Why Are Baseball Uniforms Made of Polyester

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Why are uniforms made of polyester? Do players not feel hot in that material? Is it the ideal type of material to be used when making jerseys? 

Well here are the answers to all your questions, yes right in this article! 

Let’s start right with it! 

Why Polyester Out Of All? 

I mean, you might be thinking is polyester even that great a material? Are they like seriously worth all the types of hype that are surrounding them? Why are they the only best candidate? Though polyester might feel like a material that generates heat, it’s actually quite the opposite honestly. Yes, you heard that and read that right! Polyester is super airy and flowy when you look at it, so because of that airy and flowy material, it is super easy for you to keep yourself cool when you are on the field. 

Some Of Polyesters Incredible Characteristics 

So there are several reasons why polyester is commonly used when on the field. 

And I’m here to state each of them to you, which makes them an ideal candidate:

Moisture Wicking 

I’m pretty sure that this doesn’t come as a shocker. I mean if it is airy and flowy, it would be moisture-wicking in itself as well right? The material is made and designed in such a way that it will draw the seat from the inside of the body to the outside of the fabric itself. Pretty awesome if you ask me.  So that’s what keeps players extremely dry when they are in the rigors and intensity of the game. 


Now when you look at other fabrics, just picture it, you take some sort of heavy or maybe even not-so-heavy fabric maybe something like cotton. You decide you’ll make your jersey out of it, right? But hey after a few moments during the game, it seems to stick to your body, creating problems in focusing and mobility as well. So yes polyester defeats that drawback and gives you a much more lightweight property. Already hooked on Polyester being ideal right? Well, there’s still more! 


No surprise at this point, if you were to take any type of fabric and use it to play on the field then it would rip apart, take the cotton fabric only as an example. But polyester, because of its stretchy material is bound to stay in place for quite some time and will also be super durable for the entirety of the season and even for other seasons to come. 

Easy to Clean and Maintain 

Not a big-brainer, the material is super easy to maintain. You don’t have to use heavy ironing or even crazy laundry detergents and other things to make it all brand new and shiny. All you have to do is pre-treat the stains. After doing that all you gotta do is chuck it in the washing machine and voila! It’s gonna be all shiny and brand new. Once again another really great characteristic of why polyester is an ideal material. 

Customization and Branding

When dying other types of material you need to read the care label, check if the dye will be compatible with the fabric, and if the fabric will be compatible with the dye. Ahhh…. So many things, but once again polyester eliminates all those problems and there you go, you are once again away with those difficulties. For polyester, all you gotta do is dunk it in any type of dye and you’re good to go. Moreover, customization is a ride in the park and so is branding, you can easily put any type of logo and the jersey will still turn out absolutely perfect. 

Cost Effective

Polyester, lastly, is super cost-effective. Yes, I’m serious these are super cheap and easy to work with, so it makes your life super easy when you are working with it. They will help you to work with it easily, and also for those who have smaller leagues and associations with a restricted budget, these are absolutely perfect for all of that. They will give you freedom and mobility, plus comfort and breathability. So they are overall, just the right type of fabric to be sued when making jerseys. 

polyester baseball uniforms


So well there you have it. And why exactly is polyester an ideal material to work with. They have amazing qualities and even they are super easy to work with as well. They don’t have any overwhelming properties or anything of that sort. So they are one of a kind and are perfect as well. I hope this article has helped you, and given you an understanding of how polyester will be good as a jersey material. 

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