverage, and more consistent hits for the hitter.

Not only does the Line Drive Pro promote physical training, but it also provides visual training helping the hitters see where the ball will launch so they can hit the ball to all parts of the field.

It also provides immediate feedback which forces the hitter to correct their swing and enhance barrel control in order to achieve their desired outcome.

Ease of Use

Both the Swingrail and Line Drive Pro are fairly easy to use recommended for youth players up to professional league players.

The Swingrail Training Aid comes in a two-piece set. The first piece connects to your bat and is adjustable to fit any bat size, and the second one is an adjustable armband that fits around your forearm.

This combo creates a lot of resistance and is made of high-quality materials with sturdy construction that is strong enough to withstand the force of your swings.

First, put the rail on the bat handle. After this, place the armband over your upper arm depending on where you’re holding the bat. Make sure to place the Velcro portion directly over your bicep and that the tab faces towards your body and the rail of the bat.

However, for younger players, some found it to be really challenging in order to make it work since it really forces the hitter to drive the knob to the ball, or else the bat will not come off the rail.

The Line Drive Pro, on the other hand, is a lightweight plastic cup designed to hold the ball with an elastic band that you can attach to any bat.

To use this, you just have to pull the device upon the barrel using its elastic band and place the ball on the plastic cup. After placing it in the desired position, you are now ready to swing.

A lot of users, both little leaguers and professional players, really love this training aid due to its self-teaching characteristic that is very easy to use.

Both of these training aids are also compact and easy to carry so you can bring them anywhere and practice anytime.

Final Words

The Swingrail and Line Drive Pro are both superb training aids for batters.

The Swingrail is designed for those with an emphasis on proper body movement to create better swing mechanics and correct common batting mistakes. The Line Drive Pro is designed more for power production and enhanced bat control.

I hope this comparison has helped you gain a better understanding of these two popular training aids.

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