9 Best BBCOR Bats in 2021: For Power & Contact Hitters

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Baseball bats have gotten much technological advancement over the years that help make bats durable and more suitable depending on a batter’s hitting style.

If you’re a power hitter, you would want a BBCOR bat that will help you hit the ball further and harder.

And if you are a contact hitter possessing good bat control, you need a bat that will give you a good balance between power and bat control.

Today, let’s talk about the top BBCOR bats for both power hitters and contact hitters.

Personal Recommendation

For baseball players who are looking to hit home runs, the DeMarini Goods Half n Half (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat is the best bat for power hitters.

It features an X14 alloy barrel that helps you get the most out of your swing and give you the most distance on your balls. This raw power hitter’s dream is made stronger with its stiff composite handle. While its massive X14 alloy barrel gives power hitters the maximized power and insane pop.

On the other hand, Louisville Slugger 2021 Meta BBCOR/USSSA Baseball Bat is the best bat for contact hitters who likes to drive the ball back to the field.

This three-piece bat combines a 3FX Connection System to bring you the best feel on contact and reduced vibration. Its premium GT1 end cap maximizes your barrel length and swing speed so you can strike accurately.

 DeMarini Goods Half n Half BBCOR Baseball BatLouisville Slugger 2021 Meta BBCOR/USSSA Baseball Bat
MaterialX14 Alloy BarrelEKO Composite Barre
Construction2 piece3 piece
Length34 inches34 inches
Weight30 oz31 oz
DesignSwing designBalanced swing design
Hitting typePower hitterContact hitter
PriceSee Current PriceSee Current Price

Best BBCOR Bats in 2021

2021 Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR Baseball Bat

 Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR Baseball Bat
Barrel Diameter2 5/8 inches
Swing WeightBalanced Swing Feel
MaterialEKO Composite Material
ConstructionThree-Piece All-Composite
ColorBlack and Gold
Hitting StyleContact Hitter

Probably the best baseball bat that is well-loved by any type of hitter whether a power hitter or a contact hitter is the Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR baseball bat developed to help hitters perform their best on the plate.

It has a three-piece all-composite construction strategically engineered using Louisville Slugger’s advanced technology and expertise for hitters of all skillsets. It features a patented 3FX Connection System. This provides a stiff feel on contact with the baseball which power hitters love. It also dramatically reduces vibration giving you more control and less sting when hitting aggressive pitches making it perfect for contact hitters too. It also leads to a light-swinging bat with an enormous sweet spot for that satisfying hit and relaxed swing.

The Meta baseball bat is made with EKO Composite Barrel to give the hitters the ultimate combination of performance and power on the plate. It delivers a light bat swinging experience, a huge barrel that allows for a half-inch longer barrel, and that crisp sound that’s always satisfying for hitters.

It has a premium GT1 end cap that maximizes barrel length and swings speed as well as provides a balanced swing feel. Along with it is the LS Pro Comfort Grip that has the perfect mix of tack and cushion for a more comfortable feeling.

The Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR baseball bat has a 2 5/8-inch barrel diameter and a -3 length-to-weight ratio. However, some stated that the grip is a little uncomfortable since it is on the thicker side.

  • Three-piece all-composite construction
  • 3FX Connection System
  • EKO Composite Barrel
  • Premium GT1 end cap
  • LS Pro Comfort Grip
  • Thick grip

2021 DeMarini CF BBCOR Baseball Bat

 DeMarini CF BBCOR Baseball Bat
Barrel Diameter2 5/8 inches
Swing WeightBalanced Swing Feel
MaterialParaflex Plus Composite
ConstructionTwo-Piece All-Composite
ColorSilver, Orange and Black
Hitting StyleContact Hitter

If you want the best BBCOR bat for contact hitters, then there’s nothing better than the 2021 DeMarini CF BBCOR baseball bat. It has impressive features integrated to provide more flex as the ball comes in contact with the bat thereby increasing your hitting style’s speed and power.

The 2-piece composite construction works to enhance the weight distribution throughout the bat giving you unmatched balance, increased bat speed, and better barrel control needed by contact hitters to keep the ball in play.

The updated design utilized by this baseball bat using the 3Fusion Connection further contributes to the weight control of the bat while simultaneously reducing the vibration and acts to reroute the impact back to the barrel resulting in a more efficient and comfortable performance on the plate.

The barrel uses Paraflex Plus composite construction engineered to deliver consistent responsiveness when hitting pitches. It also allows the player to have the best pop by providing increased batted ball speed thanks to that extra flex. 

It has a ReAction End Cap built with a blend of stronger and lighter materials that helps in enhancing barrel performance giving you more power when hitting the ball without slowing down your swing speed.

The 2021 DeMarini CF BBCOR Baseball Bat has a 2 5/-inch barrel diameter giving you that extended sweet spot and has a -3 length-to-weight ratio that meets the BBCOR standard. However, some noticed that the barrel is not as durable as the other baseball bat models produced by DeMarini.

  • 2-piece composite construction
  • 3Fusion Connection
  • Paraflex Plus composite barrel
  • ReAction End Cap
  • Can be more durable

2021 Rawlings Quatro PRO BBCOR Baseball Bat

 Rawlings Quatro PRO BBCOR Baseball Bat
Barrel Diameter2 5/8 inches
Swing WeightBalanced Swing Feel
MaterialLongitudinal Flex Technology - Composite Material
ConstructionTwo-Piece All-Composite
ColorBlack and Red
Hitting StyleContact Hitter

Another 2021 BBCOR baseball bat that you should check out is the Rawlings Quatro PRO BBCOR Baseball Bat meticulously engineered allowing you to hit offensive attacks that unleash the ultimate power to your swing.

This baseball bat has a 2-piece composite design made completely by the new and improved F2 Collar that delivers the smoothest and most comfortable feel when hitting strong impactful pitches as well as a stiff feel to eliminate barrel drag due to overpowered force exerted by the hitter. It also offers more flex and whip as you swing which results in an increased speed and power.

A re-engineered Longitudinal Flex Technology helps to improve the intensity and speed of the baseball as it contacts the bat thereby allowing for a better trampoline effect across the length of the barrel. It also has a Suspended Inner Barrel that provides extra weight on the barrel for a more balanced swing feel and higher swing speed giving you the best pop to your hits.

The Ultra-Light End Cap gives the bat a lighter swing weight which not only offers a relatively more comfortable feel when swinging but also contributes to the localized balance points and more accuracy on your hits. Finally, the Lizard Skins Grip is there to provide further comfort and excellent tack to the player’s hands to ensure you can give your best hit every time.

Many love the extremely lightweight feel of the bat making it perfect for youth players or players who play in their high school leagues however, for some, it can be a little too light making it sound kind of broke when hitting hard pitches.

  • 2-piece composite design
  • F2 Collar
  • Longitudinal Flex Technology
  • Ultra-Light End Cap
  • Lizard Skins Grip
  • Can be too lightweight

2021 Easton B5 Pro BBCOR Baseball Bat

 Easton B5 Pro BBCOR Baseball Bat
Barrel Diameter2 5/8 inches
Swing WeightBalanced Swing Feel
MaterialReinforced Carbon Core Technology
ConstructionOne-Piece All-Alloy Baseball Bat
ColorSilver and Green Graphics
Hitting StyleContact Hitter

The Easton B5 Pro BBCOR Baseball Bat is definitely among the best BBCOR bats available in the market. It has a one-piece aluminum BBCOR bat construction embodying a modern remix design of the Green Easton’s classic look

The B5 Pro features a ringless barrel with varying wall thicknesses utilizing different layers of alloy. This premium Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction (ATAC) reinforced with Carbon Core Technology produces a bigger sweet spot and smoother feel. This allows you to make offensive hits accurately.

Combined with all these constructions is the Easton’s Speed Cap to deliver more flexibility and better responsiveness giving you that added boost of speed and power when hitting pitches. Then the Natural Pro Balance Swing Weight is incorporated. This means no matter how much speed and power you exert, you still have control and a balanced feel.

The Extra-Stiff ATAC Alloy Handle enables you to transfer all the force into the baseball giving you that satisfying sound every time you hit pitches. It has VRS Handle Insert reinforced to reduce vibration and the sting feeling when you hit missed pitches or if the ball doesn’t hit the bat’s sweet spot for that even more solid feel. It also has a premium grip utilizing just the right amount of tack and cushion for a more comfortable feel.

Others had complaints about the amount of vibration this bat takes making it quite uncomfortable when hitting aggressive pitches.

  • Ringless barrel design
  • Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction with Carbon Core Technology
  • Easton’s Speed Cap
  • Natural Pro Balance Swing Weight
  • Extra-Stiff ATAC Alloy Handle
  • VRS Handle Insert
  • The vibration can still further be reduced

2021 DeMarini The Goods BBCOR Baseball Bat

 DeMarini The Goods BBCOR Baseball Bat
Barrel Diameter2 5/8 inches
Swing WeightEnd Loaded Swing Feel
MaterialX14 Alloy Barrel - Massive Barrel
ConstructionTwo-Piece Hybrid Alloy
ColorArmy Green and Black
Hitting StylePower Hitter

If you’re looking for the best BBCOR bats for power hitters, then you’re going to surely love the new 2021 DeMarini The Goods BBCOR Baseball Bat.

The X14 Alloy Barrel is specifically developed with the elite power hitters in mind. This massive and expanded design gives the power hitters an enormous sweet spot for a home run and powerful offensive hits. This barrel is perfectly paired with DeMarini’s Half + Half technology, a continuation of DeMarini’s innovative technology, that features a stiff composite handle for a stiff and powerful swing.

It utilizes a Direct Connection built to allow maximum energy transfer perfect for power hitters. It reduces the vibration and sting effect when hitting a home run or the most impactful pitch as well as directs all the energy to the ball for an increased speed and power to your every swing.

This baseball bat has a Seismic End Cap built with the stiffest material for an added energy transfer when the ball comes in contact with the bat. However, the stiff material also makes it hard for some to gain better control when swinging.

  • X14 Alloy Barrel
  • Half + Half technology
  • Direct Connection
  • Seismic End Cap
  • Stiff end cap

Victus NOX BBCOR Baseball Bat

 Victus NOX BBCOR Baseball Bat
Barrel Diameter2 5/8 inches
Swing WeightEnd Loaded Swing Feel
MaterialMilitary Grade Aluminum
ConstructionTwo-Piece Hybrid Alloy
ColorBlack and Silver
Hitting StylePower Hitter

The Victus NOX BBCOR Baseball Bat has a two-piece hybrid design built with a carbon composite handle and military-grade aluminum barrel encompassing a lot of weight and a giant sweet spot perfect for power hitters as well as a nice flex for increased power and speed that contact hitters love. It has more mass built into the barrel for maximum energy transfer and a higher M.O.I.

This bat features 2SIX technology and Two Smooth Impact Connection which is a double-banded vibration-reducing connection consisting of a threaded connection between handle and barrel with two vibration dampening rings for a more comfortable feeling when hitting miss-hits.

It has Dual-band technology that helps in minimizing all unwanted, harsh vibrations from traveling to the players’ hands at contact, while the threaded connection helps to keep the bat stiff and maximize energy transfer to the ball.

The Ringless barrel design is made with multi-variable wall thicknesses that create a thinner, more flexible sweet spot for unmatched performance on the plate.

The Pro-tapered handle shape creates more top-hand control and an ergonomic fit for comfort. It also has a micro-perforated soft-touch grip with extra tack for improved feel and better control.

However, some wished it had a little bit more weight towards the barrel for a stiffer feel and greater speed and power when swinging.

  • Two-piece hybrid design
  • Built with a carbon composite handle and a military-grade aluminum barrel
  • 2SIX technology and Two Smooth Impact Connection
  • Dual-band technology
  • Ringless barrel design
  • Pro-tapered handle shape and micro-perforated soft-touch grip
  • The barrel can be heavier

Marucci CAT 9 BBCOR Baseball Bat

 Marucci CAT 9 BBCOR Baseball Bat
Barrel Diameter2 5/8 inches
Swing WeightBalanced Swing Feel
MaterialAZR Alloy
ConstructionOne-Piece All-Alloy Construction
ColorBlack, Grey and Silver Red
Hitting StyleContact Hitter

The CAT 9 baseball bat is designed with a thermally treated AZR alloy for a more responsive and forgiving feel. It utilizes a three-stage thermal treatment process that offers a more responsive microstructure for a better feel, more forgiveness, and improved performance while maintaining the same strength as its previous models which Marucci is well-known for.

It uses a Longitudinal Groove System across the thickest section of the barrel wall which allows for excess weight reduction while also increasing flexibility for an increased performance zone. The multi-variable wall design creates an expanded sweet spot and thinner barrel walls that are more forgiving after off-centered contact with the ball.

This baseball bat employs a 2nd Generation AV2 Anti-Vibration knob that features an upgraded, finely tuned harmonic dampening system for a better feel and less negative vibrational feedback for a more comfortable feel and reduced sting effect when hitting missed pitches. The Ring-free barrel construction allows for more barrel flex and increases performance with no “dead” spots.

The precision-balanced barrel results in a lower M.O.I. and balanced feel for precision and control without sacrificing the speed and power of your offensive hits. It provides a clean, consistent, traditional swing thanks to its one-piece alloy construction.

The handle features a removable taper and an ergonomic knob shape for more top-hand control and comfort and a micro-perforated soft-touch grip with extra tack for better control and grip.

However, others mentioned that it does not have as much end load as the previous Marucci baseball bats making the bat lose a little bit of balance on the barrel.

  • Thermally treated AZR alloy
  • Longitudinal Groove System
  • Multi-variable wall design
  • 2nd Generation AV2 Anti-Vibration knob
  • Ring-free barrel construction
  • Removable taper and an ergonomic knob shape
  • Not enough end load

2021 Easton Maxum Ultra -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat

 Easton Maxum Ultra -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat
Barrel Diameter2 5/8 inches
Swing WeightSlightly End Loaded Swing Feel
MaterialSeamless Carbon
ConstructionOne-Piece All-Composite
ColorGrey Orange
Hitting StylePower Hitter

The 2021 Maxum Ultra has a one-piece seamless carbon construction re-designed with the perfect balance of speed and power for optimal performance in every swing. It has a little more weight to the barrel which power hitters love allowing them to make their most powerful offensive hits on the plate.

The XXL barrel makes it the biggest barrel in the game with a massive sweet spot to ensure that you don’t miss a pitch. This provides a stiff feel allowing all the energy exerted on the bat to be fully transferred to the ball in your every swing.

The seamless Carbon Construction combined with 360 Engineering for 360° of barrel-tuned precision, delivering excellent flex, uniform barrel strength, and maximum performance from knob to cap. It utilizes computer-controlled precision molding technology that produces an ultra-consistent, lightweight wall for optimal performance in every swing. 

The speed-balanced swing weight provides an optimized balance point for fast swing speed. It has a premium grip that provides the ultimate combination of cushion and tack enabling you to perform your best with confidence and comfort. However, some mentioned that the handle is a little too thick for them making it harder for them to properly swing the bat.

  • One-piece seamless carbon construction combined with 360 engineering
  • XXL barrel
  • Computer-controlled precision molding technology
  • Speed balanced swing weight
  • Premium grip
  • Thick grip

Stinger NUKE BBCOR Baseball Bat

 Stinger NUKE BBCOR Baseball Bat
Barrel Diameter2 5/8 inches
Swing WeightEnd Loaded Swing Feel
MaterialDurable Alloy
ConstructionOne-Piece All-Alloy
ColorMatte Black and Metallic Gold
Hitting StylePower Hitter

Engineered to optimize exit velocity and provide the best pop with no break-in needed, the NUKE BBCOR baseball bat is great for power hitters. This one-piece, all-alloy baseball bat features a weighty end-loaded feel making it perfect for power hitters looking to hit home runs.

This baseball bat has a Pro-inspired handle which features a slight taper with an ergonomic knob shape to cater to all player grip styles as well as high tack and soft feel grip for optimal bat control.

However, small players found that the end load is a little on the stiff and heavy side making them lose control and have struggles in swinging the baseball bat with high speed.

  • One-piece, all-alloy construction
  • Power Loaded Barrel Technology
  • Pro inspired handle
  • High tack and soft feel grip
  • End load can be improved

Important Things to Consider Before Buying BBCOR Bat

BBCOR Bats Buying Guide

Handle & Grip

You can’t swing your bat with maximum speed and control it if you don’t have a grip on your bat.

No matter, how good your baseball bat is, if it provides a poor grip, then the overall performance will be below.

BBCOR Bat Grip

If your bat has a good grip, then you can quickly adjust your bat according to the pitch.

Nowadays, Lizard Skin is one of the greatest grips that are used by the popular BBCOR Baseball Bats. Some brands like Rawlings, Easton, and others also use a custom grip on their bats.

Latest 2021 BBCOR Bats

Every year, major brands like DeMarini, Rawlings, Easton, Louisville Slugger, etc comes with a new addition.

In most cases, the new bat is slightly better than the previous year’s bat.

So, I highly recommend that you should not buy an outdated bat. You can purchase a last year’s bat, but not two or three years old bat.

So, make sure, you buy the latest 2021 bat that follows all the latest rules & regulations of the baseball leagues.

The same thing happens with the DeMarini CF7 BBCOR Bat. There was a time when it was popular, but now, you can get a much-improved bat at the same price.

Power Hitters vs. Contact Hitters

The power hitters are the players who can change the game with a single swing. If your son is a power hitter that means, he hit the ball far.

BBCOR Bat for Power Hitters

While some players don’t try to hit the ball as far as possible. They play safe, nice, and slow. They are known as contact hitters.

Drop 3 Bat for Contact Hitters

If you are purchasing a BBCOR bat for the power hitters, then your bat should be end-loaded.

The end-loaded bat means, there should be some weight at the end of the bat. Due to this weight, a player can hit the ball with more force, but it also reduces the swing speed.

When purchasing an end-loaded or power-hitting bat, you should make sure that it has a proper distribution of weight along with the right amount of weight at the end.

So, whether you should buy an end-loaded bat or balanced bat, depends on the nature of hitting; power-hitting, or contact hitting.

Bat Length & Weight

Generally, you’ll find BBCOR bats that will range from 31 inches to 34 inches. But, there are also some brands that offer smaller versions like 29 or 30 inches in length.

The High School Baseball BBCOR Bats should have a -3 length to weight ratio or you can also call it a “drop”.

Let me show you a simple example.

A drop -3 BBCOR bat means that its weight is 3 ounces less than the weight of the bat, while length and weight are measured in inches and ounces.

So, if the length is 33 inches, and its weight will be 30 ounces.

You have to choose a bat that is perfect for you in terms of length because the weight will be according to the length of the bat.

Drop 3 Baseball Bat

If you choose a bat with more length in the hope of a big barrel and extra sweet spot, then it’ll also reduce your speed to swing a bat.

I have also written a short article about “what does bat drop mean“, that clearly tells about the concept of bat drop in a simple language. You can also check that.

Bat Length as per age

If you are looking for a BBCOR certified baseball bat for the high school, then a 30 to 33 inches long bat may be a perfect option for you.

As, it highly depends on the player’s body structure and the age of the player, so while taking the decision, make sure you think about it.

You can also check this short article about how to choose a baseball bat of the right size or this one.

If you are a 13 or 14 years old player, then a 30 or 31 inches bat may be good for you. While, if you are older than that, the 32 or 33 inches bat is perfect for you.

You should consider that if you have a good physique as compared to other players of your age, they may be an inch larger bat you should buy.

BBCOR Certified Mark

BBCOR Baseball Bat Mark

The barrel diameter of a BBCOR Certified bat does not exceed 2 5/8 inches, and it follows the drop -3 rules.

Every High School BBCOR Certified Bat will have a BBCOR Certified Mark on it. This clearly tells that this bat follows all the rules and can be used at the College Level and in High School Baseball.

You can see the image of BBCOR Certified Mark below.

So, before purchasing a BBCOR Bat for your High School league, make sure to check the BBCOR Certified Mark on it. It will be present somewhere on the barrel or taper.

You may know the difference between BBCOR and USA bat, but first-time buyers may get confused. So, get all the information before purchasing anything.

One Piece vs. Two Pieces Bat

By looking at the title, you can guess the meaning of it.

The one-piece bats are made from a single material, while in the two-piece bats, two materials are used. The handle and barrel are made with two different materials, and then they are fused together.

The one-piece bats are stiffer, and sometimes create vibrations in the hands when you hit a baseball.

While two-piece bats are made from composite materials, therefore, generally they’re lighter and that helps to swing the bat quickly. If you want to know more, then just bats have published a good article about it.

Alloy vs. Composite vs. Wood Bats

Alloy vs Composite BBCOR Bats

An alloy bat is made from a metal like aluminum, and in most cases, alloy bats are one-piece bats.

While the composite bats are made with composite materials like carbon fiber. As the composite bats are lighter, therefore the barrel length can be increased longer as compared to the alloy bats, and even it won’t affect the swing speed.

Due to the long barrel, composite bats have a bigger sweet spot. So, it increases the chances of hitting a baseball because of the larger sweet spot.

Mostly, wooden bats are made from ash wood. While the other woods that are also used for making bats are Hickory, Bamboo, and Maple.

For young baseball players, composite bats can be a good choice. As they are not very good players, therefore, the bigger sweet spot helps them to hit a ball.

While, in college-level baseball, the players become good power hitters, and therefore, generally they prefer alloy bats.

Hybrid Bats

The hybrid bats are a combination of two materials: alloy and composite.

As, two materials are used in a single bat, therefore they are two-piece bats.

A good hybrid BBCOR bat can be the one that has a composite handle to dampen the vibrations, and an alloy barrel because an alloy barrel is known for the nice contact with the ball.


There are many brands that manufacture BBCOR Bats. But, a few brands are dominating when it comes to these kinds of bats.

Popular baseball bat brands

Some popular brands are Marucci, DeMarini, Easton, Combat, Louisville Slugger, Rawlings, and a few others.


You can find a BBCOR bat for your high school baseball at a broad price range.

You can expect a good bat for as low as 40$. But, a cheap BBCOR bat can go dead quickly.

As the price increases, the quality also increases.

For your high school or college level league, you can choose a cheap 50 to 60$ bat or you can buy a high-quality BBCOR bat by spending 5 to 6 times more money.

Price of high school bbcor bat

You can find some of the best 2021 high school BBCOR bats in the price range of 60$ to 600$.

This totally depends on your budget, but, if you can spend more than 150 or 200$, then it’ll be a good investment because you’ll feel the difference between a cheap and a high-priced bat.

Final Words

best BBCOR bats for high school and college

These are some of the top-rated BBCOR Certified Bats for High School and College Level Baseball.

If you are in high school, then you can choose a good bat for yourself.

Along with that, there are some other brands that I didn’t mention here like DeMarini, Wilson, Mizuno, and a few others. They also manufacture some high-quality bats that can’t be ignored.

But, I find these bats very popular, high quality, and one of the best drop 3 BBCOR bats for high school players.

So, if you have any questions, then feel free to ask in the comment section, or you can also give some suggestions if you have some information related to this topic.

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