VeloPro Harness Review: Improve Bat Speed By 5-7 MPH

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VeloPro Harness is one of the most popular baseball and softball training aid that helps both pitchers and hitters unleash their speed and power in a relatively short amount of time.

If you go to a baseball coach, he will probably recommend you to buy a VeloPro Harness to improve your pitching or hitting skills.

But, is it really that helpful?

What kind of results can you expect?

In this VeloPro Harness review, we’re going to learn how exactly this training aid works, what it can offer to help you improve, and we’ll try to answer all the questions that come to your mind.

Nutshell Review of Velopro Harness

A simple and effective tool for pitching and hitting improvement, the Velopro Training Harness provides positive results for pitchers and hitters alike.

The VeloPro Harness is engineered to provide better elasticity than typical bungees, delivering consistent resistance to all players. Its double-walled design creates a uniform spring that won’t weaken over time. 

Furthermore, it uses heat treatment to ensure a superior elasticity lifespan that is not found anywhere else.

The system comes with a waist belt, one-foot strap, and two specialized resistance bungees. The bungees are available in standard size for players who are 6’1″ tall and shorter and large for players taller than 6’1″. At the same time, the universal waist belt and foot straps allow for easy use. This training aid is recommended for players ages 11 and up.

Incorporate this harness into your daily drills. You’ll be surprised at your speed and power improvements in just a few weeks.

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What is a Velopro Training Harness?

The Velopro Training Harness is a training gear that works to develop maximum power and velocity for both pitchers and hitters.

By using this gear, pitchers can expect an increase in pitch velocity, command, plane, off-speed break, and/or pitching delivery efficiency. Hitters, on the other hand, can improve their hand speed, power, exit velocities, and/or swing mechanics.

This was developed and launched by a former Major League pitcher Jim Parque and is currently being used by many MLB teams.

The VPX Harness has altered the way baseball and softball players train because it teaches them how to unlock their highest potential while improving their accuracy and speed. I suggest that you should take the help of a radar gun. On many e-commerce stores, you can easily find a radar speed gun for baseball. It’ll help you a lot to measure your performance.

Velopro Harness in Baseball and Softball

Baseball and softball are fairly similar sport that involves four main activities: pitching, hitting, fielding, and base running.

While I can’t speak for the other two, the VPX Harness Training gear definitely has us covered for pitching and hitting in both baseball and softball.

Velopro offers the same training gear for both sports as the preparation involved in both of them is relatively the same.

Many pitchers have maximized their deliveries and many hitters have finessed their swinging techniques in baseball as well as in softball with the use of this training aid.

So to sum it up, VPX Harness has done wonders for players in softball and baseball who were looking to optimize their swinging efficiency or master their pitching deliveries.

How Velopro Harness Improves Hitting?

Velopro Harness Review

No matter how hard you try, eventually, your performance depends upon your endurance. This is where Velopro comes into the picture.

Irrespective of whether it’s softball or baseball, hitters on the field often struggle with swinging techniques and other mechanical issues.

Sometimes they are late with their exit velocities. Sometimes they are unable to locate that ‘sweet spot’ on the bat resulting in a mishit.

VPX Harness helps them to fix all these and other flaws within weeks of practice.

The Velopro Harness provides players with immediate positive or negative feedback with every rep. Thus, helping them to stay ‘connected’ with their body and therefore optimizing their performance.

This gear has also improved the hitters’ plate coverage, thus enabling them to extend their hitting zone.

This game-changing harness can increase your exit velocity by 20-25% while giving you an improved launch angle by over 5%.

Many hitters have improved their entry and exit velocities, swinging mistakes, and hip motion by using this gear.

Not only this, but it also helps you to increase your hand and barrel speed by 5-7 MPH.

The VPX Training Harness has genuinely improved the game for hitters by not only enhancing their swing efficiencies but also by instantly rectifying any movement deficiency.

How Velopro Harness Improves Pitching?

Velopro Harness for Baseball Pitching

Now, when it comes to pitching, the VPX Harness training gear has made significant contributions.

For starters, it significantly improves the delivery efficiencies for the pitchers and helps them to unlock their real power.

Pitchers are known to gain 4-6 MPH of velocity within 3 weeks. Thus improving their spin and command rates as well as maximizing their launch angles.

The VPX harness trains your hips to load, unload, and transfer energy and pressure properly. It has also dramatically changed the stance of pitchers on the field by helping them land on their heels after throwing a ball.

A successful heel landing hugely improves a pitcher’s overall stretch angle which helps them to enhance their accuracy and velocity.

Apart from this, it also trains you to increase your spin rate by 20% and your command rating by over 30%.

Various pitchers all around the world are known to have experienced better command, pitch velocity, off-speed break, etc. after religiously training with the VPX Harness.

It has worked for the MLB pitchers, and it will surely work for you as well.

What is included in the Velopro Harness?

The Velopro Harness is available in various bungee and waist sizes to make sure that they can cater to the requirements of all the different kinds of players.

Not only that, the complete package of the VPX Harness Training system includes all the necessary gear to ensure that you have the right experience.

Every Velopro purchase includes:

  • 1 Waist Belt
  • 1 Foot Strap
  • and 2 Bungee Cords.

These Bungee cords are specialized resistance bands with excellent flexibility so that they can withstand tough training sessions without snapping or wearing out.

Similarly, the foot strap and the waist belt are made of robust and durable material to make sure that you can practice without any hindrance.

How to Put On Velopro Harness?

The simplicity of this harness is what makes it even more unique.

Forget complicated gears that require you to sift through a manual every time you want to put it on.

With VPX Harness Training gear, it takes less than a minute to strap it on and get moving.

This harness can be used on the front hip and the back hip. Every ‘usage’ requirement depends on the player and his delivery need.

To correctly put it on, suck in your stomach and wrap the waist belt around your waist over your belly button.

Make sure that it is tightly secured and placed well above your hip bone.

Ensure that the D rings are positioned along the bottom of the waistline.

Now get in a kneeling position and step inside the foot strap while clipping the bungee cord to ensure safety.

Also, make sure that your waist belt does not sag. ‘Sagging’ can cause improper functioning of the harness.

And that’s it! You are all ready and good to go with the VPX Harness.

Overall Quality of Velopro Harness

Quality is the key, and that is what we are going to cover in this section.

To begin with, the waist strap and the bungee cords are available in different sizes to address all the needs of the various players.

Besides this, the bungee cords also have a ‘double-walled design’ that provides constant resistance as compared to the other commercial cables available in the market.

They even provide adequate ‘heat reception’ that makes sure that the elasticity of the cords does not wear off with practice.

Apart from the gears already included with the harness, it also comes with an optional thigh strap that streamlines resistance along your linear drive lines, thus further optimizing the harness for you.

Talking about durability, the bungee cords the waist belt, and the foot strap; all three items are made with strong impenetrable material that can survive years of training sessions.

It can be used by players of all different sizes and body types who are 11 years and above age.

And last but surely not least, the harness is backed with a 100% guarantee for satisfaction.

In fact, Velopro has so much faith in its product that they promise if the players do not see noticeable improvements within three weeks of use, they can return the harness and get their money back!

Now I don’t know about you, but this is a great negotiation for me.

Expected Improvements After Using Velopro Harness

Now, what improvements can you expect with the VPX Harness? How will you notice these improvements? Let’s get these questions answered.

To begin with, it is essential to remember that this is a self-training gear that will help a player to work on his flaws and correct his body movement to make sure that he/she can give the best on the field.

But the improvements eventually differ from player to player; it ultimately comes down to which skill they are trying to enhance and how well they are practicing with it.

In brief, the improvements may look different for different players because it in the end this is a multi-purpose self-correcting harness.

That being said, this harness gives immediate sensory feedback in case of the wrong movement; this helps the player to identify his mistakes and instantly correct them.

It not only maximizes your mechanical efficiency but also improves your accuracy and velocity on the field.

The VPX Harness also trains a player to optimize his launch angle and redirect his posture to make sure that he maximizes his energy loads.

It also reduces the chances of injuries by providing additional ‘throwing shoulder support’ which further enhances the recovery rates of the players in case of a sprain or cramp.

Over the years, many hitters and pitchers have improved their game by enhancing various relevant skills like their pitching deliveries, their swinging mechanics, heel landing, increased plate coverage, more energetic entry and exit velocities, better launch angles, etc.

It has also helped them to stay in sync with their whole body while employing proper hip movements and good footwork when on the field.

While this harness does have a lot to offer, it eventually all boils down to how well you include it in your training regime.

FAQ about Velopro Harness

How long does it take to get results?

The VPX Harness is a great training aid that enables a player to use their 100% power while throwing or hitting a ball.

And all things considered, the players experience significant performance improvement within 3 weeks or less.

What bungee length or waist size should I buy?

Since every athlete is different with regards to their shape and size, the Velopro has developed different waist belts and bungee sizing to fit the needs of these players.

And therefore during the time of purchase, you will be provided with the sizing chart along with the available options for the same.

Also, in case you purchase the wrong size, you can simply email them and get the gear exchanged.

How often should I practice with Velopro Harness?

You can’t see the desired results unless you put in the required efforts.

And the same is applicable here, in order to see the necessary improvement in your performance, you must use the VPX Harness Training gear at least 3-4 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes per training session.

Make sure that you are using the harness correctly and adhering to the instructions mentioned.

Final Words

We all know that practice makes a man perfect. But did you know that training with the right harness makes the same man unbeatable?

The VPX Harness Training gear is transforming the way baseball and softball players practice their skills.

Anyone who is struggling to ace their swings or improve their pitch deliveries can buy this product.

This gear doesn’t just help you to fix your flaws but also trains you to reach your full power potential.

So if you are someone who is looking to polish their prowess on the field, then this one is for you.

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