4 Trusted & Reliable BBCOR Bats in 2017: Unbiased Reviews

Investing in a BBCOR bat can be quite tricky and a little difficult task, if you look for the reviews of each bat as the preferences of each player, may differ from one another. Keeping in mind all the BBCOR bats according to the players’ choices, you may invest in what suits you the best.

However, it is not always that your preferences and choices will be the same as that of the players. You might not like what they claim to be the best ones for them, and it can be vice versa too. If you are planning to buy a BBCOR bat, here are a few of the best BBCOR bats shortlisted amongst which you can look for your choices.

Best BBCOR Baseball Bats

Best BBCOR Bats in 2017

  1. Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3 BBCOR baseball bat

This baseball bat by Easton comes with a construction in such a way that it forms a two-piece design. With this two-piece design, the size of the barrel is extended, but at the same time, the bat is very light in weight for the players to have a rapid swinging.

Apart from this, the ConneXion technology by Easton is utilized by the two-piece barrel piece for you to channel your maximum possible swing force in the sweet spot. This will make you hit the baseball harder and with more speed. The handle of the bat is made from composite material and designed in a way that gives you more swing momentum.

  1. COMBAT MAXUM BBCOR Baseball Bat: AB7MX103

The COMBAT MAXUM BBCOR bat is slightly different from the rest of the baseball bats in the fact that it is constructed and designed into one piece. It is preferred by most of the power hitters because it is fully made of composite material.

Perfect balance and strength make this bat more consistent than the others as it uses precision molding technology. The construction of this bat is such that when the player swings the bat, almost all of the swing momentum gets transferred to the baseball that approaches.

For the power hitters, this is a perfect choice as it gives them the opportunity to hit big and smashing shots.

  1. DeMarini CF Zen Balanced BBCOR – 3 Drop Baseball Bat

The DeMarini CF Zen is another bat that is constructed fully from the composite material. The composite barrel of the bat provides the players to hit powerfully without any break in period. The barrel of the bat is designed in such a way that the player gets a large sweet spot to hit the baseball with more accuracy and confidence.

The bat feels so incredible that when you swing it, you can control the exact position and speed of the bat. The player’s hands are kept safe from any back vibrations caused because of the design and construction of the handle.

  1. Rawlings Velo Hybrid Balanced BBCOR Bat

As the name of this bat suggests, Rawlings Velo Hybrid is constructed in a way to maintain and experience balance while hitting the baseball. The acoustic alloy from the bat barrel is constructed provides maximum performance.

The precision optimized performance technology of the bat provides the players to hit accurately and with high power. The best thing about this bat is that it offers a perfect balance between the pure alloy and composite bats. The solid, lightweight and responsive barrel of the bat allows the player to hit with maximum power.

The price of the bat ranges from that of composite and alloy bats so you won’t have to invest more in it. This bat is amongst the top most balanced bats and is a choice of most of the players.


It wouldn’t be that hard for you now to decide what BBCOR bat you should go for that suit your requirements. However, if cost is not a concern for you and if you want a bat made of a high-end material, you can choose the DeMarini or Easton models.

The COMBAT MAXUM bat is a great choice if you are looking for a bat that allows hitting powerfully.  And if you are looking for a bat that is a mixture of hybrid and composite materials, then you should definitely go for Rawlings bat.

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