4 Baseball Cleats for Flat Feet Players with Reviews (in 2018)

Flat foot is a condition when the foot has an arch that is slightly lower than the usual. If you’re a sports person, then you know that having flat foot causes many kinds of issues. It also increases the risk of getting injuries.

Along with that, finding best baseball cleats for flat feet becomes very difficult because there are no standard shoes available.

There are various surgical techniques available by which adult-acquired flat foot can be cured.

Orthotics can cost a lot of money, and therefore it’s not suitable and practical for everyone.

Most of the time, a good pair of comfortable shoes helps a lot in the pain & do the magic.

My Recommendation

If you’re looking for the best cleats for flat feet, then you should choose cleats that are wide enough for your foot.

For flat feet players, I personally recommend New Balance J4040V3 Baseball Shoes.

There are many cleats available that are well cushioned, durable, comfortable, and stylish. But, here, the main requirement is, cleats should be wide.

Here, the New Balance J4040V3 Baseball Cleats are wider than the normal cleats.

On Amazon, you can find many reviews where flat feet & wide feet players are very happy as it perfectly fits in their feet.

Along with that, J4040V3 Cleats are stylish, durable, comfortable, affordable, and have other necessary qualities that you’re looking.

Baseball Cleats for flat feet players

Top 4 Cleats for Flat Feet in 2017

New Balance Men’s 3000v3 Baseball TPU Cleat

New Balance 3000V3 cleats for flat foot are manufactured by New Balance. They are made of synthetic material having a rubber sole.

The REVlite midsole gives you a proper fitting of your feet. You’ll get comfortable cleats without compromising the safety.

Another good thing in these cleats is the toe protection.

The construction is also very clean which makes it look beautiful.

These cleats give you a stable & good grip on every field you’ll play.

New Balance J4040V3 Baseball Shoes

The New Balance J4040V3 are synthetic shoes having a rubber sole. It provides a proper grip on the ground and gives you more stability.

They have a nice design, and a highly durable material is used in the manufacturing of these cleats.

These cleats are good for youth having flat feet because they’re comfortable and well cushioned. They’re also wider than the normal cleats; therefore, your feel will have more space than other shoes.

These baseball shoes give a good support and stability, which ultimately helps you to perform well on the field.

Check Details of New Balance J4040V3 on Amazon

Mizuno Men’s 9 Spike ADV Franchise 8 BK Baseball Cleat

These synthetic cleats are manufactured by Mizuno. Mizuno 9 Spike are perfect for players having a wide width.

These cleats are manufactured specially for the baseball. The rubber studs give you a great comfort along with the durability of all type of fields.

These cleats give you a good grip on the ground because of the 9 spikes which are designed on the outsole.

The full-length midsole gives you more comfort, and it’s highly necessary for the players having flat feet because the full-length midsole will reduce the risk of any injury.

Along with that, these are also one of the best baseball cleats for catchers.

New Balance Men’s T4040V3 Turf Baseball Shoe

Again, New Balance manufactured good cleats for flat feet. T4040V3 Baseball Cleats are made of synthetic material to reduce the cost. They have a rubber sole.

The full-length REVlite midsole gives you a comfort, and you can feel it as soon as you step in.

For the stable and balanced movements, the pro-balance sole platform is introduced in it.

The high traction nubby turf outsole is also very helpful.

So, these are the most popular baseball cleats for flat feet in 2017. We hope that with the help of this article, you can pick great cleats.

Do you’ve flat feet? If yes, then which shoes do you choose?

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