About Us

The Baseball Guide provides all the information a new baseball or softball player needs.

The new players need a lot of information, the right guidance, and the best equipment to perform well on the field.

But, when it comes to buying equipment like baseball bats, gloves, and cleats, we often face difficulty in finding the best product.

Therefore, to help the young players, we are here to share the best information for buying just about anything related to Baseball & Softball. Whether you’re looking for baseball cleats, thumb guard, softball helmet, chest protector, or a BBCOR bat, here, you can find the best information so that you don’t have to buy just about anything blindly.

About Vijay Singh

Vijay founded The Baseball Guide in 2017. He was looking for a good baseball glove, and he was confused about whether he should buy a Wilson, Rawlings, Nokona, or any other glove.

To get more information about the gloves, he researched on the Internet. But, there was no good information about it.

This happened many times, whether he wanted to buy a good baseball bat, baseball sunglasses, or baseball cleats, he didn’t find some good authentic information.

Then he decided to start The Baseball Guide where he could share all the helpful things he knew about Baseball & Softball.

This was not limited to just reviews of baseball equipment, The Baseball Guide covers just about anything related to Baseball & Softball. Whether you’re looking for some ways to speed up your pitching speed, looking to improve your hitting skills, or looking for some good information about baseball throwing mechanics, here, you’ll find that information.

It took some time to get some attention. But, after that, The Baseball Guide saw exponential growth.

Some of the accomplishments of The Baseball Guide include:

  • Over 130+ articles on Baseball & Softball with a combined word count would be near 4,00,000 words.
  • In a short time, the organic traffic on The Baseball Guide increased exponentially.
  • The Baseball Guide helped more than 1,60,000 readers from the United States which is a big deal for a website that is less than 2 years old.