Wilson’s Flash Sale on 16th September: One of the Biggest Sales in 2020

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When it comes to baseball or softball gloves, the number one name that comes to our mind is Wilson. 

If you are a baseball lover, then I’m sure you are a Wilson lover too. 

As you all know that Wilson manufactures one of the best baseball gloves on the market. Whether you are a pitcher, catcher, infielder, or outfielder, you can trust their glove. 

So, if you’re thinking about buying a Wilson glove, then now is the right time. Today, on 16th September 2020, Wilson comes with Flash Sale where you can get a 40% Discount on their Outlet Gloves. 

Reasons to Buy from Wilson

There are a few reasons which you can’t ignore when buying baseball gloves for yourself. 

  1. On the official website of Wilson, you get the opportunity to choose from the latest gloves which you can’t find on any other e-commerce website.
  2. When buying from the official website of Wilson, you don’t have to worry about the quality or warranty of your glove. As you’re buying your glove straight from the manufacturer (Wilson), you’ll get a better warranty and customer service. 
  3. Last but not least, when buying from the Official Website of Wilson, you’ll get a 40% Discount. This Flash Sale is a rival of their Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals. So, be ready and buy your favorite glove, because this is one of the biggest sales of the year. 

How to Get 40% Discount on Wilson Gloves

To get a 40% Discount on your favorite Wilson glove, you have to add the glove in your cart. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get detailed information: 

1. Visit Baseball Outlet Gloves Section from where you can find the glove you need. 

2. Pick your favorite glove or find the glove you need. For that, use the various drop-down menus to filter the results. 

You can narrow down the results based on different criterion mentioned below: 

  • Throwing Hand – Left or Right Hand
  • Glove Series
  • Glove Size
  • Age Group
  • Position – Pitcher, Catcher, Infield, Outfield
Use Filters in Wilson

3. Once you have selected the glove that you want to buy, then simply add the glove in your cart. 

As soon as you add the glove in your cart, the 40% Discount will be applied to your order. 

As you can see in this image, I’ve added Wilson 2020 A2K 1786 Infield Baseball Glove in my cart, and I got a 40% Discount. 

Wilson Flash Sale 40%

Before Discount – $359.95

After Discount – $215.97

Now, the choice is yours. 

Whether you want to take advantage of Wilson’s Flash Sale, and want to save 40% now or buy it tomorrow at $359.95. 

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