How to Paint a Baseball Helmet: A Step by Step Guide

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Painting a helmet is a fun activity that gives your helmet a custom look.

The popular brands manufacture some baseball helmets with beautiful designs, but they can’t make one as per the design requirement of each & every player.

In that case, painting a helmet is a good idea because it’s not a difficult task, you can do it easily.

But, along with that, you also have to be careful because if you paint in a careless manner, it may ruin the look & feel of the helmet.

So, it’s important to be 100% attentive while painting a helmet.

In the below, I’ve shared a step by step guide that clearly shares information about how you can customize the look of your baseball helmet.

Another thing that you need to understand is that these tips are equally helpful for painting a baseball helmet or of any other type of helmet.

How to Paint a Helmet

So, let’s get started.

Things You’ll Need

There are a few things that will be required if you want to perfectly paint your helmet.

In the below, I’m sharing a list of items that you need in the process. So, make sure, you grab all the things before starting the process.

  • Gloves
  • Sandpaper
  • Masking Tape
  • Grease & Wax Remover
  • Primer Paint
  • Base Color Paint
  • Clear Coat

Steps of Painting a Baseball Helmet

Step 1: Wear Gloves

Gloves for Painting

Before starting the process, it is important to wear gloves because hands can leave grease marks on the helmet in the process. Those little grease marks can ruin your design & paint.

Step 2: Use of Sandpaper

The first thing that you have to do is to get rid of shiny areas on your helmet. The paint won’t stick on those glossy surfaces. Even, if sticks, it may not last for a longer duration.

You need to use sandpaper to make the surface a little rough so t


hat the paint can easily stick on the surface. Use sandpaper, wherever you want to paint.

Step 3: Use Grease or Wax Remover

To clean off dust or wax from the surface of the helmet, use grease or wax remover. If you don’t have Grease Remover,  you can also try glass cleaner.

Step 4: Use Masking Tape

Masking Tape


You need to mask off anything that you don’t want to paint like the inner side of the helmet, vents, holes, bolts etc.

The masking tape can also be used to create two or more color designs on your helmet.

For that, create a pattern on your helmet, and mask off a particular area to protect it from getting painted by the different color.

Step 5: Use of Primer Paint

The undercoat or primer paint is a preparatory coating that is put before the painting. The primer is used because it ensures that paint sticks on the surface. Along with that, it also helps to increase the durability of the paint and provide some protection to the materials that are being painted.

Therefore, to improve the durability and adhesion of the paint, use primer paint first.

Before using the base color paint on your baseball helmet, first, let the primer paint dry.

Step 6: Use of Base Color

Helmet Color

Now, it’s time to use your base color. It is the color that you want to use on your helmet.

Choose your favorite color, and do three coats on your helmet.

Before moving to the next step, it is very important to let the paint dry completely.

Step 7: Creating Patterns on your Helmet

If you want to create a pattern or design on your helmet, then use a masking tape for that purpose.

Use the masking tape on a particular area of the helmet, and then use a different color to paint the remaining surface.

Step 8: Apply Clear Coat

After painting your helmet with your base colors, apply 3 or 4 layers of clear coat on the helmet.

The use of clear coat will enhance the depth of the paint, and reduces the requirement for buffing.

After putting the final layer, let the helmet dry. It can take 24 hours.

Step 9: Unmasking the Helmet

When you’re finished with painting your helmet and it’s completely dry, then remove the tape slowly.

After removing it, clean the surface that was cover with the masking tape to remove any dust or debris.

The Final Result

After doing all these above-mentioned steps, you’ll get a baseball helmet that’ll have a customized design.

A good looking helmet with your favorite colors will give you a feel of a professional player, and you’ll love to use it on the field.

If you have any questions regarding the painting of a helmet, just put in the comment section. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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