Best Wiffle Ball Bats in 2021: Tried & Tested

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It’s always a blast to play with your kids and it’s never too early to start getting them into baseball.

However, while regular baseball bats can be expensive and intimidating, with some research, you can get the best Wiffle ball bats for your kids to play and practice with. 

This guide will help you narrow down your choices to select the best Wiffle ball bat for 2021.

The Wiffle ball is lightweight and can be handled by kids of nearly any age. Children that play Wiffle ball are actually building self-confidence. As a pitcher, the Wiffle ball spins, curves, and wiggle in almost all directions.

As a hitter, the child gains the confidence to swing the Wiffle bat ball and also hearing the crack of the bat hitting the ball. All these confidence-building skills can help children who are starting to play softball or baseball.

Wiffle Ball Bats vs. Baseball Bats

Wiffle has a 48-inch break. The baseball has a 14-inch break.

Baseball bats at their thinnest have a minimum of 2.5” diameter barrel. Wiffle Ball Bat, on the other hand, has one size barrel. Along with thinner barrels, Wiffleball bats are longer barreled than baseball.

The handle diameter tends to be slightly thicker and the transition from barrel to handle tends to be at a more gradual slope for Wiffle. The baseball players prefer a slightly smaller diameter handle and a faster transition from barrel to handle in order to create more bat speed.

Wiffle have a bigger surface area which means while it is easier to hot them, it is harder to hit them further as the energy is transferred from the bat gets disappeared over the larger area. The inverse is applied to the baseball hitting.

How to Choose Wiffle Ball Bats


The handle offers more stability to the batters and absorbs a little more shock on the miss-hits. This handle allows a player to move their hands quicker and properly hold the bat. The Wiffle ball bats are required to have knobs at the handle end in order to prevent the bat from slipping in case of any hard swings.


Most Wiffle bats are made from inferior plastics and are hollow. That’s part of the reason why these are so cheap. But when you pick your next bat, do not let the price be your driving factor.

Always look for a bat that is made from durable materials and which can also handle some abuse. The customer reviews on Amazon are also a great way to filter out the bats made from low-quality plastics.

Set or not?

Sometimes it is good to get a complete set with everything you need to play the game rather than buying them individually.

On the other hand, when you pick the bat and ball separately, it lets you choose the preferred product tailored to your needs and preferences. In the end, it is up to you to make a decision if you favor the flexibility or the ease of a one-time purchase.


Choosing a heavier bat can slow down your kid’s swings and this may also decrease the hitting power. Hence, choose the bat according to the age of your kid. Select the lightweight bat if your kid is small with less muscle.


While choosing the bat size for your youngster, his height, weight, and age play an important role. Hence, weigh and measure your son before you start with the shopping of the Wiffle ball bat.

Ensure to pick a size that is recommended for your son’s measurements. You can, however, pick a slightly shorter or longer bat depending on your son’s skills.

Comparison of Wiffle Ball Bats

Louisville Slugger Replica Bat and Ball ComboWIFFLE Bat & BallAweStar Eagle Wiffle Bat and Ball Set Limited EditionWIFFLE Ball and Bat Combo SetWIFFLE Bat and Baseball Set BundleJOEY’Z Wiffle Bat and Bat
MaterialSmooth plasticLightweight plasticHigh-quality plasticTop-notch plasticCheap plasticHigh-quality plastic
ColorBlackYellowBaby blueBlueYellowYellow
Has Think BarrelNoYesYesYesNoYes

Best Wiffle Ball Bats in 2021

Louisville Slugger Replica Bat and Ball Combo

If you’re looking to move away from the happy-go-lucky yellow, I bet Louisville has the right bat for you!

Completely covered in black, Louisville sticks to replicating the authentic C271 baseball bat to enhance its cool factor even more once you know that baseball bat is used for the big leagues!

But it’s not just a simple Wiffle bat made out of smooth plastic, no. When I say Louisville’s sticking to that baseball bat’s style, then you better believe it’s going all the way!

Across this Wiffle bat is a classic wood grain aesthetic baseball bats have, making it look even more authentic than ever!

And with how it’s the same size as one, anyone who doesn’t see it up close might get fooled into thinking you’re playing baseball instead of Wiffle!

However, Louisville’s not as durable as a baseball bat when it can easily warp if you get too rough with it.

But if you only use it for casual plays using the plastic ball it comes with, then you’re probably looking at a longer life expectancy for your bat.

  • Has authentic wood grain look
  • The same size as a baseball bat
  • Includes plastic ball
  • Easy to warp

WIFFLE Bat & Ball

You better take a knee for this one because this is from the creator of Wiffle ball equipment, the WIFFLE!

Its classic yellow color will definitely throw you back to a time when all you’re thinking about is what kind of play you should do for the next Wiffle game.

Just bringing back memories from simpler times.

Now that you’re older, if you want the younger people in your life to experience the same fun you did, then this WIFFLE set is perfect for them!

Or if you only want to relive these fond memories, then go ahead! There’s no age limit for a game of Wiffle, after all!

And it’s made of lightweight plastic, so all you need to worry about is finding the right pose you’re comfortable with and not how heavy your bat is compared to the one in baseball.

Not only that, you can erase dents and warping from your list of worries when this guy is as tough as plastic can be!

It does have a thin barrel, though, so it’ll definitely take you time to get used to it. But once you do, you bet you’re going to have LOADS of fun playing Wiffle!

  • Classic design
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Has thin barrel

AweStar Eagle Wiffle Bat and Ball Set Limited Edition

As the complete opposite of WIFFLE’s traditional yellow, AweStar’s baby blue is definitely a change of pace.

But it’s not that far off from the other Wiffle brands’ quality when the plastic used is one made of pure quality since it’s all rubbery so it won’t dent easily after swinging hard, and it doesn’t hurt that much after you hit someone on the head with it!

Word of advice, though: please don’t go around whacking people on the head with the AweStar Wiffle bat, especially if you’re plotting to hit a kid out of retaliation.

Anyway, this rubbery plastic goes for both the AweStar bat AND the two extra balls it comes with!

If that’s not enough, AweStar even includes something to spruce up your character as a player: a silicone wristband!

But it’s not just ANY boring silicone wristband. It even has a text reading “Dare To Soar” to fire you up before the game!

  • High-quality plastic
  • Has two extra balls
  • Comes with accessory
  • Has thin barrel

WIFFLE Ball and Bat Combo Set

Now, this? This is the best professional Wiffle ball set on the list!

From the original WIFFLE, this bundle gives everything an aspiring Wiffle player wants!

You have an extra bat as a backup made of top-notch plastic that can handle a long game of Wiffle.

Just be aware that it has a thin barrel, though, so you might want to practice swinging it a lot before you use it for a game in school or somewhere serious.

And helping you with that practice is ten spare Wiffle balls the size of a baseball!

To keep your grip nice and secure on your bat is a roll of Hot Glove bat tape for sweaty hands everywhere!

Wondering how to improve your throw? What about your swing? 

Well, lucky for you, there’s a guide included in this bundle! 

Written by renowned ace pitcher Sean Steffy (also named Plastic Pitcher or Wiffle Boy), you can learn everything you’ll need to know about pitching properly or what kind of grip is needed to do a specific curve.

Now can you see why this is the best Wiffle ball set out here?

  • Has one extra bat
  • Comes with ten balls
  • Includes one roll of bat tape
  • Includes guide
  • Has thin barrel

WIFFLE Bat and Baseball Set Bundle

You might find this set underwhelming given how it’s only half of what the last WIFFLE bundle offered.

However, if you’re only looking to be a casual Wiffle player with your family and friends, all you need to have on you is the basic Wiffle ball equipment.

But compared to the first WIFFLE set, here you have DOUBLE the amount of everything!

You get that extra bat with its signature yellow color as part of the bundle, which is probably foresight from WIFFLE since its bats are a bit cheaper in quality than this one.

Unless you’re using it on brutal Wiffle training for the league, you’ll find this to live a pretty decent life as long as you use it casually.

While the WIFFLE bats use cheap plastic, you can’t say the same for its balls!

Because this package has six balls at the ready and ALL of them are high-quality!

Not only that but they’re also designed for a slower flight to allow beginners to get a hang of it!

  • Includes extra bat
  • Has six balls
  • Designed for slower flight
  • Bats have cheap quality

JOEY’Z Wiffle Bat and Bat

Now, don’t confuse this with the original WIFFLE bats because it has its own perks that are a little different from your traditional WIFFLE!

Unlike WIFFLE, JOEY’Z only includes ten balls in its Wiffle bundle, so if you ever hit one of them so hard it sails off onto someone’s roof, don’t worry! You got nine more balls to spare!

And all of them – along with your Wiffle bat – are made out of high-quality plastic that encourages everyone to play because, not only is it shaped for easier pitching, it’s designed to have a slower and limited flight.

This way, you can even out your swing more!

But it might be challenging to get used to it at first since it has the same issue as WIFFLE: a thin barrel.

You don’t have to worry about JOEY’Z getting a dent, though, since this high-quality plastic goes all the way down to durability! So you can practice as much as you want with it!

  • Comes with ten balls
  • High-quality plastic
  • Designed for slow flight
  • Has thin barrel

Final Words

Do you dread family reunions because of boredom? 

Feeling that awkward silence sink in so you try to occupy yourself with your phone?

Well, what better way to both spend time AND have fun than play Wiffle!

Whether you’re a hyperactive kid with too much time in your hands or an old-timer just wanting to live happily, Wiffle is the best sport for you.

And how can you play Wiffle without the best Wiffle ball bat in 2021?

Here’s to hoping you find this list helpful, and have an amazing time playing Wiffle with your buds!

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