Tanner Tee Review: Pros & Cons of Tanner Tee in 2021

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A baseball batting tee is particularly helpful for improving a hitter’s focus on making contact with the ball without the need for a pitcher. 

It is one of the best batting tees that players of all ages and skills use to practice their swings and learn new techniques. One of the most popular batting tees right now is the Tanner Tee.

This Tanner Tee review will do a deep dive into one of the best batting tees in the industry.

Ensure to keep your swing sharp and your hand-eye coordination on point. This can be done with one of the oldest and also the simplest forms of training aid- The Hitting Tee.

Tanner Batting Tee Review

What is Tanner Tee?

The tanner tee is one of the best batting tees of 2021 available on the market. Although bats from baseball differ from softball, it is still the batting tee used in both worlds. This is the original pro-style Tanner Tee (26-43”) comprised of two parts, an adjustable stem and also a nine-inch weather-resistant polymer base.

The hand-rolled rubber FlexTop sets the tanner tees apart from any other training tool. This flexible rubber allows the bat to pass through the contact point with the least interference. This also provides instant feedback with every hit.

This batting tee is the most used, trusted, and preferred batting tee among all levels of the game. This breaks down very quickly to fit into any travel bag and is also sold with a 9X9” standard base with rounded edges for safety. This also enables the batter to work on swing adjustments.

The tee can also be moved from the inside to outside the corners, as well as from the front to the back of the plate. The stem is also adjustable this telescopes in two places in order to cover the entire strike zone.

Different Options in Tanner Tee

Types of Tanner Hitting Tee

Tanner Heavy

Here are a few reasons you should know why tanner heavy is the new pick for the #1 baseball tee for hitting.

It can be used on home plate or flat ground. Simulating pitch placement around the strike zone is a very important part of the batting routine. Without an actual home plate, it is very difficult to visualize properly which is especially true for the younger hitters. The new base design provides heavy tee the best stability anywhere on the base field or the batting cage.

The base of tanner heavy weighs 10 lbs and is designed with three-point of contacts that allow for maximum balance, which decreases the likelihood of tee creep or knock-over from a tee-killing swing.

This can also sit perfectly without leaning the tee as half of it is on the plate and the other half on the ground. It is a great replacement for the original tee with the tee weight if you are looking to make things easier with the mobility of the tee from home to a facility to the batting cage. The telescoping stem allows for a different number of heights.

Something great about this tee is the bottom plate is not a solid square. The hitter can see most of the white plate below when swinging and does not have a blacked-out square due to the base of the tee. This will surely be a great option for tees that stay mostly in one physical location.

Tanner Tee- The Original

The tanner tee original is the absolute best batting tee available in the market. The hand-rolled ball sets Tanner tee apart from any other training tool. This is the original pro model Tanner Tee that is comprised of two parts, an adjustable stem, and a nine-inch weather-resistant polymer base.

This is the best-selling hitting tee and is used by all levels of professional baseball, high school programs, top colleges, and thousands of home users. The flexible rubber allows the bat to pass through the contact point with the least interference and this provides instant feedback with every hit.

It breaks down in seconds so as to fit into any travel bag. This is sold with a 9X9” standard base with rounded edges for safety. Patented tee design and metal construction offer years of verified durability.

Adjustable 26-43 inches recommended for adults and youth aged 9 years and above. Adjustable 20-32 inches recommended for adult low ball training for youth aged 8 years and below. Adjustable 16-23 inches custom short recommended for advanced hitters who look for very low tee work.

Tanner Pro

The Tanner Pro is the newest addition from the Tanner Tees which represents the next evolution in the tanner line of the batting tees. Featuring an eight-pound weighted metal base, a beautiful finish, and a skid-resistant tread, this tanner pro is designed to be the perfect balance for all the popular hitters.

The Tanner Pro comes equipped with a hand-rolled, tightly wound FlexTop ball rest that allows baseballs to secure high on the tee. Tanner Pro is a strong eight-pound metal base for rock-solid footing. The skid-resistant covering keeps the tee in place.

This provides a stable hitting platform while maintaining a small signature which is why it is easy to transport in any equipment bag. For the baseball hitters that take tee seriously, this base will provide the ultimate stability and inbalance while providing less creep. It has professional quality with a sleek, commercial-grade, and modern look. No mechanical or moving parts that can break or pieces to lose.

During use, the Tanner Pro performs with the stability of the Tanner Heavy, and with the slim factor, it fits easily into the equipment bag which makes it portable like the Tanner Tee- the Original.

This is available in 3stem lengths, Standard (26”-43”), Short (20”-32”) or Low Ball (16”- 23”). Tanner Pro which is designed with the portability of tanner tee original and the stability of the Tanner heavy, this Pro model combines both the features.

What I Liked in Tanner Tee?

It is Proved to be Very Durable

Other newer tees seem durable and tough, but the Tanner Tee has proved its sturdiness in an old-fashioned way. Countless people use this model and it has lasted decades with them. When it comes to strength, the tanner tee can withstand the harsh weather conditions and various other harsh situations too.

Rubber is the right dose that is used in tanner tees which stays strong and durable. It is also difficult to break but luckily there are a variety of options for today’s parents, coaches, and players.


You get a high-quality tanner tee at a reasonable cost. So, if you already spent on the best baseball bat for your young team and you have a limited budget in getting a tee, it is sensible to just pick this tanner tee over its competition.

Why pay more while you really don’t have to, especially when you risk getting a tee with lower quality?

It is extremely stable

This is true with the purchase of the optimal T-weight. If you do not have that T-weight, you may always use a 10-pound or even the 5-pound barbell weight over the rubber on top of the base.

You can bring it with you to practices easily

The Tanner tee is designed to be portable. It is not at all heavy and the base can also be detached so that it fits better in your bag.

bag for baseball batting tee

What I Didn’t Like?

The fact that the original Tanner Tee is lightweight means the kids who mis-hit the ball by swinging just a few inches lower than the ball, will definitely knock over the entire tee. Apart from losing the kids’ focus as they giggle at the sight of a knocked-over tee, it wastes practice time to pick up a tee repeatedly that gets knocked over.

Also, as the rolled rubber top is attached permanently to the stem, you need to be careful as to how you store the tee. This is particularly in the car during transport to and from the field. In case, the rubber top is bent for an extended period of time, it could have a permanent crease that comprises the strength of that rubber top.

So it is perfect? No.

It can be argued that it is the best but some aspects can still be improved. One noticeable drawback to the Tanner Tee is the need to have a weight on its base so as to stabilize it properly.

This is why you need to place a barbell weight or the T-weight on the base. It would have been nice if the same was already stable without these additional weights on the base.

Who Should Buy Tanner Tee?

Aside from getting pitching machines to do extensive training, there is simply no doubt the tanner tee is also an important piece of equipment to both the beginning batter and the veteran player so it is the purchase you need to get right.

Kids and beginners can own a larger T Tee as this will surely go strong and help develop a proper swing path. Like any practice aid, how much time you spend on the proper technique determines how well it will work for you. It is also well-built and once the kid owns his Tanner tee, he shall definitely be a happy ball player!

Who should not buy it?

man avoiding low quality batting tee

If you ever plan to purchase a low-quality tee for your kid, then you are wrong! This tanner tee may not tip over, but it can move way too easily if the ball isn’t hit perfectly. A decent hitter, in this case, also has to re-position the tee every few swings. The low-quality base that you purchase feels like plastic ad it weighs less than 5.5 lbs.

Hence, when you purchase a tee for your kid or a beginner, always spend a little more and purchase the one having a larger metal base. The tee that weighs over 11.5 is sure to be more stable.

This is also not particularly great when you are moving it for practices, backyard hit the neck, etc.

Final Verdict

Now that you know what we know, you may also start to narrow things down to what your needs are. In the end, tee work helps in becoming a better hitter and this also comes down to how much and what drills you do to take that step in your skillset.

We, however, recommend that you invest in a piece of equipment that will stand the test of time and also make the sessions as effective as possible. Professional level tees can provide a professional level experience for the hitter.

The tees are built with the highest quality and are designed with the ideas of some of the high-level hitters in baseball. If you really want to improve your hitting, then invest in the best tee for baseball.

The Tanner Tee and its manufacturer have proved themselves for decades. It is portable, tough, easy to use, and people who know baseball heartily recommend them. What’s more, you even pay less than what you would shell out for another tee having similar features.

This isn’t just a good tee- but an amazing one! It is made of metal and the flex top provides excellent feedback too! So don’t ever plan on buying a cheaper tee. You will surely end up using 6 to 7 of them while this Tanner Tee batting is still going really strong. Have your kids use this and they will be using the same tee for years to come.

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