5 Best Baseball Cleats for Wide Feet Players

For a baseball player, finding the perfect pair of baseball cleats can be quite difficult. Whomever you are choosing for, be it your friends, family or yourself, the right brand has a lot of impact on the performance of a player as well as an athlete.

As there are many brands out there in the market, selecting the right one is very essential. There are many different factors too that play a major role in selecting the perfect cleats such as the size of the feet, material, the position of the player, etc. Here are a few of the best baseball cleats for players with wide feet.


Best Baseball Cleats for Wide Feet Players

1. Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.2 Primemesh FG/AG Soccer Shoe

The Ace 16.2 Primemesh by Adidas is for that player who looks for perfection in every shot. It is made up of imported and synthetic material that provides the player with a perfect combination of performance and comfort. It fits just perfectly without any wear and tear with time.

The sole of the cleats is made up of rubber and designed in a way that the player can comfortably play even on artificial grass and firm grounds. The control/ground design of the stud creates a sort of small pocket under the foot so that you can have a number of studs on the ball for a better control.

2. Zephz Wide Traxx Soccer 2.0 Cleat Youth

The Wide Traxx cleats by Zephz are the perfect choice for the young players. They are made up of synthetic leather and provide ultimate comfort to your kids. If you are looking for cleats that are wide enough for your kid’s feet and make them feel comfortable, these would be the best ones.

The looks are good, not very attractive, but your child will surely fall in love with the comfort it provides while playing the game. The laces of the shoes are nylon black and the other colored laces that come with them are green, orange, yellow, blue and teaberry. Moreover, these cleats are quite affordable than many other popular brands, so you won’t need to have any second thoughts while making a purchase.

3. Diadora Forza MD Soccer Cleat (Little Kid/Big Kid)

The Diadora Forza Cleats are yet another pair of cleats for children or young players. They are made up of polyurethane soft synthetic material along with a Velcro closure for a secured fit. The EVA foam is totally shock proof and shock absorbing along with fixed cotton for an amazing experience.

The outsole that is made up of rubber consists of 14 studs in total that minimize the points of pressure on your child’s feet. The design of these cleats will definitely put up a smile on your young one’s face. And moreover, these are so cost effective that you would surely want to buy them for your child.

4. New Balance Men’s T4040V3 Turf Baseball Shoe

The New Balance T4040V3 Baseball shoes are designed in such a way that it helps the players to achieve their targets and goals. With over a century of deep research and development, they have come up with designs that are suitable to fit for people and not simply fit into a picture.

These cleats have a rubber sole and are made up of imported synthetic material. They provide the maximum required traction for the player to increase the performance during the game. They cost average, but they are worth investing in.

5. Zephz Wide Traxx Black/Yellow Soccer Cleat Adult

Another pair of cleats from Zephys, the Wide Traxx Cleats, is the one for the adults. They have the similar configurations and features just like the ones for the young players with a few modifications. They are also made up of synthetic leather to give you maximum comfort while the game is on and to increase your performance.

They come with many colored laces apart from the black nylon laces, like orange, yellow, blue, teaberry, and green. It is just the perfect pair for the ones with wide feet as it does not compromise on the quality and fit.

Final Words

Now that you are aware of the best baseball cleats to look forward to for wide footed players, choosing the right ones may not be that difficult. And if you are looking forward to cleats for your kids, make sure you consider the factors related to investing.

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