7 Best Youth Baseball Gloves for Comfort & Quality

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You’re probably wondering what are the best youth baseball gloves you could give your kid. The baseball industry has the best gloves out there, but what would be flawless in terms of delivering performance?

Well, fret not! Because I have here with me some of the best baseball gloves in terms of comfort and quality. And also which baseball gloves are good for infielders and outfielders. 

Hopping into it right away!

Our Top Picks

Best Tee Ball Glove for 3 to 5 Years Old: Rawlings Sure Catch T-Ball Glove

Best Glove for 5 to 7 Years Old: Rawlings Player Series Youth Glove

Best Glove for 8 to 10 Years Old: Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Glove

Best Glove for 11 & 12 Years Old: Wilson A500 Youth Glove

Best Premium Youth Glove: Nokona S-100I Alpha Glove

Best Tee Ball Glove for 3-5 Years Old 

Rawlings Sure Catch T-Ball Glove 

One can never go wrong with Rawlings and to start your kids with Rawlings is moreover the best choice. Rawlings doesn’t miss a beat when delivering the best customer service, giving them the crown in the industry of baseball gloves. 

If you are looking for something perfect for your 5-year-old,  then this is your best bet. These come with a perfect specification meant for 5-year-olds, making it almost design perfect for them. This enables them to somehow be able to work with glove-friendly material at an early age, giving them the joy to play the game. They are lightweight which is the most important factor and they break in super quick so they come game ready right out of the box. 

Your 5-year-olds are sure to thoroughly enjoy these gloves, because of the material with which they are made. Moreover, they have an extra added feature known as the “Sure Catch Technology” which allows them to grip the ball as soon as when they put it on the first time. 


  • Great for 5 year old 
  • Good Quality leather 
  • Good break-in 
  • Sure Catch Technology 


  • Longevity and Durable compromised 

Best Glove for 5 to 7 Years Old

Rawlings Player Series Youth Glove

The Rawlings Player Series Youth Glove is another series of gloves that are specifically designed for this age group they are absolutely performance worthy and are stunningly designed to cater to the small-hand players. 

The gloves come in both good hand orientations, giving you the ability to choose what’s best for 5 years or 7-year-old. The gloves come in 10 inches which is awesome if you ask me because they come in a specific size, which is suitable for infielders. The glove is made to easily close, the shell is designed to be soft and pliable which also allows young athletes to close and control while learning the game. 

The lightweight vinyl material allows them to have a lightweight property. These have a basket web for learning the basics at any position.  


  • 10-inch gloves perfect for size perfection
  • Lightweight Vinyl 
  • Super affordable 
  • Pliable shell 


  • Durability may be compromised

Best Glove for 8 to 10 Years Old 

Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Glove 

The Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Gloves series is another great glove. Anything that is Rawlings doesn’t compromise one bit in trying to deliver what’s the best. The gloves are suitable for 8-year-olds and are catered to their play style and performance.

The gloves are the best 11-inch baseball gloves. They come in both hand orientations so your kids can choose what’s right for your kid. The gloves come in different styles and colors that are perfect for 8-year-old kids. They have a Pro-I web, which is perfect for enhanced visibility on the field. They have an all-leather shell and palm lining providing a comfortable feel and added shock reduction making this a safe and reliable option for a lot of young players, especially 8-year-olds. 

They also have a lightweight property, the lightweight textured vinyl makes it easy to close and control the glove. The break-in of the glove is about 90% from the factory and 10% will be done by the kids. Therefore allowing enough flexibility with the glove. 


  • Lightweight design 
  • Good enough Break-in 
  • 11-inch baseball glove 
  • Perfect for 8-year-olds 


  • Can be a little tough for younger players 

Best Glove for 11 & 12 Years Old

Wilson A500 Youth Glove 

The Wilson A500 series is an absolute steal for youth players or beginners who are just getting the basics of baseball down. Whilst learning various other things about the game. The glove is specially catered to those who want to grasp everything there is to know, but also learn to use the right glove. 

The glove comes in 11.5 inches which makes them quite perfect if you ask me. The gloves are meant to deliver in terms of performance and design as well. They are made as an all-purpose glove also commonly known as an utility glove. It has different webbings like the I-web, the H-web, and even a closed web, for each different type of glove. The gloves come in different styles and colors to choose from, so this makes them a youth-friendly type of glove. 


  • Perfect size specification 
  • Different webbing options 
  • Adjustable fit wrist 
  • Top grain leather 


  • Not made for specific positions 

Best Premium Youth Glove

Nokona S-100I Handcrafted Alpha Glove 

If your 12-year-old or 8-year-old is already playing quite seriously and already has a burning love and desire for the game. Well, then these gloves are a great choice to gift them. The Nokona s-100I, come with exquisite properties as well as a fancy material finish to them. 

The gloves come in both hand orientations making them great to work with. The gloves are meant for fielding and come in with a size specification of 10.5 inches which are honestly really great to work with for young kids. The gloves have an I web which improves visibility on the field for various fielding positions. The gloves are quite lightweight enabling youth players to be able to easily handle them, giving them enough flexibility and mobility. 


  • Clean finish look 
  • Enough flexibility 
  • I web 
  • Lightweight property 


  • Heavy on the pricing side

Other Best Gloves for Youth Baseball

Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Youth Glove 

The Mizuno Prospect series is one of the best gloves out there in terms of design. They have a butter-soft liner for that increased durability and comfort. They also have pigskin leather that increases their durability. They have another sort of technology present in them known as the Mzo lining, what this does is they absorb all of the perspiration, which sometimes doesn’t allow you to concentrate on the field. 

They come in both hand orientations making them awesome for anyone and everyone. Moreover, Mizuno gloves are trusted by many people and youth players, they come in an affordable range, making these quite easy to try and buy and experiment with different options. Or if you’re looking for something beginner friendly then this glove is perfect for small hands and is the best baseball youth glove out there. 


  • Perfect size for small hands 
  • Affordable 
  • Good quality leather 


  • Might have problems with longevity 

Franklin Tee Ball Infinite Glove  

The Franklin Tee Ball Infinite series are gloves made for youth players, who are in the ages of 5 years, 8 years, or even 12-year-olds. They are catered to fit a lot of the smaller hands giving them freedom and flexibility to move quite easily. 

The gloves come with a size specification of 10.5 which is suitable for youth players in the mentioned age group. They come in both hand orientations. They have shok sorb padding to reduce those hard impact balls pitted towards you. As well as they are quite functional and lightweight. These are made for quite ideal young tee ball players. They come in different styles and fun colors for kids to choose from. 


  • Lightweight 
  • 10.5 inches 
  • Catered for small hands 
  • Affordable 


  • May not have a long-lasting quality 

How To Choose Youth Baseball Gloves

There are a few factors to consider when buying these gloves and those factors are as follows: 

Best baseball gloves for youth

Glove size 

You should try and consider the glove size based on the age of your kid. Something that will be easy for them to work with as well as give them enough mobility, stability, and flexibility to work with. Their performance shouldn’t hinder in the slightest when working with these gloves. Therefore getting the right size is an absolute must. 


The glove size and position should match. They should both be considered when choosing the right glove. If you are in the infield position or the outfield position or even the catcher position all these types of glove sizes have different size specifications that they require. 


If you are looking for something not so permanent and maybe this is just a thing your kid does for fun then you should consider buying something cheap. But if your kid is super serious and into sports then you should consider getting something expensive and full-time. 

Break in Period

Gloves that have a flexible break-in period should be considered as kids might want to use them as soon as possible. The gloves need to be absolutely easy to use and comfortable therefore having a break-in beforehand is much preferred. 

User Reviews

You should try and consider gloves that are often used by other people or customers who have purchased and used these gloves. You might wanna consider some of the factors that they have given in their reviews like durability, and performance based on their experience. 


If you are trying to buy gloves, another factor to consider is adjustability since these are gloves for youth players, they have small hands and the adjustability factor is much needed in this domain. 

Brand Reputation 

One should consider the brand’s longstanding name and how its customer base. Each brand has a specific style and way they make their gloves for their customers. Therefore, you should definitely put this factor into consideration. 


In the end, this all depends on what type of gloves you want and how you want them to cater to your taste and play style. These are just a few gloves that I’ve narrowed down that are the best in their own category. To search in a pool of gloves might be a bit confusing, so look for something that’s reasonable and affordable at the same time. 

So try and consider looking at some narrowed-down options rather than an entire cluster of them. 

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