How to Wash Baseball Jersey Without Damaging

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Worried about whether or not you chuck your jersey in, it’ll get damaged. “Is it gonna rip to shreds if I chuck it in?” already a nightmare just thinking about it right? 

Well, not to worry, I have an effective method to wash your jersey and also a few tips that you ought to keep in mind when cleaning your jersey.

So without further ado, scroll down and discover more about how to care for your jersey!

How To Get Your Baseball Jersey Clean 

There are several ways to clean your baseball jersey and all spick and shiny. But the thing is, here are a few things or tips that you should take care of and keep in mind when putting them in for a good wash. 

Following these tips is going to save you from major accidents and will help you to have absolute perfection of the jersey.

Here are a few recommendations: 

Read The Care Label: 

It is of utmost importance. And what I mean by that is that you got to read the care instruction noted down on the care label. Read the temperature of the water with which the jersey has to be washed and along with that check how to wash it in the washing machine as well. Do check the machine settings as well as other precautions when washing them. 

Pre Treat Stains 

This is gonna make your cleaning process super easy, like there will be literally zero hassle. You don’t have to do anything crazy and you’ll be good to go for the day honestly. This is not some painstaking process and you can do it super easily, by using any other type of pre-treating chemical. 

Turn the Jersey Inside Out 

Try turning your jersey inside out, this gonna save the quality of your jersey so much and you won’t lose that quality of the fabric as well. This will also protect any of those printed logos, numbers, or even other embellishments. These will rub against each other when washing by turning them inside out you will protect your jersey overall. 

Use Gentle Cycle 

Select a gentle cycle or delicate cycle when washing the jersey. It will be super easy to clean and you will get a very easy and effective way of cleaning your jersey. Gentle cycles will protect the fabric and make it just as new as possible. 

Choose A Mild Detergent 

Choosing a mild detergent will help you save the quality of your fabric impeccably. You are going to not have any sort of fissure when you are gonna wash it. It’s gonna be really easy and plus you won’t have to worry about your jersey tearing up just after a few washes. So yes be absolutely sure when choosing a mild detergent, check for its chemical composition or you could even see something recommended for jerseys specifically. 

Wash With Like Colors 

When washing your jersey be sure not to mix up any colors. We all know that feeling when colors just bleed into each other and then your good old piece of clothing that you spent a lot of money on or just your favorite one to wear would be ruined by this ordeal. You can always buy a new piece of clothing. But a jersey is super valuable and you wouldn’t get your hands on it easily so do be sure to separate the colors when washing them together. For any unforeseen mess that might be created. 

Use Cold Water 

Cold water is a savior in disguise. Don’t believe me? Well, it’s simply because cold water won’t be too harsh on your fabric, it will easily solve any of the problems and won’t create any sort of mess whenever you are washing it. So it’s easy to choose cold water when washing your jersey. 

Avoid Using The Dryer 

Please don’t use your dryer. They may work for your other clothes like a charm, but the jersey material is super flimsy and very easy to break into therefore I do suggest that you air dry this and allow it to get some natural air of some sort rather than the artificial drying method that makes a break in the fabric easily. 

Keep It Away From The Heat Sources

Do make sure that you are not using any unwanted heat sources like ironing it especially, this could weaken or even just tear the fabric completely. If your jersey is made out of nylon, it could even melt it. So please be sure to keep it away from any type of heat source as much as possible. 

Iron Carefully 

Well, this is technically for those who need some extra ironing on their uniform. I mean the material requires it to be like that you need it to look pressed neatly when going on the field. For those people who do need it. Then do be sure to use it on the lowest setting possible, don’t use it on anything unnecessarily high that will cause break or damage to the fabric or perhaps even burn the jersey itself. So yes try to keep it as low as possible when working with an iron. 

Store Properly 

Do Make sure that you store this properly somewhere away from all of the heat and somewhere in a much cooler and dry place. Moreover do be sure to take care to not store it somewhere, where the possibility of scratches and marks coming on it is possible. Do make sure that it avoids sunlight and also try to prevent it from getting too stretched out, otherwise, the quality of the fabric will deteriorate. 

properly wash baseball jersey


So there you have the best tips to help maintain the quality, structure, and integrity of your jersey, this article also allows you to learn how to care for them properly as well as clean them in a way that doesn’t seem way too hindering as well. Do be sure to use these tips and you will give a perfect and clean jersey each time. 

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