How Baseball Bats are Made? | Manufacturing of Wood & Aluminum Bats

Initially, to hit a ball sticks were used. As the game developed, the players started to use wood bats which they carve on their own or they bought from a shop.

But now, the time has changed.

You can’t use any self-created bat or a bat with wrong dimensions. Therefore, players prefer some high-quality branded bats that are 100% accurate, meets BBCOR standards and follow the guidelines of the baseball leagues.

Now, the question arises,

How baseball bats are made?

What is the process of manufacturing a baseball bat?

And other similar questions.

So, here, I’ll try to answer each and every question that comes to your mind related to the manufacturing of a baseball bat.

How to make a baseball bat

Types of Bats

Before we start learning about the process of making a bat, it’s important to learn first about the two common types of bats.

  1. Wood Bats
  2. Aluminum Bats

The aluminum bats can be used in the little leagues and youth leagues. These bats are light-weight and provide an advantage to the hitter. The wood bats can also be used in the little or youth leagues, depending upon the preference of the player.

While, in the major or professional leagues, only wood bats are allowed because it is believed that the professional players have enough strength & skills that they don’t require any additional benefit from the bat.

The Process of Making a Baseball Bat

How Wood Baseball Bats are Made?

Rawlings wood bat

The process of making a wood bat is different from the making of an aluminum bat.

It is also important to know about the different types of wood that can be used to make a bat. But, only one wood is used in the manufacturing of a bat.

You must be thinking,

Which wood can be used to make a baseball bat?

The baseball bats can be made from anyone from the six different types of wood.

The six different types of wood that are allowed by the Major League Baseball are White Ash, True Hickory, Red Oak, Sugar Maple, Yellow Birch, and Japanese Ash.

The majority of the bats are made of either Sugar Maple or the White Ash wood.

The Process of Making a Wooden Baseball Bat

You can also watch this small video that explains the manufacturing of Wilson Wood Bat.

First of all, the makers check the chunk of wood whether it is thick and heavy as per the requirement of a baseball bat model.

Now, the wood is placed in the modern lathe that makes it a cylindrical shape.

The weight is checked, and after that, it is again placed on the modern lathe machine that gives it a rough baseball bat shape.

One of the modern lathe machines takes approximately 3 minutes to give the raw wood a rough shape of a bat. The time it takes depends on the lathe machine, and it can be less or more depending upon the lathe machine.

Now, the final shape is given manually by removing the extra wood by using a chisel to give an accurate length, weight, and drop weight.

After that, the final bat is almost ready.

Before painting the bat, the electric sander is used to remove any rough edges that give it a more clean look which is necessary.

Final weight is again checked, whether it meets the standard size & weight as per the player’s requirement or not.

After painting the bat, brand name, model number and other things are applied on the bat.

This is the final step that completes the process of making a baseball bat.

How Aluminium Baseball Bats are Made?

Easton Aluminum bat manufacturing

The process of making an aluminum bat starts with the cutting of aluminum rods into a similar size of bats.

Watch this video for the making of aluminum bats.

These aluminum rods are loaded in the computerized lathe and cuts the inner part of the rod. This makes it hollow from the center.

Now, these small aluminum rods are stretched up to twice of their length.

By using a forming tool, these aluminum rods were given a rough shape of an aluminum bat.

Now, the manual check is done to see whether the bat is straight. If it’s not, then by applying the hydraulic pressure to bend it into the shape.

This is a very important step as a non-straight bat can hugely affect the performance of a player.

Now, an electric sander is used to get rid of any rough surfaces and any small defects.

Heavy duty paint is used on the bat because they are used a lot in the game with numerous hitting.

The trademark, model number & name are applied on the bat along with the finishing of the bat.

The aluminum knob is fused with the handle by doing welding, and the plastic end cap is pressed at the end of the bat.

To provide a non-slip grip on the handle, synthetic leather, lizard skin grip or any other grip is wrapped around the handle.

Now, the process of manufacturing an aluminum bat is finally done.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned steps are used by all the bat manufacturers, but there can be some minor changes from one company to another whether they’re making a BBCOR bat for power hitters or a drop 5 bat.

Some companies use white ash while others use maple wood for making the wood bats because these two are the widely used woods in the manufacturing.

If you have any questions regarding the manufacturing of baseball bats, then feel free to put them in the comment box.

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