10 Best Pitching Machines for Baseball in 2024

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Looking for the best pitching machine. Well, the search finding is over and you have ended up at the right place. 

I’m here to give you a list of the best pitching machines, that will help you perform very well on the field. 

Let’s get into it! 

Best Overall Pitching Machine

Jugs BP1 Baseball/Softball Combo Machine

The Jugs BP1 pitching machine is the perfect type of pitching machine. The pitching machine comes in a combo and is perfect for any type of training. You get a baseball pitching machine that fires from 15 mph up to 70 mph and comes with the perfect baseball chute. 

You also get a softball machine with short curved legs, with a softball chute. These both are equally perfect to be played on any occasion or any time you wanna try and switch up to what you want to play. The pitching machine also has a digital readout display, so you can figure out what speed you are throwing at. The machine is super easy to set up and very easily portable. These are set up for consistent strikes and set up at realistic release points. 


  • Can fire up to 70 mph 
  • Portable 
  • Comes with both softball and baseball option 
  • Easy setup 


  • Can be problematic to carry both machines everywhere

Best For Small Kids 

Franklin Sports Kids Pitching Machine 

The Franklin Sports Kids pitching machine is absolutely perfect. They are perfect for small kids who are interested in the baseball game. The pitching machine is designed specifically in a way it would be suitable for kids. Pitches are thrown automatically after 7 seconds, this allows them to practice their batting skills efficiently. 

So here comes a very kid-friendly feature, a flashing red indicator shows when the ball pitches, making this easy for kids to prepare their stance from before itself. The angle of your pitch is adjustable, making it a perfect training tool for developing young athletes. The pitching machine comes with six aero-strike baseballs. Therefore making these super easy to work with when kids are playing. Make sure that your kid is using a plastic bat when playing. 


  • Kid-friendly 
  • 7-second pitches 
  • Flashing red indicator for when the next pitch is to be shot 
  • Can store up to 9 balls 


  • Specific balls made for the machine

Best For Youth Baseball 

Louisville Slugger Blue Flame

Wanna train kids who are in the age range of 5 – 12 years old for their next little league game. The Louisville Slugger Blue Flame is the perfect type of pitching machine for youth players. They are quite compatible, with youth players. 

The pitching machine throws any type of pitch, hard balls, fast pitch balls, dimple balls, light flight, plastic, and any type of balls that you’d like. They throw hard balls from 18 mph to almost 45 mph, with easy to adjust speed controls. Throws a level pitch to help teach proper swing mechanics. Extremely accurate for throwing strikes, fly balls, and even grounder balls, this allows kids to practice at a pro level. Therefore you should definitely consider buying this pitching machine for your youth players who aspire to continue playing even in high school. This is also manual and doesn’t have the requirement for electricity 


  • Throws all types of balls 
  • Upto 45 mph in speed 
  • Throws level pitches 
  • A variety of drills can be practiced 


  • Its manual and may work differently rather than ones with electricity 

Best For High School 

Junior Hack Attack 

The Junior Hack Attack is a great pitching machine for high school players, mostly because of its advanced techniques and features that it has. The Junior Hack Attack baseball pitching machine is the major league quality training tool designed to develop the skills of young players.

The Junior Hack Attack has a unique three-wheel design that allows batters or catcher’s like yourself to see the ball clearly. The Junior Hack attack can go up to a speed of 70 mph, which is really great for practicing and improving your skills as a batter or a pitcher. The ball is gripped in three places so the accuracy is extremely great, and they provide great control too. They shoot balls, with a time gap of 5 seconds, which gives an amazing sense of control to batters or even catchers. 

Best For College & Professionals 

ATEC M3X 2.0 Pitching Machine

The ATEC M3X 2.0 machine is perfect as a pitching machine. They give you the ability to get the perfect experience and hone your skills perfectly. While also helping you perform and excel on the field exceedingly.

The machine is designed smaller, better, and more convenient to carry around and quite easy to set up at any place. The best thing about this pitching machine is it can become from a baseball machine to a softball machine in right about minutes. All you’ll have to do is change the motor settings and you are good to go, from practicing baseball to fastpitch softballs. So these are great for both offensive and defensive training. They have three wheels just like the hack attack and this wheel each contributes to a factor, those factors being top speed, accuracy, and spin. This throws up to 90 mph, which is kind of cool and it helios your train like the pros. 


  • Up to 90 mph pitching speed 
  • Can convert to softball training 
  • 360-degree swivel 
  • Top speed, accuracy, and spin


  • The machine is a little on the heavy side 

Most Accurate 

Hack Attack Pitching Machine 

It’s pretty obvious at this point, the hack attack junior is built from the inspiration of the Hack Attack. The Hack Attack has been the OG in the game! The reason is that they have three wheel system, which first contributes to their speed and also contributes equally to their accuracy as well. The three-wheel system allows catchers and pitchers to see the ball being pitched from a distance. 

The Hack Taack pitches are super accurate and perfect. They can pitch to almost 100 mph. The hack attack can swivel and twist around perfectly. They twist perfectly to the positions that you need. They also throw different types of pitches, fastballs, sliders, curveballs, etc. They are super versatile in terms of throwing pitches and providing the best performance. 


  • Different types of pitches 
  • Pitch to almost 100 mph 
  • They can swivel and twist 
  • Durable 


  • The spin of the ball may increase

Best For Batting Cages 

Heater Sports Base Hit 

This pitching machine is specifically designed to train you in the batting cages. This will give you the ability to train exceptionally as a professional batter. They help you swing the bat so efficiently and make that home runs at every shot. 

This machine pitches real baseball, which is honestly a great advantage cause you dint have to invest in separate balls for the machine. They pitch balls from 10 mph up to 45 mph. If you were to buy extra lite baseball balls then they pitch up to 80 mph. The pitching machine can be turned to any position and any angle so that you can make them easily throw fast ground balls or high pop flies. They have an automatic ball feeder, which can hold up to 12 balls and shoots them after every 8 seconds. 


  • Holds up to 12 balls 
  • Has different types of pitches 
  • Throws up to 45 mph for real balls 
  • Throws up to 80 mph for lite baseball balls 


  • Doesn’t have longevity 

Best Single Wheel Pitching Machine

PowerNet Launch F-lite

The PowerNet Launch F-Lite pitching machine is very compatible with any setting and was also made to be extremely easy to work with. So you can always carry these to any of your pitching practices or even use them to get the best of your batting skills.

They have variable speeds from 40 mph to 90 mph, players will get to work on their swings without even the need for a live pitcher. The machine can be easily converted into a baseball machine or even a softball machine, therefore enabling you to get the maximum usage of both games. They give you consistent strikes and fielding use, you can run fielding drills and lion drives to build muscle memory. Thus making these the perfect pitching machine for you to get them on your next splurge. 


  • 12 total balls can be loaded 
  • One machine two sports
  • Variable speed 
  • Consistent strikes 


  • Not durable enough 

Best Two Wheel Pitching Machine

Furlihong 777BH

The Furlihong 777BH provides a whole adjustment from speed, and height to the angle that allows any type of pitch including left-handed breaking balls, right-handed breaking balls, fastballs, slider, and knuckleballs. 

The pitcher machine is quite easy to assemble and can be disassembled easily, so they are easily portable and easy to carry around. They can be out used anywhere with a power supply, they are mostly powered by AC. They have 10-speed gears on both wheels and with their widespread tripod base and weight, it will never shift and always pitches steadily. You should definitely consider buying these for your next purchase. 


  • Powered by AC 
  • 10-speed gears 
  • Widespread tripod 
  • Different types of pitches 


  • Not worth the money 

Best Three Wheel Pitching Machine

Jugs BP3

They have three exposed wheels. Plus, let’s be very honest with ourselves Jugs is really a popular brand in terms of delivering the best performance and making you excel on the field incredibly. 

They throw change-ups from fastballs you can change it up with just the touch of a button using the remote control on the key chain or the manual button located in the control panel. You can change the speed of the pitch with just the movement of the dial. They have patented their tires to give accurate throws and precise throws exactly. They have pinpoint control at your fingertips the most advanced and easy-to-use pitch targeting system ever developed for a pitching machine. So jugs are overall a really great choice for you to choose. 


  • Micro adjustments 
  • Select a pitch dial 
  • Fastball changeup 
  • 90 mph pitch can be thrown 


  • Not a lot of trial and testing 

How to Choose a Pitching Machine 

Does It Throw the Real Balls 

Make sure the pitching machine can support the weight of the softball glove without damaging the wheel or even the ball when you invest in one. Check things with actual balls, not specific balls to throw. in order to avoid having to pay more money to purchase these particular balls. 


It should go without saying that you should try to think about anything portable. You can’t just assume that you can play in your backyard if you’re a player or a coach wanting to train your kids. Consider the importance of portability before making your decision. Consequently, you should aim to visit fields with more open space and better field surface area. Consequently, you can play baseball or even practice making diving catches. 


Choose something inexpensive if you want something informal or if you just want to play around with pitcher machines. However, if you are instructing professionals or even children, get something more expensive. 

How Fast Can It Throw 

It’s pretty evident that you need something to help you decide how to throw, I guess. If you work in a vocation that requires high miles per house, think about it. However, if you are only a beginner, choose a vehicle with a lower speed. 

Auto Feeder or Not 

Choose an auto feeder so you won’t have to deal with the trouble of constantly trying to put the ball or even attempting to collect them as it drops off. 


High accuracy is necessary because it will be challenging to find and work with balls that don’t follow a set trajectory. Finding and catching balls that don’t follow defined trajectories will be extremely challenging. 

What Type Of Balls 

Check the balls that will let you hurl various kinds of balls. You’ll be able to practice quite well as a result. You can practice your fielding skills in a larger area using pitching machines that can toss curve balls, knuckle balls, sliders, and even fastballs.

Battery or Manual 

The pitching power may be hampered by battery-powered pitching machines, but they are an excellent choice to think about. On the other hand, if you opt for a manual or generator-powered pitch, they will provide more power and efficiency. 


Well in the end this all depends completely upon you and what you wanna choose. You should definitely take something that is comfortable for you and your pitching type and style. So you could work with anything unless you are comfortable completely with it.

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