How to Measure Hand Size for Baseball Glove & Mitt

To play any game that involves catching a ball or throwing it, it is very important to wear gloves. This is for the safety of the fingers and comfort. It is hence very important to get the glove which is of a perfect fit. It is not easy to do the same.

It is just like when you buy a dress. You need to measure and check if the dress will fit you properly before you buy or order it. The same goes for your gloves.

You need to measure your hand accurately and follow a few steps to make sure the measurements are perfect.

This article talks about the steps that you need to take to get the glove that will fit you perfectly. The steps apply for a player in any position. It is important to be more careful and accurate if you are ordering it online.

Measuring Hand Size for Baseball Glove

Hand Size for Baseball Glove

You cannot just order and buy a baseball glove. The glove may be loose or tight and if it is so then there are chances that the glove isn’t very comfortable.

To make sure it fits perfectly, it is very important to know what size to buy. Be it a child or an adult, a beginner or an expert, it is very important to measure and them get the glove.

It is first very important to know how the size of the glove is denoted. There is a numeric size which is usually denoted only in inches. You need to measure the size only in inches to make sure there are no conversion errors. There are also letter sizes. These are denoted as XS, S, M, L, XL and so on. In that case, there is usually a proper size scale with a range of inches that come under each category.

You cannot just determine the size of your glove. The main point to remember is that all of us don’t have fingers that are of equal size. Here are the steps and the things to consider while measuring the size of the glove.

Step 1: The first step is to know the length of the finger for getting the size of the gloves. To do this, the person who needs the glove has to put the palm on a table, with the palm facing downwards. It is also important to make sure the fingers are kept very close to each other. All the fingers have to be extended to its maximum length.

Step 2: Usually, the glove manufacturers use the length of the middle finger to get the size of the glove. The finger should be measured from the start to tip and noted down properly. The manufacturers use the index finger as the basis for the size determination.

The main point here is that, on average, the difference between the middle and the index finger is nearly .25”. Hence, make sure you measure the middle finger and buy a glove that is one size down. It is better to use a proper flexible inch tape.

Step 3: As players become experts, they tend to have very muscular fingers. These people usually buy stretch style gloves. In this case, you need to measure the diameter, considering the large finger diameters. This is usually from the tip of the little finger to the tip of the thumb. This should be in inches. These gloves are more elastic and are made of leather. It is also usually in inches. You just need to match it with the measurements online.

Check the size chart very clearly and order. Check all the other details like the webbing properly too.

Measuring Hand Size for Catcher’s Mitt

The main aim of the catcher’s mitt is to be able to manage wild and wayward pitches. You cannot just wear a mitt that isn’t perfectly fitting. The mitt needs to fit you very well. Just like for gloves, there are a few steps followed to get the catcher’s mitt of the perfect size.

This is just like measuring for a baseball glove. Put your palm on the table, keep your fingers as instructed, measure and get the mitt which is of the perfect size. The biggest catcher’s mitt and the smallest one differs only by a few inches but the degree of comfort is all that matters.

When you get a mitt, make sure it feels perfect and comfortable. Even if you order one online, wear and check it properly. In case it does not feel extremely comfortable, feel free to exchange it and get the one that could fit you better.

The size in case of a mitt is more important than in case of a glove.

The mitts are usually worn by catchers and should be made of the best material and should be of the perfect size to make sure the catcher’s hand doesn’t get hurt. Hence make sure the size of the mitt you buy is of the right fit and is extremely comfortable.

Final Words

The steps are very easy to follow but are very important.

If you are planning to buy a glove, make sure you follow all the steps. Most online or E-commerce websites have a proper size chart. In that case, check all the details about the size before you order the baseball glove. Remember to check the unit of measurement too.

When you play a game, it’s important for the player to relax and enjoy. Only the most comfortable gloves can help you do the same. After all, a player in any position deserves to wear a comfortable glove to play their best.

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