Baseball Glove Web Types: {I vs. H vs. Basket vs. Trapeze Web}

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Sports like baseball involve catching and fielding, which calls for the need to wear proper gloves. The defending team wears the baseball glove.

There are a number of brands and companies that make baseball gloves. They need to be durable to serve their intended purpose. The gloves are webbed in different ways.

They also come in many varieties and colors. It is important to get the correct measure of the glove that suits the player’s hand and position.

The web of the baseball glove is decided based on the position of the players. Some webs are designed for infield players and some for outfield players.

baseball glove web types for infielders

It is important to know the required characteristics of the web or the gloves before deciding on what to buy. Here is a detailed article about baseball glove webs.

Baseball Glove Web Types: I-Web, H-Web, Basket Web, and Trapeze Web

  • The I-web is a simple web pattern that forms an “I” shape, providing a clear view of the ball while catching it and making it easy to transfer to the throwing hand.
  • The H-web is similar to the I-web but with a small horizontal strip connecting the two vertical strips, creating a slightly deeper pocket for catching the ball.
  • The Basket web has a woven pattern that creates a deep pocket, making it ideal for outfielders who need to catch fly balls.
  • The Trapeze web has a cross-pattern that creates a shallow pocket, allowing for quick ball transfer and making it popular among infielders. It also provides some flexibility for catching high or low balls.
Top Baseball Glove Web Types

Different Webbing Types


Usually, the gloves are designed, keeping in mind the position and comfort. This glove is designed exclusively for infield players. This is a very well-made and extremely popular design and is preferred by many expert players. It is an extremely flexible glove type and the webbing makes it more comfortable.

I Web Baseball Glove

I web is one of the best and the most flexible gloves and hence, it has attracted a lot of players. It has remained in a good place in the market for a very long time.

The best part is that it can very easily stop the spin of the ball once the ball makes contact with the gloves. This also has other advantages like intricately made, reduced pocket designs, which help in shortening transfer time from the catching hand to the throwing hand.

There are a lot of gloves which have I web in them. It is important to check the stitching properly and the webbing carefully before you plan on buying an I-web glove.


This is one of the best-webbed gloves available. This is mainly because it has the most versatile design among all the gloves used for baseball. It is also one of the most commonly bought gloves.

H Webbing Glove

This particular web is gaining a very good position as it can be used in both outfield and infield. This is one of the major reasons for it being one of the best-selling webs on a baseball glove.

This has an excellent web as it is very good to reduce the unwanted spin on a ball. With this web, it is also very easy to secure the ball, which is speeding towards the player, in the pocket. This is made very stable and is perfect even for larger outfield models. This web is very clearly and perfectly designed.

The best part here is that it is made in such a way, it can act as a shield for the players’ eyes from the sun while trying to track the ball while it is flying up. It is also advantageous when there is a sky-high pop-up.

This makes it easy for the player to track and catch the ball. Hence most players prefer this web on their gloves.  This is good for beginners and for experts. This works very well for many players.

Basket Web

This is one of the very widely used full-closed web patterns. This has very shallow pockets. It is very good for infield players due to its very solid design. This is also perfect for transferring very quickly.

Basket Webbing Glove

Hence, fielders find this very comfortable. This comes with a full welded pocket of the glove and players find this perfect for a few intended purposes.

The main thing about wearing gloves is the fit and the feel. The players have to find the gloves perfect and soft to make sure they feel comfortable wearing them.

Usually, the gloves with this kind of web are very soft and give the players a very good feeling. The fit is perfect and hence it is very good. Many good baseball catchers have used this particular webbed glove to build a career in baseball.

This makes it a very good web, which is purchased and preferred by many expert baseball players.

Trapeze Web

Glove with Trapeze Web

This web is very flexible, especially in the center. It is made in a very perfect way. The outer ridges are very well supported and make sure the fingers of the player using these stay safe.

This is an all-rounder web in the sense that it is used by both outfield and infield positions. This is one of the best patterns as it can surround the ball better than the above-mentioned webs.

This usually fits the user perfectly and gives them a very good feeling. The structure of this particular web is made properly and very neatly to provide the utmost comfort.

This has a very good solid leather structure and is made with proper lacing, creating an ultra-responsive catching surface. This increases the stability in the pockets of the gloves. This is one of the most advanced glove structures.

This also has another subdivision called a modified trapeze web. This is usually more stable and flexible and makes sure the user is extremely comfortable. It is a better version of the Trapeze web. This is also preferred by many experienced players.

Comparison Chart of Top Baseball Glove Web Types

Web TypeDescriptionBest PositionProsCons
I-WebSingle horizontal leather strip that divides the webbing into two sections.InfieldersGood for quick transfers and ball visibility.Can be less durable and provide less support for catching.
H-WebTwo leather strips create an H shape in the webbing.Infielders and OutfieldersProvides a larger catching area and good support for catching.Maybe less ideal for quick transfers and can make it harder to see the ball.
Basket WebConnected leather strips form a basket-like shape in the webbing.Pitchers and OutfieldersGreat for catching and tracking fly balls.Can be less durable and provide less support for catching.
Trapeze WebA diagonal strip of leather connects the thumb to the top of the webbing.OutfieldersProvides a larger catching area and excellent support for catching.May not be as flexible and can make it harder to see the ball.

Remember, the best web type for you ultimately depends on your position and personal preference. Use this chart as a starting point to help you make an informed decision when choosing a baseball glove.

How to Choose the Right Glove Web

Choosing the right glove web is important for optimal performance on the field. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a glove web:

  • Position: Different positions require different glove webs. For example, outfielders typically prefer deeper pockets, while infielders prefer shallower pockets for quicker ball transfers.
  • Personal preference: Some players may have a personal preference for a certain glove web type based on their playing style and comfort level.
  • Try before you buy: It’s important to try on and test out different gloves before making a purchase. This allows you to get a feel for the glove’s fit, comfort, and web type.

Caring for Your Baseball Glove

Taking proper care of your baseball glove is essential for keeping it in good condition and prolonging its lifespan. Here are some tips for caring for your glove:

  • Clean your glove regularly with a soft cloth and leather cleaner to remove dirt and sweat.
  • Store your glove in a cool, dry place to prevent it from becoming stiff or cracked.
  • Use a leather conditioner to keep the leather supple and prevent it from drying out.
  • Avoid exposing your glove to excessive heat or moisture, as this can damage the leather.
  • Don’t overuse your glove for activities other than baseball, as this can cause unnecessary wear and tear.

Final Words

basket web baseball glove for outfield players

Getting the correct measurement for your baseball glove is as important as knowing which web type suits your position in the field.

It is undeniable that professional players prefer any of these web types. Some like it for its flexibility, pocket designs, or even how it performs when it makes contact with the ball.

No matter what web type you choose among these, the most important thing will still be the fit and comfort it provides to you when playing.

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