Wilson A800 vs A900 Glove: A Detailed Comparison

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When it comes to baseball gloves, Wilson is the number one brand on the market.

From young players to the MLB professionals use Wilson gloves in their important games.

Today, we are comparing the popular Wilson A800 and A900 gloves. Both of these gloves are used by a lot of players, but which one is good for you?

In this comparison of A800 and A900, we will talk about them in detail. So, you can find get a clear idea of which glove is better for you.

Comparison Table of Wilson A800 and A900 Baseball Glove

 Wilson A800 GloveWilson A900 Glove
MaterialECCO atherLeather
DesignSingle post webH-web pattern
Size12 inches12.5 inches
Hand OrientationRightLeft and Right
Perks2x palm constructionDouble palm construction

Comparison of Wilson A800 Vs. A900

 The Wilson gloves are usually of very high-quality and come in many sizes. The A800 and A900 are one of the best gloves available these days. They differ from each other in their design, webbing and many other features.

Wilson A800 vs. A900 Baseball Glove

The total weight of A800 is around 1.3 pounds and the weight of A900 is 1.51 pounds. The A800 is comparatively cheaper than the A900. Both these gloves are made of very good quality leather. Both of these are usually very easily available online on many different websites.

The Wilson A800 looks old school and has a dark brown and blonde color. The Wilson A900 is also an old school that is usually meant for young but advanced players. These gloves fit perfectly and the person wearing it usually feels very comfortable.

There are very small differences in the webbing, the design and the make. Each of these is made for different uses and for different types of players. It is hence very important to know the details before buying a glove for yourself.


The gloves are both perfectly designed for playing baseball. The dimensions of both the gloves are almost the same. The A900 is bigger than A800 by a few inches. Both these gloves have a double palm construction. This is to increase the pocket stability of the gloves. This is usually put on the front side. The entire glove is made of leather.

These gloves have a low profile heel. This is to make the gloves more flexible. This makes it easier for the player as it very easily opens up the palm and the pockets. The Wilson A800 has a single post with a half moon reinforcement. They are both made with the perfect design and work perfectly for players. It is just important for them to choose what they need.


The webbing is very important for a glove. Basically, the webbing of the gloves decides the position of the player wearing the glove. The webbing defines the structure of the glove.

Webbing of A900 Glove

These gloves have different webbings. The A900 has a pro-laced T-web. This is perfect for the first batsman position. This has both horizontal and vertical leather strips, making it a proper open web pattern.

Webbing Style of A800 glove

The A800, on the other hand, has an H or I web. It gives a softer feeling and fits the player’s hand perfectly. This is totally flexible and also it breaks in perfectly. This is a closed web and is perfect for pitchers.

Availability for Different Players

These gloves come at different sizes. The size also determines the position of the players. The A900 gloves are used in all the positions. It is perfect for catchers and the 1st base players. The A800 is usually comfortable only for the infielders though players in many different positions can use these.

Availability for Both Hands

These gloves are excellent. It is perfect for both hands. Both A800 and A900 are available for both hands while some sizes of these are available only for one hand. It is very easy to check about all these on the internet.

The gloves are usually very easily available on any E-commerce website. It is very easy to get one from one of those. There are options on many such websites to get notified when the product for the specified hand is available. It is then very easy to get the gloves delivered to you.


According to the description and customer reviews, this glove is totally inexpensive for the quality and the construction. It is made with the best quality leather. The A900 is more advanced than the A800 and hence it is more expensive.

The best part here is that there are usually a lot of discounts and offers every now and then and there isn’t always a shipping charge. It is just important to wait for the best moment to order the A800 or A900.

Leather Quality

Both these gloves are high quality and they have very good reviews on all the websites. The major reason for the good quality is the leather that is used.

This is because the raw materials chosen to make the A800 and A900 are top quality. Thus the overall quality is hence perfect and is very long lasting. Players love using it mainly because of the soft feel that the leather provides.

Break In Period

It is never easy to break in a glove. It takes some time. The break-in period of gloves differs from each other. In case of an A900 glove, it breaks in and perfectly sets your hand in a short time. This saves a lot of time for the player as he need not actually wait for the gloves to break in properly.

The A800 takes a little more time to break in than the A900. It is also very quick. These break in very fast and hence, the player can very quickly get used to the glove. These are the perfect gloves for the players.

Who Should Buy Wilson A800 Glove?

If the person is just starting to learn baseball, this is a perfect choice. This provides the perfect start for a newbie. This can also help them get upgraded in a very short time. The dual welting makes the gloves feel more comfortable on the arm.

This is also perfect for younger players as it fits them perfectly until they become an expert in this sport.

It is also a good option for parents who want to play catch with their kids.

Who Should Buy Wilson A900 Glove?

This is a perfect traditional looking gloves and is perfect for youths. This is mostly for infielders and can also be used by experts.

The webbing is perfect for the players and hence even expert players can comfortably use it with no issues. This is ideal for quick ball transfers and hence the players who are capable of doing this should buy Wilson A900.

Final Thoughts

Both of these are high-quality gloves that can be used mostly by children and youngsters. It works perfectly until they are experts.

The break-in period is also not very long and hence most players love using these. It is very easy to order one of them online. The buyer just needs to research on all the websites to find the best offer.

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