5 Best Cleats for Flat Feet: For Baseball & Other Sports (2018)

Perhaps, you’re looking for the best cleats for flat feet?

There are many big brands that manufacture softball & baseball cleats.

Does that mean, you can easily find a good pair of cleats for flat feet?

No, there are no standard shoes available for the flat feet.

So, what should you do?

I recommend that if you have flat feet, then purchase cleats that are wide enough so that your feet will be comfortable.

Wide Cleats for Flat Feet Players

But, what pair of cleats should you buy?

Don’t miss the next section. I’ve shared everything that you want to know.

No bullshit.

My Recommendation for Flat Feet

If you have flat feet, then I highly recommend New Balance 3000v3 Baseball Cleats.

But, What is so special in it?

I love New Balance 3000v3 Series Cleats because, for flat feet, there are no better cleats than that.

New Balance gives you an amazing facility. You can get wider cleats for any size.

For example, for any particular size, you can buy two types of cleats: Normal and the Extra Wide.

The extra wide is denoted by 2E.

So, if you want to purchase a size ‘10’ cleats, then go with ‘10 2E’ and you’ll get a wider cleats version.

Another thing that I really love is, New Balance 3000v3 Cleats are available in various colors.

These cleats are very comfortable and durable.

Toe protection is also present which helps these cleats to last longer.

If you check the customer reviews, you’ll see that a lot of players bought these cleats because these are durable, comfortable, and wider than other cleats.

So, before buying any pair of cleats, I suggest that you should read the reviews of New Balance L3000v3 Baseball Cleats, and I’m sure that you’ll really like them.

Check Price & Read Reviews of NB L3000v3 Cleats

Best Cleats for Flat Feet (2018)

Cleats for Flat Feet

New Balance Men’s L3000v3 Baseball Cleats

New Balance L3000v3 Cleats are perfect for flat feet players.

New Balance has a dedication to provide the best product to the athletes. They design a product to fit and not for creating an image.

This is a textile and synthetic stuff.

It comes with a synthetic sole. It has a revlite midsole with toe protection.

It has fantom fit with Debris-free construction. It also has a comfort collar.

It is available in different sizes and comes in different colors.

It can be for any particular size. In this case, you are provided with the perfect size according to your feet.

You can basically buy two types of cleats that are

  • Normal
  • Extra wide

The wide is denoted by 2E.

It is considered that 2E is wide and 4E is extra wide.

These cleats are lightweight and affordable.

It is perfect for both wide and flat feet players.

It also comes with great durability.

So, you can consider these shoes to be one of your best options available in the market.


  • Cost-effective
  • Great durability
  • Different Sizes
  • Comfort Collar
  • Lightweight

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a shoe with great durability and effective price, New Balance Men’s K3000V3 Metal Baseball Shoe can be your perfect solution.

It will also provide you with great durability and proper functioning.

So, you should consider buying this product if you have a tight budget and also want to fulfill all your necessary requirements.

Check Price & Reviews of New Balance L3000v3 Cleats

New Balance Men’s 3000v3 Baseball TPU Cleat

New Balance 3000V3 cleats for flat foot are manufactured by New Balance. They are made of synthetic material having a rubber sole.

The REVlite midsole gives you a proper fitting of your feet. You’ll get comfortable cleats without compromising the safety.

Another good thing about these cleats is the toe protection.

The construction is also very clean which makes it look beautiful.

These cleats give you a stable & good grip on every field you’ll play.

New Balance J4040V3 Baseball Shoes

The New Balance J4040V3 are synthetic shoes having a rubber sole. It provides a proper grip on the ground and gives you more stability.

They have a nice design, and a highly durable material is used in the manufacturing of these cleats.

These cleats are good for youth having flat feet because they’re comfortable and well cushioned. They’re also wider than the normal cleats; therefore, your feel will have more space than other shoes.

These baseball shoes give a good support and stability, which ultimately helps you to perform well on the field.

Check Details of New Balance J4040V3 on Amazon

Mizuno Men’s 9 Spike ADV Franchise 8 BK Baseball Cleat

These synthetic cleats are manufactured by Mizuno. Mizuno 9 Spike are perfect for players having a wide width.

These cleats are manufactured specially for the baseball. The rubber studs give you a great comfort along with the durability of all type of fields.

These cleats give you a good grip on the ground because of the 9 spikes which are designed on the outsole.

The full-length midsole gives you more comfort, and it’s highly necessary for the players having flat feet because the full-length midsole will reduce the risk of any injury.

Along with that, these are also one of the best baseball cleats for catchers.

New Balance Men’s T4040V3 Turf Baseball Shoe

Again, New Balance manufactured good cleats for flat feet. T4040V3 Baseball Cleats are made of synthetic material to reduce the cost. They have a rubber sole.

The full-length REVlite midsole gives you a comfort, and you can feel it as soon as you step in.

For the stable and balanced movements, the pro-balance sole platform is introduced in it.

The high traction nubby turf outsole is also very helpful.

So, these are the most popular baseball cleats for flat feet in 2017. We hope that with the help of this article, you can pick great cleats.

Do you’ve flat feet? If yes, then which shoes do you choose?

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