6 Best Youth Softball Gloves for Small Hands

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So you just asked your girls to join the little league softball team, to try and hone their skills. But you’re not sure what gloves would be the best for them. 

Well, here I have a few categories listed below stating the best glove for youth baseball. 

So without any further ado, let’s get into it! 

Best T-Ball Glove for 3 to 6 Year Old

Rawlings Remix T-Ball Glove

Rawling will forever and always steal our hearts and always steal the top of every list. It’s because Rawlings dedicates to making the best and perfect glove catered to your style and to your liking. Moreover, Rawlings sure knows how to feed its customer base easily by knowing their desire and needs. They try to fulfill this and that’s why it’s generally one of the favorite brands out there. 

The Rawlings Softball gloves are perfect and come in great color options and styles so that you can choose what your girl loves best for her. The glove doesn’t have any specific size and is mostly a utility glove fit for any fastpitch softball position. They have a basket web and a pliable shell to work with. 

utility softball glove for children


  • Perfectly catered towards young kids 
  • Have many style options 
  • Pliable shell 
  • Utility glove 


  • Can get easily worn and torn 

 Best Softball Glove For 7 to 9 Years Old

Rawlings Sure Catch Softball Glove 

Well, no big-brainer again we have the Rawlings Sure Catch Softball glove on our list.  It’s pretty obvious why we recommend Rawlings a lot, Rawlings makes sure that each of its customers is highly satisfied, even including young girls. They have customized gloves that are catered to the taste and style of young girls, therefore they can have a sense of attachment to the baseball game. 

The color choices on these gloves are limited but still really beautiful and catered to young girls’ tastes. The gloves come in both hand orientations for girls this is a great way to choose what’s best for your girls at a young age. The gloves come in 10 inches, but there are other sizes available to choose from that are suitable for kids in this age group. They are great utility starter gloves. They are super durable and lightweight, making them last you for a good couple of seasons.


  • Great starter utility glove 
  • Lightweight 
  • Affordable 
  • Easy break-in 


  • Highly compromised longevity

Best Softball Glove for 10 to 12 Years Old

Easton Ghost Flex Youth Softball Glove 

Easton like many other glove companies out there has been committed to delivering excellent performance and catering to your play style. At such a critical age, where children are easily molded by the way they play and their general perspective about baseball, these gloves will work the charm. The gloves will give them a sense of perfectionism while also catering to their playstyle, and giving them joy of playing the game. 

They are made especially for youth fastpitch softball players, the gloves are easy to squeeze so your girls won’t have the problem to try and close and open the glove. They also have an adjustable wrist strap and are super lightweight to work with therefore they make a great glove for small hands and the best softball glove for 10u and even a great 12u softball glove. 


  • Great for 10 years to 12 years 
  • Lightweight 
  • Adjustable 
  • Easy to close and open 


  • Can have issues with longevity 

Other Best Youth Softball Gloves 

Wilson A550 Siren Fastpitch Softball Glove 

Well there you have it, I know most of you were waiting for a Wilson option and here it is. The Wilsons are another great brand that Id recommend for youth fastpitch softball players. These gloves come in three different sizes all catered to fit your girls properly. They come in 11.5, 12, and even 12.5 inches. The gloves come in both hand orientations so you can choose what’s best for your kid. 

The glove come with an elastic wrist, which is great because it would be so much easier to work with when playing the game and it wouldn’t cause any hindrance. They come in a sturdy X2-modified web. They come in their classic pro stock leather, so you can be sure to trust their quality and the way they design these gloves to cater to your kids needs perfectly. 


  • Quick fit wrist 
  • Perfect for all positions 
  • Comes in perfect sizes 
  • Made of good leather 


  • Not a lot of trial and testing done 

Mizuno Prospect Finch Youth Softball Glove

Another great option for girls who are 8 and above. These gloves come in a great sizing option that’s suitable for anyone between ages 8 and above. The gloves are designed by the player Jennie Finch, therefore, making them really stunning and altogether amazing just to look at. They have a butter-soft palm lining, for increased durability, feel, and comfort. 

The gloves have an air mesh back that gives enough breathing space for your kids, therefore allowing them to play within the rigors of the game. These are just the perfect choice for your young players who are ready to show off their skills on the field and grab some more even! 

comfortable youth softball glove


  • Durability 
  • Comfort 
  • Air mesh 
  • Designed by a softball player 


  • The glove can be a little hard to work with 

Franklin Sports Fastpitch Softball Glove 

Well last but not least we have Franklin on this list. Now these Franklin gloves honestly really stunned me, they did a beautiful job to capture the aspect and details of everything that a young girl would desire in her baseball gloves. From the pop of color to the sizing this glove brings it all out on the table!

The gloves are in both hand orientations and have 11-inch size specifications making these perfect for youth players. The gloves come in two different color options which have this electric look, which makes them look all the more jaw-dropping. Along with that, some of the other features are its lightweight mesh design, adjustable wrist, and soft pocket all these contribute to giving the best performance for a youth player who is just starting. 


  • Adjustable 
  • Soft pocket 
  • Lightweight 
  • Facilitate quick hands on the field 


  • Feels stiffer than usual gloves 


Well in conclusion there are specific choices that you can make in terms of buying your kids the perfect gloves to hone their skills and perfect them on the field. But these gloves will work like magic and will help your kids to give their absolute best on the field. 

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