3 Best Wiffle Ball and Bat Sets in 2020: Tried & Tested

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Wiffle Ball Bat is the best summer sport. It is a fun activity that teaches many skills that are valuable in softball and baseball. Kids play this activity as it is fun and can be played anywhere.

You can play in your backyard, in the street, in the field, on the beach, etc. The Wiffle ball itself is lightweight and doesn’t break any windows. This also won’t hurt children if the pitch hits them.

The Wiffle ball is lightweight and can be handled by kids of nearly any age. Children that play Wiffle ball are actually building the self-confidence. As a pitcher, the Wiffle ball spins, curve, and wiggle in almost all the directions.

As a hitter, the child gains the confidence to swing the Wiffle bat ball and also hearing the crack of the bat hitting the ball. All these confidence-building skills can help when the child plays softball or baseball.

Wiffle Ball Bats vs. Baseball Bats

Wiffle has a 48-inch break. The baseball has a 14-inch break.

Baseball Bats at their thinnest have a minimum of 2.5” diameter barrel. Wiffle Ball Bat, on the other hand, has one size barrel. Along with thinner barrels, Wiffleball bats are longer barreled than the baseballs.

The handle diameter tends to be slightly thicker and transition from barrel to handle tends to be at a more gradual slope for Wiffle. The baseball players prefer slightly smaller diameter handle and faster transition from barrel to handle in order to create more bat speed.

Wiffle have a bigger surface area which means while it is easier to hot them, it is harder to hit them further as the energy is transferred from the bat gets disappeared over the larger area. The inverse is applied to the baseball hitting.

How to Choose Wiffle Ball Bats


The handle offers more stability to the batters and absorbs a little more shock on the miss-hits. This handle allows a player to move their hands quicker. The Wiffle ball bats are required to have knobs at the handle end in order to prevent the bat from slipping in case of any hard swings.


Most Wiffle bats are made from inferior plastics and are hollow. That’s part of the reason why these are so cheap. But when you pick your next bat, do not let the price be your driving factor.

Always look for a bat which is made from durable materials and which can also handle some abuse. The customer reviews on Amazon are also a great way to filter out the bats made from low-quality plastics.

Set or not?

Sometimes it is good to get a complete set with everything you need to play the game rather than buying them individually.

On the other hand, when you pick the bat and ball separately, it lets you choose the preferred product tailored to your needs and preferences. In the end, it is up to you to make a decision if you favor the flexibility or the ease of one-time purchase.


Choosing a heavier bat can slow down your kid’s swings and this may also decrease the hitting power. Hence, choose the bat according to the age of your kid. Select the lightweight bat if your kid is small with less muscle.


While choosing the bat size for your youngster, his height, weight, and age play an important role. Hence, weigh and measure your son before you start with the shopping of the Wiffle ball bat.

Ensure to pick a size that is recommended for your son’s measurements. You can, however, pick a slightly shorter or longer bat depending on your son’s skills.

Best Wiffle Ball Bats in 2019

Easton Pro Stix Training Set

The Pro Stix training set features the best and high-quality plastic bat. It is fantastic for a backyard game of Wiffle ball or for a beginner training on the field. For the quality and the price offered, this is one of the best entry-level Wiffle ball bats all-over.

The Easton Pro Stix has been built to great quality. The seams have no rough edges which are common with the other plastic bats. It feels solid in the hands and you may also think it is made out of plastic from a distance.

This Wiffle ball bat is super lightweight and 33” long which makes it suitable for kids and adults alike. If you enjoy a good game of Wiffle ball, you have to consider the Easton Pro Stix as it will surely not disappoint you.

Wiffle 32′ Bat and 3 Baseball Set Bundle

This ubiquitous yellow bat is technically the ”best Wiffle ball bat’. This set is the epitome of summertime fun. Made in the USA, this set includes 1 32” Wiffle bat and 3 Wiffle balls.

A few of them come with 5 rubber throw down bases which is washable and reusable. Sounds like a lot but this entire combo is extremely portable that weighs less than 4 pounds. This Wiffle bats and balls are durable plastic and are also lightweight.

The plastic used to make the ball is a tough plastic which is also lightweight. As a result, these balls can stand up to abuse very well. The 32” Wiffle bat ball is simple but gets the job done. If you need an extra grip, you may, however, need to buy a bat grip tape for this.

32” Wiffle Bat (EA)

Wiffle plastic bats have been the same shape, color, and size for years. Quality made product is 26% heavier than the competition which ensures a straight, not warped bat.

It is safe enough for everyday backyard use and is heavy enough to handle the regular Wiffle balls, but not very heavy that the ball flies at dangerous speeds. The price is affordable and most of the buyers went entire summers just using the same single bat!

This bat packs a punch, the plastic used here is durable, and you could also use it with a tennis ball. The design of this bat is pretty good for kids and beginners and they will also love the good pop it has. Take good care of any bats that you buy as they may be prone to damages with inadequate maintenance.

Final Words

Wiffle ball is an outstanding way for your child to take a break from the rigors of youth sports. It is nice to get away from the baseball and softball politics occasionally surrounding tryouts, team selection, travel teams and just have fun.

Wiffle ball is just flat out fun and exciting too for both and parents. We hope you have taken the opportunity to pay the game by yourself.

There are many other types and brands of plastic baseball bats, but the Wiffle ball bat is the right choice to stick with. The Wiffle ball bat mentioned above has something that makes them unique.

Despite being a little expensive, we love its design and were awed by its performance. We hope you take our reviews closely to find the best Wiffle ball bat. Good luck!

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