Training Equipments

LS Blue Flame vs. Black Flame Pitching Machine

Have you ever been looking for a pitching machine that will help you through your daily practices into becoming an excellent baseball pitcher?

There are many pitching machines available in the market, but you might have heard of this machine brand we will talk about!

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Best Baseball Pitching Machines {Latest 2022 Models}

When it comes to hitting training, pitching machines can be your best friend. They are used by hitters of all levels to get efficient hitting practices from the comfort of their homes without the need for actual pitchers.

Knowing what type of machine is best for you can help you create an effective workout that will help you master your swing.

This article lists the best pitching machines for baseball that you can buy in 2022.

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Baseball Thumb Guards in 2021: For Hitters & Catchers

At least 40% of MLB professionals wear hitting thumb guard.

It’s a small thumb ring which professionals wear while they’re batting on the field.

But, why do they wear these thumb guards?

Do these thumb guards improve their hitting performance or do they protect their thumbs from getting injured?

Today, you’ll why MLB professionals wear baseball batting thumb guards, and after reading this article, you’ll also want to wear them.

So, let’s get started.

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