What is WHIP in Baseball? + Use This WHIP Calculator

Hey, there baseball fans! Or should I say pitcher’s fans in specific?

Cause if you’re looking to understand what is WHIP in baseball you are definitely passionate about baseball, or in case I’m wrong then you are for sure just a knowledge gainer, was I right this time?

Regardless if I was right or wrong, the one thing I’m sure about is that you should scroll through to learn about the statistic WHIP in baseball and make sure you read throughout cause there are brownie pieces of information throughout the article.

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Pine Tar in Baseball + MLB Rules for Hitters & Pitchers

Pine tar is the sticky stuff produced from the wood used by baseball players.

So, are you a baseball enthusiast who wants to know more about the function of pine tar in the sport?

Or do you want to learn how to utilize pine tar to improve your bat skills?

Or did you come here after hearing about the most famous pine tar incident in 1983?

Whatever the case may be, you’ve come to the perfect place for all of your answers, as I’ve addressed everything in this post.

Continue reading to learn all there is to know about pine tar.

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How to Increase Softball Bat Speed in Slowpitch & Fastpitch

Are you a softball batter who has one goal in mind: to smash the ball hard and fast?

Since a dedicated player (like you) would never want to stop getting better at hitting, it is out of the question that you wish your bat speed to increase.

Increasing your bat speed will improve your overall batting performance since the ball will come off the bat with a much greater exit velocity and go farther than it normally does for you.

In this article, you’ll come across various things, from the steps in your hitting to the ways you can help increase your bat speed in the weight room.

So, keep reading to have that bat striking like lightning.

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Why Do Baseball Coaches and Managers Wear Uniforms?

You must have seen your baseball team’s manager and coaches wearing uniforms and thought it weird since coaches and managers from football, basketball, and other sports do not.

Baseball is a sport with many traditional elements that make people question why it is the way it is.

Coaches and managers wearing the same uniforms as the other players is one such custom that makes people wonder why it is so?

Is this question on your mind too? Then keep reading for the answer.

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What Does WAR Mean in Baseball? + How to Calculate Easily

It’s WAR time!

Okay, hold a second! Probably a bad joke but no, I’m not talking about being violent in baseball. I’m talking about the WAR metric.

Among the other metrics, WAR is one of the few that has caught baseball fans’ eye and is generally used as one of the metrics to compare players.

Scroll through the article to know more about the WAR metric, its values, the record holders, its reliability, and more. 

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Can Boys and Men Play Softball? {or Only Females Are Allowed?}

Are you a female softball player with a buddy interested in taking up the sport?

Or are you a guy interested in the sport and want to know if playing softball will make you less of a man?

Whatever the situation may be, it all comes down to whether men or boys play softball.

If you’re familiar with softball, you’ve probably heard it referred to as a “female sport.”

You’ve most likely also heard things like “baseball is for guys” and “softball is for ladies.”

How accurate do you believe these descriptions of softball are?

Let’s see whether your male friend or you as a guy can play softball and if the references made towards softball are accurate.

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What is OPS in Baseball? | {Easy to Understand}

If you’re a baseball fan you must have heard about the term “OPS”. 

Feeling aware yet unaware about it? 

Don’t worry!

For now, I’ll let you know that if you know baseball’s terms then you probably know OBP and SLG, so OPS is like the combination of these two.

This decades-old formula is being used again and hence the hype. Scroll through the article to know what is OPS in baseball, how you can calculate it, and if it is a good way to measure a player’s formula.

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How to Flare a Baseball Glove: A Simple Guide

Are you looking forward to using your new baseball glove?

But, Is its stiffness preventing you from performing at your best?

Do you want your glove to be more supple so that its catching area is to your liking to improve your performance?

Don’t worry, there is an easy solution: flare it.

Flaring a glove means shaping its pocket and making its leather more forgiving.

A flat, shallow pocket is formed by flaring out the ends of the thumb, and little finger ends.

You should know how to apply the solution to your glove now that you have it.

In this article, I will explain how to flare your baseball glove.

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