Baseball Chants: Popular Baseball Cheers to Bring Power & Energy

Some baseball chants are very popular while others are not.

Some chants are long while others are short.

They are powerful, fun, and bring energy to the game.

In this article, you’ll get to know about popular baseball chants that can be used in the baseball game.

What is a Baseball Chant?

Baseball Chants is actually the cream of the cake which we generally to garnish the cake i.e. it can, therefore, add tons of excitement and energy to a game.

If you see this video, you’ll feel the energy from these baseball chants.

These chants are often very short and sweet as the main part of the game is to get all the attention of the fans who are involved in the chant. There is no doubt that the enthusiastic fans love the baseball cheers and thus participates in all kinds of bleacher antics.

Baseball Chants

But the chanting depends not only in one person because sometimes it’s a simple yell, sometimes a group motion in the chants or just a simple chant for a particular player. Moreover, Baseball fans love to cheer on their favorite team by chanting their names.

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When to do Baseball Chants?

As baseball game is very much unique among all the other ball sports game i.e. the offense whereas the defense play one at a time. Though basketball and football both the game have actions that could be defensive and offensive in the blink of an eye, in case of baseball, it, therefore, takes turns for offense and defense.

Good baseball chants

Here we have listed some of the situations when chanting is needed. They are thus listed below one by one.

  1. Some of the baseball teams do their own baseball chant before starting of the game.
  2. Even during the 7th inning stretch, everyone will, therefore, notice a baseball chant or sometimes even see a dance where everyone knows the motion like the Macarena.
  3. There are numerous baseball chants for the game.
  4. Normally fans often chant after hitting a home run and especially after he has hit a home run and was thus running when the bases were thus loaded.
  5. Other than this, fans even chant when a new player is coming to the ground for batting.  But it is sometimes considered poor to cheer a player who is at bat because it is very important to know the basic baseball etiquettes.
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Why Baseball Chant is Necessary?

It is very much important because any repetitive thought or any action thus forms an impression which if reinforced becomes a center. Even the same principle is maintained or used to create the devotion center through chanting. As a result, when the chanting is negative our sub-conscious mind is nullified. So for discouraging the opposite team, chanting also plays an important role.

Chants for Little League Players

Other than the negativities, there are also some benefits which thus includes medical, psychological and spiritual benefits. Baseball chant, therefore, is a great way to add some energy and enthusiasm to a game. But it is best recommended that the chants should be kept short and sweet so that they are memorable and are not too difficult to coordinate with everyone.

Thus chants not only brings about the fighting spirit and pride in a particular team and supporters but also helps the team members to strive hard and give the game all they have got.

So, these cheers thus help them to gain some confidence that their people are rooting for them. Even these attributes and sounds could then be utilized rather an attempt and make some rhymes. Baseball chant is therefore acted as an incredible approach to vitality and fervor to a diversion.

Baseball Sounds

There could be so many baseball sounds and cheers. If you are in a large stadium, you can feel the energy.

I suggest you take a look at the Large Stadium Crowd at Baseball Game. In this, you can hear many cheers that are full of energy.

The cost of Large Stadium Crowd at Baseball Game is just a few cents.

Another very cheap thing is Baseball Sound Effects in which you’ll get many chants, umpire calls, bat ball hits, and many more. Take a look at the price of Baseball Sound Effects and see what different sounds you’re getting.

Pre Baseball Game Chants

Popular Baseball Chants

We’re Number 1. Not 2, Not 3, Not 4. We’re Gonna Win, Not Lose, Not Tie. We’re Number 1. Check It Out. We’re Number 1. Check It Out. But Its Okay We Also Thought of You. We Took 1. But You Can Have Number 2. Click To Tweet

For a Home Run


That’s the best place for us

We have got the bases loaded.


And we’re going, going, going


Yes, that’s right, it’s the place for us.

To the tune of the Oscar Mayer Weiner Song


Our team is the best ever

They never lose a game

They hit the ball

Out of the park

And around the base

The other teams they see us

We scare them all awaaaaaayyyyyyyy

And that’s because we’re the best

Our team will win today

Hit it!

We’re the (team name) and we’ve got that beat!

So com on you all and move off your feet!

Hit it!

My team!

Do it, do it, do it



Or even a curve

Pitch, pitch, pitch that ball

We do not care how,

But strike him out!

We are Number One!

Can’t be at number two!

And we are going to beat,

The woopse out of you!

These baseball chants help to support your team in each individual game. And even the chants can be changed sometimes for an individual player or for someone who’s supposed making a home run. However, there are plenty of different opportunities to try out new chants.

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