Best Youth Baseball Bats in 2020: Tried & Tested

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Right from the barrel diameter to the length and weight of the bat, all the various features have to be considered for making a calculated choice.

If you already own a senior league baseball bat, you might know how to pick the most suitable one. But, a youth baseball bat is different than a senior one in many aspects.

Hence, in this article, we will present you with an honest list of best youth baseball bats currently making rounds in the market.

Best Youth Baseball Bats in 2020

Best Youth Baseball Bats

Rawlings 2020 Velo ACP USA Youth Bat (-10, -5)

If you bat at the top of the order or down below, wherever it might be, this bat is crafted for giving you that perfect swing for hitting a home run.

If not the best, at least considered as one of the best bats for little league. Mainly because of the age group 12 and under for whom it is considered appropriate for use.

The perfect swing of the bat is achieved due to its various features. One of them being, 2 inches of carbon composite for making the bat an ultra-lightweight beast. A carbon composite is a mixture of carbon and fiber, a woven mesh, which strengthens and makes the bat rigid for hard-hitting.

When you subtract the bat length (inches) from bat weight (ounces), you get a term called as drop weight. Higher the drop weight, easier it is to swing the bat. With a drop weight of -5, this bat takes the cherry of the pie in this aspect as well.

Made for better catching the faster pitches, another version of the same bat, with the same features, but comes with a drop weight of -10.

Be it -10 or -5, the bat always comes with a thinner handle and a flatter barrel. To top this all off, this is the first-ever accelerated carbon performance (ACF) bar with a two-piece composite. The bat comes at a price range of 250$.

Rawlings 2020 Quatro Pro Youth Baseball Bat (-12, -10, -8)

With the Quatro Pro USA, Rawlings seems to have taken a step forward. As compared to the 2020 Velo ACP, this one is priced at around $ 350.

Before you feel dejected after hearing about the price range, let us assure you, this one will be worth every penny that you spend.

There are three different bats with three different drop weights in this series to choose from – -12, -10, -8. This provides you the flexibility to bat at any number in the batting order as you desire.

Especially the -12 drop weight highlights a never seen before, bat swing and balance, for contacting the ball at dead center. Those who hit in the middle order require a bat made of two-piece carbon fiber composite, which Rawlings proffers in this series as well.

Perhaps the most notable feature is the presence of focus flex technology, strategically placed along with the whole bat. This helps reduces the vibration created on the impact of the ball on the bat. In turn, protecting a hitter’s wrist and hands from catching any type of injury.

Another notable feature of the bat is the sound it generates on impact. The sound is produced due to the carbon fiber discs, placed all along the barrel with meticulous planning and precision. All this effort and increase in cost is not just for the sound because this even provides a batter maximum pop off the bat.

EASTON SPEED COMP -13 Youth Baseball Bat

A bat that is made for all the price-conscious customers and users, which ranges from $ 150 to $ 180. With a drop weight of -13, it is widely considered as the lightest among all the bats currently available in the market.

A youth bat that comprises of hyperlight composite, a type of two-piece composite, which aims in optimizing the dead center of the bat. The hyperlight composite also increases the bat swing. This helps a hitter to lock-in the home run, which he/she is aiming for.

The bat comes with a 2.2 mm flex-grip for advance comfort and grip.

At the current price range, Easton delivers as many features as they can, it can be seen through the 90 % carbon fiber handle, also called a carbon zero handle. This is clubbed with a zero degree-layup. All adding up to furnish you with the perfect grip and zero vibration on impact.

If you wish for a more natural sound coming off your bat on impact, this bat is highly recommended. As it comes with a speed car, extending high flexibility and a responsive barrel.

DeMarini 2020 Voodoo Balanced (-10) USSSA Baseball Bat

Before we even describe the features of the bat, we would like to compliment its design, which is exceptional, to say the least. The design provides the bat an attitude of its own. The bat comes at the commonly found $ 250 price range.

A 28” bat weighs 1.1 pounds, 29” – 1.1875 pounds, 30” – 1.25 pounds, 31” – 1.3125 pounds, and 32” – 1.375 pounds. The length and weight of the bat are one of the most important things to consider while choosing a bat, as we will see later in the article. Hence, the wide range of size and weight offers a hitter multiple options to choose from.

The bat comes with a drop weight of -10, and the Voodoo series are considered to be one of the most balanced bats in the market. In a balanced bat, the weight is evenly distributed throughout the bat, extending a controlled optimized swing to the hitter.

A balanced bat is a perfect fit for a hitter who is not physically built to maintain control over an end-loaded bat. Where the weight of the bat is more towards the tip of the barrel.

14x alloy barrel extends maximum pop off the bat, and DeMarini 2020 Voodoo series bats are considered to have long-lasting durability.

Made up of a composite handle and alloy barrel, the bat is a half and half, ready for performance. The 3 fusion connection technology, not only reduces vibration but also re-transfers that energy back into the barrel.

The R&D that has gone into the making of this series is quite extraordinary. As the bat even equips a reaction end cap, which without sacrificing the swing speed, increases the barrel performance. All these features make it one of the best 2020 youth baseball bat.

Louisville Slugger 2020 Omaha (-10) 2 5/8″ USA Baseball Bat

The series consists of a variety of sizes, ranging from 27 inches to 32 inches, all the bats come with a drop weight of -10. The particular bat series is available at around $200 price point. If you don’t want to spend those few extra $50 or more, this one is really worth considering.

As compared to “EASTON SPEED COMP -13 USA Youth Baseball Bat”, which is cheaper, Louisville Slugger does provide a few more added features for those extra bucks.

What if you aren’t built strong, and want a balanced weight swing bat at this price range?

Our honest opinion would be, “go for it!”, since this one is made, and also advertised as a balanced weight swing bat in the market.

In addition to it, a one-piece construction, and an ST Alloy barrel, provides a good hold on the bat, as well as, transfers more energy and power on contact.

Omaha Slugger 2020 model hasn’t changed much from its 2019 version, which was a hit in itself. We found the series to be extremely durable. And can’t help but declare it as the best baseball bat for youth.

Marucci CAT -10 USA Baseball Bat

Highly considered as one of the cheapest and most effective baseball bats in the market.Marucci CAT is always known for its quality at a reasonable price. This one can be bought at a range of $140 to $150.

Not just a run of the mill baseball bat, with a drop weight of -10 length to weight ratio, the CAT 2020 provides a balanced swing for a hitter. It especially caters to the ones strongly built and looking for an end-loaded bat, to give them more power off the bat in addition to their own strength.

Being a one-piece barrel construction, you might expect your hands to feel a sting, but surprisingly, it doesn’t. Largely due to an anti-vibration technology at the bottom of the handle, ensuring the transfer of a minimal amount of shock on contact.

The handle of the bat is also a bit broader than other bats that you get in this price range, ensuring a better grip for you. The bat is made up of AZ107 alloy, the strongest aluminum alloy that the company has among all their bats.

Rawlings Raptor USA Youth Baseball Bat Series (-10)

Established in 1887, Rawlings is known for its cutting edge technology and improving the performance of their bats, year after year. Rawlings Raptor USA bat series is no exception to this fact.

This metal baseball bat with a 2 ¼ inch barrel, helps with easier bat swing and weight transfer into the impact.

The bat series comes with a drop weight of -10, and sizes ranging from 27 to 30 inches. A responsive alloy provides the necessary durability. And ultralight drop weight generates extra bat speed and power for a hitter.

It weighs 1.25-pound lightweight and comes with a USA-stamp. The bat is approved, can be used in all USA baseball leagues, and considered as one of the best price-friendly little league bats.

It is made up of aerospace-grade alloy, one of the highest qualities of alloy available, preventing wear and tear of the bat in the long run. This alloy also provides the bat its unimaginable combination of both power and speed. The exact reason why the bat is named as Raptor series.

Comparison of 2020 Youth Baseball Bats

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How to Choose Youth Baseball Bats

First and foremost, the type of bat you want to buy depends a lot on the league in which you will be playing. A large number of clubs or leagues have restrictions on the type of bat that will be allowed.

For example, at times only USA certified bats might only be considered and you won’t be entertained if you hold a USSSA bat. The best USA bat that we propose is, “Marucci CAT” from our list.

Now, the club also might have restrictions on the weight, drop weight or barrel size of the bat. Before you head out to buy the perfect one, you need to consider all the above-mentioned points.

After you have noted down the club or league requirements, in general, the length and weight of the bat are two of the most important things. Apart from that, there are few other aspects to be considered as well.


End-loaded bat

An end-loaded bat is considered as heavier bats. The weight in these bats is distributed towards the end, for generating more force on the ball off the bat.

A hitter needs to be physically built to control the outward movement of the bat due to its weight towards the end. Or else the bat might slip out of their hands.

These kinds of bats are usually used by hitters who are physically built, who can control the end-loaded weight.

Balanced Weight

Just as the name suggests, the weight in these is evenly distributed throughout the bat. It is usually used by players who are not as physical. Also by those who need more control over their bat swing.

How to choose the appropriate bat considering weight?

Hold the bat using your strong hand, lift it towards your side at a 30-40 degree angle. If you can hold the bat for 45 seconds, it is a suitable weight for you to go with.


If the length of the bat is too big, it results in an imbalance during the swing, causing serious loss of momentum, speed, and a strong hit.

If the length of the bat is too small, you might not be able to cover your whole strike zone, and might miss out on an opportunity.

How to choose the appropriate bat considering length?

Method 1: With your strong hand, hold the handle of the bat in front of your chest. Now raise it sideways parallel, towards your other outstretched arms. If the bottom of the barrel touches the tip of your index finger, you are good to go.

Method 2: Another method would be to hold your bat in-between your chest (both shoulders), above your stomach. Now lift the bat in front of you. Raise your other hand parallel to the bat, and if the top of your index finger reaches the barrel bottom, it is the right length.

Type of bat material

You can choose a bat made up of alloy or composite. Alloy bats are metal bats and are usually cheaper than composite. For beginners, alloy bats work like magic and are very much durable as compared to their counterparts.

Another advantage in alloy bats is, there is no break-in time required. You won’t have to hit a few hundred shots in nets before entering a game or proper practice.

Composite bats have their own set of advantages. For starters, they are more shock or vibration absorbent. You will feel the sting on the wrong contact a lot lesser in the case of composite bats, as compared to alloy.

As you grow older in the game and start progressing into bigger leagues, it is more advisable to use composite bats. As they offer a larger sweet spot and a natural sound with a better pop off the bat.

One-piece or a two-piece bat

In a two-piece bat, the handle and barrel, seen as two different components, are brought together forming a single bat. Both the components could be made up of a single type of material, or of different kinds.

This type of bats offers faster bat speed, more flex, and lesser vibration/sting on your hands.

A one-piece bat is a single bat without division. These are good for a more balanced and powerful swing. But upon a wrong impact, they might sting a bit or at least cause vibration more than a two-piece bat.

Final Words

Remember to ask where you wish to play, about their terms and conditions regarding bats.

Streamline these requirements with your personal preferences, and apply the methods of selecting the right weight and length as discussed above.

Also, we have tried covering bats from all price ranges and hope this article was of help. When all that is been said and done, how a bat feels in your arms should be the final deal-breaker.

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