How to Choose Baseball Bat for 7 Years Old Kids

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Choosing a perfect bat is one of the most important decisions in the baseball game.

The ideal bat for you will be of correct length & weight, and, it should be in your budget.

If you’re a serious baseball player, then you would not want to pick just any bat which looks good. If you pick a bat which is according to your age, height, and strength, then it’ll definitely improve your hitting skills.

So, let’s find out, what’s the right size for you?

what size bat for my son

A Few Things to Consider


Bigger, stronger players prefer a heavier bat so that they can achieve maximum power. While smaller, slim players usually prefer a lighter bat that allows them to swing it with speed.

To determine the right weight, you need to swing a variety of bats and see how much weight you can comfortable handles.

If you pick a heavy bat as compared to your strength, then you’ll not be able to swing it with speed, which results, less power.


A longer bat gives you greater reach. It allows you to hit balls which are far from you.

However, longer bats are heavier. So, if you want longer bats, then you have to adjust the extra weight.

To check the perfect length, swing bats of different length, and decide which suits you. There will be a perfect combination of right length & weight which will help you to reach coming balls with the greatest power.

How to Choose a Baseball Bat

There are some standard rules of thumb in selecting the best length for you.

By Age

Use this chart which shows the most popular length by age. It’ll give you a general idea, but it totally depends on your body structure which length suits you best.

Size of Baseball Bat for Kids

By Height & Weight

Using height & weight for determining optimal bat length is more accurate than age. Again, it only gives you a general idea.

Determine Baseball Bat Size

Frequently Asked Questions

Which baseball bat size is good for kids?

If your kid is between 3’ and 3’4’’, then 26-inch bat will be good for him. For every 4 to 5 inches you kid grows, increase the bat size by 1 inch. For children, this is the ideal process for determining the best length of a baseball bat.

Every child is unique.

You can also follow these steps which are based on the height & weight.

  1. Measure Height: Measure the height of your kid with his/her baseball cleats.
  2. Compare with the Bat: Stand the baseball bat up next to your child. The bat should reach the hips of your child, but not exceed. If it exceeds, then it’s too long, and will be difficult to swing.
  3. Measure Weight: Generally, kids having the weight less than 60 pounds uses a bat between 26 to 29 inches long. While children weigh more than 60 pounds uses a bat between 28 to 32 inches long.

What is Drop Weight of a Baseball Bat?

Drop weight is the difference between the length and weight of the bat. So, a bat that is 33 inches long, and weighs 23 ounces, then its drop weight will be – 10. It’s denoted by a minus sign. The bigger the drop weight is, lighter will be the bat.

What bat size is allowed in Little, Junior, and Senior League?

For the Little League, the length of the bat shouldn’t be more than 33 inches, while the diameter shouldn’t be more than two and one-quarter (2¼) inches.

For Intermediate Division and Junior League, the length shall not be more than 34 inches, while the diameter shall not be more than 2 and 5/8 inches.

For Senior League, the length shall not be more than 36 inches, while diameter shall not be more than 2 and 5/8 inches.

You should know the rules and regulations of the Baseball League in which you’re participating.

What bat size is good for 7-year-old kid?

It depends on the height and weight of the kid. Generally, a 7-year-old kid uses a bat of 24 to 26 inches long.

You can use this table, which shows the most popular bat size according to age.

Size of Baseball Bat for Kids

Thanks for reading.

What size of baseball bat do you use? How do you decide which size is good for you? Please share in the comment.

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