Wilson A360 Slowpitch Glove Review: Pros & Cons in 2020

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If you’re a slowpitch player, then you must have already heard about Wilson A360 Slowpitch Glove.

It’s one of the most popular slowpitch softball gloves.

It’s an affordable glove that offers all the features that a slowpitch player needs.

But, is it a good choice in 2020?

Today, we’re going to review Wilson A360 Slowpitch Glove and find how good it is, and whether you should buy it in 2020 or not.

So, let’s get started.

Wilson A360 Slowpitch Glove Review

The Wilson A360 Slowpitch Glove is one of the most popular gloves for slowpitch. It’s available in 13 and 14 inches for both hands and comes with a V-laced web. The Genuine Leather Palm, Pro-Tech Padding, and Velcro Wrist Strap for custom fitting make it one of the favorite slowpitch gloves. Let’s learn a little more about it.

Features of Wilson A360

The Wilson A360 is available in both left-handed as well as right-handed versions and is made up of Wilson-assured quality. It is made up of Genuine Leather Palm that is toughest as well as the smoothest leather used by the Wilson. The leather used is the highest grade leather available in the market that increases the life and durability of the glove hence can stand up to extreme use.

 The A360 glove has a closed V-shape lace web that allows the players in every position of the game to use this glove.  It also adds an additional amount of support while catching the ball and also enables you to feel the ball as you catch it. This ultimately offers you a thrilling experience and also enhances your performance level.

The A360 glove has overall Pro-Tech padding that keeps your hands protected from the impact of the fast-moving ball in your hand and prevents the stinging of the balls in hand as well. The Wilson A360 slowpitch softball glove also includes a Velcro strap that allows the player to tighten their gloves according to their convenience and hassle-free.

The Velcro strap offers the most secure and comfortable fit to the player in a matter of a few seconds. They also add to the stability of the gloves even to the hands of the players in all positions in the game.

Reasons to Choose Wilson A360 Slowpitch Glove

The Wilson A360 Slowpitch softball glove is best for an infielder as well as an outfielder as it has an in-between size of 13 inches that is not too big for an infield player who desires speed as well as flexibility and not too small for an outfield player who needs length to enhance the catching power and pocket depth.

It is well suited for a catcher as it is available in different versions of the right hand as well as the left hand hence you need not worry about your throwing preference as Wilson has got you covered. The Wilson A360 has got your back for slowpitch softball with a length designed just for this game and deep pocket to fit in the softball perfectly in them.

The Wilson A360 is quite easy to break in as it made up of the best quality leather with a guarantee from the Wilson. The Wilson is known for its quality standards and has never failed to impress its customers for a very long time. The company, as well as the products manufactured by them, are highly reliable and durable.

The Wilson A360 can be the perfect gift for your friend or a family member who is a slowpitch softball player and you are quite unsure about their position in the game or the size of their hands as it would be quite harmless to choose as it has the safest size and requirement limits for any player in the game.

Reasons to Avoid Wilson A360 Glove

Despite being the all-round slowpitch softball glove, the Wilson A360 fails to impress the coaches as they believe it is designed for the recreational plays rather than for the major leagues and regular plays. The feedbacks have also shown that the product varies slightly in appearance from the original product pictured in the ads.

The pockets of the gloves were not as deep as they need to be fit in the slowpitch softballs hence you might a little bit disappointed by it. You may also be displeased with the construction of laces provided in the gloves.

However, the Wilson A360 is the best slowpitch glove if you are on a budget as they are economical with the features they possess. It can be used to replace your damaged gloves for a few days as they have all the basic functions as of a Wilson glove until your new ones are received or purchased.

Wilson A360 vs Wilson A2000 Slowpitch Glove

The Wilson A2000 is the only glove in the market that can never be competed by any other glove on the basis of its performance and quality. The Wilson A2000 uses the best Pro Stock leather for its manufacture while the Wilson A360 uses a low-quality leather that lowers its performance on the field and also decreases its ability to protect.

The Wilson A360 is designed and suitable more for the recreational players while the Wilson A2000 is best for the pro league players or someone who plays on a regular basis.

The Wilson A2000 is really hard to break in comparison to the Wilson A360 that takes no time to break in. The Wilson A360 all leather construction makes the glove ready to use out of the wrapper. The supreme quality of Wilson A2000 makes it as the best slowpitch glove in 2020.

However, the Wilson A2000 is quite costly in comparison to Wilson A360 thus you can choose on the basis of your budget. 

Final Words

The Wilson A360 slowpitch softball glove is for the players who have just begun the game or are playing for entertainment as it gives you all the feel of a softball glove. It is flexible enough to be used for all the player positions and is available in both left and right-hand models making it the glove to have around for emergency cases or situations when you may need an extra.

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