How to Fix a Wrinkled Baseball Cap: A Step by Step Guide

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Baseball is a game which is played and loved worldwide. Also, there are various gears which are used while playing this game. The baseball cap is one of them.

The baseball cap is a part of the traditional uniform and can also be rounded, soft cap with a curved peak. This is made to protect the eyes of the players.

The baseball cap is not only used by the players but, is also worn by the audience to support their favorite team. It will also help in protecting them from the various UV rays which can cause various problems.

The baseball cap will not only help in protecting your eyes from the UV rays; but will also lower the risk of skin cancers and melanoma. In short, they will act as protection for your eyes.

Regularly wearing a baseball cap can get it wrinkled and cannot be used properly. So, you should be sure enough to get the wrinkles out of your baseball cap.

But, how can you fix a wrinkled baseball cap

Let’s find out

How to Fix a Wrinkled Baseball Cap 

Fixing a baseball cap

There are various ways to fix a wrinkled baseball cap.

One such method to fix a wrinkled baseball cap is discussed below.

To fix a wrinkled baseball cap, you will need a hat form, washing machine, detergent, spray starch, and hairdryer.

Procedure for fixing a wrinkled baseball cap

Step 1

There are various caps which cannot be washed in a machine such as caps which are made of wool. They can most likely be washed through the hand. So, you should be very sure to read the washing instructions before taking any further step.

Step 2

You should check that whether the detergent will change the color of the cap. So, before placing it in the machine, you should take a small amount of the soap and rub it inside of the cap. If the color of the cap becomes different from the other area of the cap, you should make sure to change your detergent.

Step 3

If you spot any unclean areas, you should clean it with a spray and wash. You should spray the cleaner on the dirty area. Then, you should follow the steps which are mentioned about how long it will take to let it set.

Step 4

Now, position your cap on a plastic hat form. The hat form can easily be purchased from the stores which sell hats. This will help in keeping the cap in shape in the washing machine. This will also help in cutting down on the wrinkles.

Step 5

After taking the above step, you should now clean the cap in the washing machine.

Step 6

After washing the cap, you can now remove it from the machine and let it dry in the air. You should make sure to keep the cap on the plastic hat form while carrying out this procedure.

Step 7

After air drying, you should remove the wrinkle with your hand. Start with the center of your cap and move your hands from the center to the side by pressing the wrinkles away. This should be done before the cap is dried out.

Step 8

When the cap is half dry, you should gently spray the areas with spray starch and easily press the fabric with your hands with the most spotted wrinkled area.

Take a hairdryer after applying the spray starch and dry in that area. The heat coming from the hair dryer will allow the starch to set.

When your cap gets dry, you should detach the cap from hat form.

This is one of the methods which can be used in order to get the wrinkle out of the baseball cap.

This will hence make the baseball cap look like a new one.

Final Words

The baseball cap is used in order to get protection from the various UV rays.

If it is used regularly, it can easily get wrinkled. So, you should be sure enough to remove the wrinkle from your cap.

One such method to make the baseball cap wrinkle free is discussed above.

You can try this method and get a wrinkle-free baseball cap which can be used.

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