VeloPro Harness Review: Is VeloPro Harness Worth Buying?

In recent years, VeloPro Harness have gained so much popularity.

But, is it worth the price you pay?

In the VeloPro Harness Review article, I’ve shared each and everything in detail that you want to know.

Whether you want to know how it works, its features, or may whether it’ll help you to improve your skills, you will find everything here.

So, let’s get started.

How VeloPro Harness Works?

Velopro  Harness is a training aid for baseball players to revolutionize the performance. It is a training aid for both hitters and pitchers. It optimizes mechanical efficiency and unleashes the full potential of a player by boosting 4-6mph of power. It has a couple of bungee cords attached to a belt and there is an ankle strap.

It trains a player by giving immediate feedback if a player is moving efficiently or not. It’s designed based on Newton’s 3 laws of motion. If a player’s swinging is wrong or the pitching mechanics isn’t right, the velopro informs.

It works by keeping the energy and velocity in the player longer which would otherwise decapitate from the player while hitting or pitching and in return helps the player to be in a fully loaded position and have full command over his action.

This device helps unleash the true velocity potential of a player and thus boosts his/her performance manifold.

The Unfair Advantage of Using VeloPro Harness

The kind of power a player will exhibit while throwing a ball or while hitting it after using the velopro harness is outrightly evident to be much better. It helps to enhance the throwing or hitting a ball harder and faster. Hitters are trained with better power and better exit velocities.

No personal coach can train a player in such a short time like the way Velo pro can. Only within a few weeks, a noticeable difference can be seen in the performance of the player. It builds proper body movement.

With proper body movements, proper mechanics are enhanced and velopro optimizes proper body movement thus increasing efficiency in mechanics.

It helps the player to make powerful use of their hips and maintain balanced footwork.

Features of VeloPro Harness

Optimizes delivery efficiencies

The basic arm angles of pitchers in known as the delivery in baseball. To start a play, the baseball is thrown towards the home plate. Velopro optimizes the delivery efficiency.

Unlocks full power potential

Practicing with velopro harness is a wonder in itself as it enables the player to use full power while throwing a ball or even while hitting it. It unlocks 4-6mph of power within just 3 weeks or less.

Maximizes launch angles

There is an advantage of hitting the ball high into the air. The angle at which the ball flies after being hit is called the launch angle. Higher the launch angle, higher the chances of a ball being a hit. The hit which is fast enough and is at the right angle has higher chances of becoming a home run. Therefore, velopro trains a player to maximize his launch angle that ultimately results in a hit.

Heel landing

It’s highly advantageous to try to land on your heel when you throw a baseball. There is a dramatic change in the result. The way your body transitions into releasing the baseball is improved manifold. By landing on your heel, the overall stretch angle is improved. This in return betters the production of force by the body which ultimately results in improving the velocity, accuracy, and ability to recover.  Velopro harness facilitates heel landing.

Enhances Plate coverage

For better plate coverage, the knees of the hitter should be bent and hips should have a forward tilt. The toes should be pointed straight toward the plate The toes should not be pointed outward like “Duck Feet” which ensures the weight is on the balls of the player’s feet and not on the heels.

The hitter needs to be striding toward the pitcher and not stepping in the bucket and hit the inside of the baseball leading with the knob of the bat. All of these improve plate coverage and velopro makes all of these attainable by just strapping on the harness.

Any scope of improvement in VeloPro Harness?

Irrespective of all things nice, there is still a good scope of improvement in this training aid. It could be made a little bigger to fit around the waist of bigger persons. It’s quite short too.

It also comes without any instruction manual. The site online does have a step by step instructing video, however, it would be handier if there was an instruction guide with the product.

This product comes with a waist and heel loop. Perhaps, a thigh strap would give better support.


  • It optimizes mechanical efficiency
  • It unleashes full power potential
  • It improves velocity and accuracy
  • It maximizes launch angles that ultimately leads to home runs.

 Despite all the plus points, there are a few points that need to be mentioned which are not as praiseworthy.


  • One flaw of the product is that it does not come with an instruction manual, making it difficult for the people to set it up.
  • The size could be another issue. The size comes a little smaller and it could pull the belt down.
  • For some players, the harness was a bit too tight and therefore not both the chords could be strapped on.

Who Should Buy VeloPro Harness?

Anyone who is struggling to improve their throw should buy this product. This product is not only restricted to baseball players but also softball players. A player who needs to train their lower half can use this product.

Players, especially young ones who need to self correct their hitting and pitching can use it. It helps you to keep the balance as it pulls your foot up, so if you or your younger one is striving to make the balance, use it.

The Final Verdict

The Velopro alone will not improve the performance of any player. One should definitely follow the work out regime too to achieve better results.

This is a great self-learning training aid for beginners or for the ones who are struggling with the control but if you are a player with good knowledge of mechanics, it might not be that helpful.

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