Lacrosse Cleats vs Baseball Cleats (A Simple Comparison)

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Wondering whether or not Lacrosse cleats are perfect for you or not, or is possible that you could alternate both? 

Well, I’m here to give you a simple yet efficient comparison between the two and how they are different from each other. 

I’ll get right into it!

Comparison of Lacrosse Cleats and Baseball Cleats

The first thing that you are bound to notice when see both types of cleats. They are the cleat’s design just in general, lacrosse features some sort of a mid-top or high-top design, and this kind of functions in terms of giving mobility to its players. While providing mobility it also gives support and stability to the ankle itself, which is crucial for the physical nature of lacrosse. This higher cut that is present in the lacrosse cleats sort of prevents any injury such as sprains or twists to the ankle, because of the intense movements during the game. When you take a look at baseball cleats just in general, they have a low-top design that kind of gives freedom of mobility for running, sprinting, or any other activity, that you perform when you play baseball. So this allows for increased mobility and enhanced flexibility on the field as well.

The next thing difference between lacrosse and baseball cleats is the way they are just generally configured. Lacrosse players tend to have cleats that are evenly distributed throughout the outsole, this allows them to have enough grip and traction on the field. Some of these cleats also come in a molded or detachable form and therefore they are easy for lacrosse players to change whenever they want to change and use something different on the field instead. In the case of baseball cleats, the configuration of cleats is such that a cleat is present on the toe area for increased acceleration when playing and also giving an explosive start when playing the game. The remaining design on the outsoles of the cleat provides great stability and traction as well. 

Lacrosse cleats are typically designed using durable synthetic materials. These materials are chosen for the ability to withstand the physical demands of the game, providing durability, support, and even flexibility as well. These are all necessary for the multi-directional movements in lacrosse. In terms of baseball cleats, they are commonly made from synthetic material or leather. These synthetic materials offer a balance of comfort, durability, and support while leather cleats are generally for their moldability and their ability to conform to the foot shape as well. Leather cleats provide a more traditional feel but may require a break-in because of their stiff nature. 

Lacrosse cleats often try to provide guards on the front of the toe box and even at the sides to avoid any of the sticks to try and hit the player, whilst they are giving their all on the field. They have reinforced areas around the toe box to ensure that the players are well-protected when playing the game. Baseball cleats may have additional padding or protection around the ankle area. This padding allows you to protect yourself when you slide to other bases or even when you are just simply performing those diving catches as well. This also provides support and ensures that you are protected when doing such movements in baseball. 

The lacrosse cleats are designed for a variety of surfaces including, grass, turf, or even artificial turf. They are designed to enhance the performance of the player while simultaneously, giving them traction, support, and grip on the field as well. When you look at baseball cleats on the other hand. They are normally designed for dirt and grass field since these are the types of fields that baseball is commonly played in. The cleat configuration along with the combination of the materials with which the cleats are made provide excellent grip and traction on these types of surfaces.  

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Can Boys Wear Baseball Cleats to Lacrosse?

Yes, boys can wear baseball cleats to lacrosse. But after the difference that I’ve stated above it’s a best guess to say that this might give you sort of a different result than what you’d expect on a baseball ground. Lacrosse and baseball grounds are completely different and each of these cleats is equally different as well. They have different configurations and they also have other properties that differ from most lacrosse cleats. From the design to the protection and even to the way both of them are designed on the field they are completely different. So it might be easy to use it on the field but it is best to consult with your team’s rules and regulations.


Well there you have it, these are the few key differences you must keep in mind between lacrosse cleats and baseball cleats. They both serve different field types and each of them has different properties as well. So it’s best to buy the specific type of cleats for the specific type of sport that you play. 


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