6 Best Softball Cleats for Fastpitch Players

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Looking for the best fastpitch cleats for yourself? Looking for something that will make enhance your performance while also giving you enough comfort

Well, the search is now over! I am here to present you with the best women’s softball cleats. 

Let’s get into it!

Best Women’s Softball Cleats

Under Armour Glyde Rm Softball Shoe

Under Armour has always been a fan favorite amongst many. They have everything that you kind of look for in a brand, style, design, and even affordability. They come with really cool designs and styles for a very affordable price range honestly. Now when it comes to their cleats specifically they look absolutely sleek and clean. 

Under Armour as a company has kept in mind its female customer base and has designed its cleats specifically for them in a way that will be comfortable and efficient for women players. They have a molded heel, comfortable fit, and also a breathable mesh toe box. They have a molded sock liner that maintains compression for long-lasting comfort and increased traction as well. They also have a charged cushioning which kind of gives you the boost of speed that you need when you play on the diamond so overall these are a great pair of sneakers you should invest in. 


  • Charged cushioning 
  • Rubber molded cleats 
  • The breathable mesh toe box 
  • Secure heel pocket 


  • Durability is compromised 

Best Youth Softball Cleats

Under Armour Unisex-Child Glyde Softball Shoes

The Under Armour Unisex Child Glyde Softball shoes are great for those people looking for an appropriate pair of cleats that are suitable for youth players. The under armor Unisex Child Gylde softball shoes are catered for youth players and their feet. They have the perfect type of design as well as other features that you desired in your cleats, while still keeping in mind the comfort of the youth players. 

They have a molded heel, textile forefoot, and even breathable mesh for your utmost comfort and other factors as well. Just like any other under armour cleats out there, these have sock liners that give you added comfort and improve traction on the field as well. You also have the charged cushioning that gives you the right amount of speed to charge up and perform your best on the diamond as well. The cleats also come with molded rubber cleats. 


  • TPU for added durability 
  • Molded heel 
  • Rubber cleats 
  • Improved traction 


  • Sizing is not accurate

Best Wide Softball Cleats

New Balance Velo V3 Molded Softball Shoe

New Balance is another great pair of softball cleats they have all the features that you would desire in a softball cleat, while still keeping in mind other different aspects such as durability and comfort as well. The cleats are made out of rubber soles that improve the traction remarkably on the field while giving you enough control and mobility as well. 

They have a combined sole, which features a fresh foam that gives you the ultimate cushioned experience for the comfort that you seek when playing on the field. They also include a mesh upper, which gives you so breathability, so you won’t get that awkward feeling of sweat dripping down your foot. The cleats just like any other cleats have thermoplastic polyurethane which increases the durability of the foot while also giving you the ability to have enough traction and great mobility on the field as well. So definitely go for these cleats if your one for improved traction and great performance on the field as well. 


  • TPU molded cleats 
  • Cushioned insole 
  • Mesh for breathability
  • Durability 


  • Sizing may not be accurate 

Most Comfortable Softball Cleats

Adidas Women’s Pure Hustle 2 Md Softball Shoe

Another amazing pair of cleats are the Adidas Women’s pure hustle 2 Md softball shoe. They come with the type of designs and the features you require when you play softball. Softball shoes should be designed in a way to be able to accommodate the person’s interest as well as innovative features to make you absolutely comfortable when you are on the field. The cleats are made of synthetic material, so that they can be durable for a longer period of time, thus allowing these shoes to sustain the rigors of the field. They have lace closures for a much snugger fit. This will really ensure to keep your shoes in place even when you go for any quick or rough movements. The synthetic upper provides lightweight durability, which once again contributes to your mobility and flexibility on the field. 


  • Lace closure 
  • Lightweight 
  • Improves mobility and flexibility 
  • Comfortable 


  • Synthetic leather can be too hard 

Best Softball Pitching Cleats

Ringor Women’s Flite Molded Pitching Cleat

These shoes are a bit on the pricier side, but honestly, they are the best fastpitch cleats. I mean if you are paying a lot of your bucks for this, you really are getting everything worth your money as well. The features and the design both are sleek and clean which will help you give a much more professional yet sturdy look every time you play on the field. 

The name, FLITE was derived to give the shoe the most lightweight yet resilient look whenever you play on the field. All these characteristics also contribute to your performance by adding speed, agility, and quickness every time you perform on the field. The cleat was designed to give you the first most effective quick step each time you set foot on the diamond. They have a lockdown lacing system that kind of gives you a snug fit. 


  • Aerolite upper 
  • Lacing for a snug fit 
  • Comfort 
  • Lightweight 


  • They are not meant for pitchers 

Best Metal Softball Cleats

Nike Women’s Hyperdiamond 4 Elite Softball Cleats

Nike has always been the best in terms of performance and just overall giving the best for its customer base. It delivers exceptionally while still giving each of its players the right amount of comfort and confidence on the field at the same time. The best about Nike’s sports collection is how it makes each of its products catered to its customer’s base desire, thus giving them maximal satisfaction every time they want to get a product. 

The shoes are made absolutely stunning and stylish to compensate for the needs and satisfaction of most fastpitch softball players. The material is durable and perfect so you can be sure every time you slide across bases or even go for your next diving catch this will stay in place and will be long-lasting as well. While having a durable characteristic, it also has lightweight property as well so this will keep you having enough mobility as well as flexibility on the field. 


  • Long-lasting quality 
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Long-standing name 
  • Promotes good performance on the field. 


  • Not a lot of trial and testing

How to Choose Softball Cleats

You should choose something that will suit the type of field type that you are playing in. The type of field type that you play, all comes down to how the cleat is designed as well. The specific cleat will be designed in a specific way to keep increased traction and grip on the ground. Cleat types are another factor that you must consider when buying the particular softball cleats that are suited for you. There are majorly two different types of cleats, one is metal and the other is molded. The metal cleat will give you increased traction but is typically avoided on school, college, or high school grounds. While on the other hand molded is more versatile and highly preferred and can be worn on any type of ground. 

You must try and find comfortable types of cleats, this will help you reduce the amount of pain and even reduce the risk of injuries as well blisters. So these are certain things that you must consider when buying softball cleats. Ensure that the cleats are snug and not tight or too loose. They should have enough durability and you should make sure that you can slide or even dive with these leats on easily without any hindrance whatsoever. The other thing that you must consider when buying is that it should be easy to wear and should not have complications or difficulties. It’s best to find a brand that is been popular amongst a lot of athletes so that you can choose easily. Do make sure to read the product reviews and if there’s been enough trial and testing done for the product as well. Last but not least check if everything matches your budget choice. 

best softball cleats


So well here are the few things that you must consider when buying the right type of cleats for yourself. Also, the above mentioned cleats are good enough for softball. The above mentioned cleats will work like a charm and will improve your performance drastically while still giving you enough comfort and support the entire that you play on the field. So, I hope this article helped you to understand what’s best suited for you and make you understand the right way to choose your cleats. 

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