5 Best Slow Pitch Softball Gloves for Outfield: With Reviews (in 2019)

Buying a good outfield slow pitch glove in 2019 is still as difficult as a few years ago.


Because you need to do a lot of research.

If you’re buying your first slow-pitch outfield glove, then make sure to take a look at the size. The slow pitch gloves are larger in size as compared to the fastpitch gloves.

The size is not the only thing that makes a glove the ‘best slow pitch glove for outfielders’.

You need to consider a lot of things like

  • Webbing
  • Leather quality
  • Pocket size
  • Break in period
  • And a few more

I suggest you read the whole article, but beware it’s a long article.

So, if you don’t want to read each & everything written here, then the next section is perfect for you where I’ve recommended the perfect outfielder’s slow pitch glove for softball.

Let’s find out.

My Personal Recommendation

It’s 2019, and the competition is very hard. So, along with your skills, you also need to spend on a good slowpitch glove.

If I have to recommend you just one slow pitch softball glove for the outfield position, then I’ll go with Wilson A360 Slowpitch Glove.

As a slow pitch outfielder, your glove will be larger in size as compared to the fastpitch glove.

This Wilson A360 is of perfect size.

Whether you throw with the right hand or left hand, you can find this glove for your both hands.

The deep pocket along with the closed V-lace web makes the catching of the ball easier.

The Velcro wrist strap is another great feature that can’t be ignored because this extremely feature is not available in all the slow pitch gloves. You can easily adjust the according to your hand by using the wrist strap.

It is tried & tested by many slow pitch players and it comes at an affordable price.

So, make sure to take a look at the customer reviews of Wilson A360 Glove before moving to any decision.

Softball Gloves for Different Positions

Different Fielding Positions

Just like baseball, in softball also, there are different positions, and for each of them, you can find a separate glove with specific features required for that position.

So, let’s know about some different positions, and what type of gloves are good for them.


Just like the catcher in baseball, the softball catcher is also different as compared to other players on the field. Catcher has its own importance.

The catcher has to stay on the back of the hitter where he has to catch all the pitches that are missed by the hitter.

You can’t use the slowpitch outfielder’s glove for the catching position because the catcher’s glove has more padding as compared to the outfielder’s glove.

The reason behind more padding is that the catcher has to catch balls at a high speed more frequently. If there is not enough padding, then the glove may fall apart quickly and the lack of padding can also cause pain to the hands of catcher due to the frequent catching of fastballs.


The infielder gloves are shorter and smaller in size as compared to the gloves for the outfield position.

This is because the players at infield position have to reach the ball quickly so that they can throw the ball.

For that purpose, if you notice, you’ll find that the infielder gloves have a shallow & open pocket.


Slowpitch Softball Pitcher

Pitcher’s gloves are more comfortable as compared to other gloves because these gloves don’t need much padding. They are also made with the lightweight materials to reduce the weight, and to help the pitcher to throw with maximum speed.

The pitcher’s glove can also be slightly larger in size as compared to the slowpitch outfielder’s glove along with the closed webbing so that the pitcher can hide the ball from the hitter, and prevents the guessing of the pitch.


Softball Outfielder Glove

The slowpitch softball outfield gloves are big in size so that the players can easily catch high flying softballs.

Due to this requirement, the outfielding gloves are deeper and longer as compared to the infielding gloves.

The H-Web and Trapeze web are the two popular webbing designs that you can find in the outfield gloves.

Things to Consider Before Buying Slowpitch Softball Gloves

Best Slow Pitch Softball Glove for Outfield

Image Taken By Michel Dangmann


When buying a slowpitch glove, then durability is one of the most important things that players consider.

If you go to any store or e-commerce store, they say each and every glove is durable. But, how to find which one is more durable?

The durability of an outfield glove depends on the leather quality. Generally, synthetic leather is easy to break in, but may not last for years.

While gloves that are made with the high-quality leather can lasts for several years.

This is the major difference between a 50$ glove and a 200$ glove.

The inexpensive gloves also offer good grip, deep pocket, and enough padding, but the main difference is about their durability.

The expensive gloves can last for years, and therefore, if you are purchasing a high-priced slowpitch glove, then you may not need to buy another one for several years.

Right Hand Throw vs. Left Hand Throw

There are some players who throw with their left hand, therefore they need a glove for their right hand.

While some players throw with their right hand, therefore they need a glove for their left hand.

On the major e-commerce websites like Amazon, you can find gloves for both the hands.

Therefore, when purchasing your slowpitch glove, make sure you check the right glove for your hand because the right-hand glove is different from the left-hand glove.

Best Softball Glove for Slowpitch

Image Taken by Kong

On most of the websites, it is clearly mentioned in the product description that it is for “Right Hand” or for “Left Hand”.

You can find gloves for your left hand as “Right Hand Throw” or “Left Hand Glove”.

While the gloves for right hand are mentioned as “Left Hand Throw” or “Right Hand Throw”.

How Long to Break In

The break-in is a major factor that must be considered before purchasing a slowpitch glove.

Generally, the inexpensive gloves are made with synthetic leather, and those gloves are easy to break in. While the expensive gloves are made with the high-quality leather, and therefore these gloves last much longer than the inexpensive gloves.

The expensive gloves can also take some time for break-in.

Before purchasing any slowpitch softball glove, check the product description whether it is already broken in up to some extent from the factory or not.

You can also read the reviews to check whether this glove is easy to break in or not.

Deep Pocket (Pocket Area)

Deep Pocket Glove

If you take a look at the outfield glove, you’ll find that they all are of the deep pocket.

The purpose of a deep pocket in the outfield’s glove is to make it easier for the players to catch softballs.


Popular Softball Brands

There are many brands that manufacture high-quality softball gloves. But, there are some brands that are more successful in manufacturing slowpitch gloves as compared to others.

Some popular brands are DeMarini, Wilson, Miken, Mizuno, and a few others.

When it comes to the outfield gloves, then Wilson, Rawlings, and Miken are top 3 brands that young players prefer as compared to other brands like Mizuno, Louisville Slugger etc.


When buying a glove, make sure you purchase the perfect size for yourself.

If the glove is of big size as compared to your hand, then this will not be comfortable as the glove should be.

While a glove shorter in size is also not good for you.

The slow pitch softball glove for the outfield position is slightly larger in size as compared to the other positions.

But, don’t purchase a large glove by hoping that it’ll help you to take catches easily.


How much slowpitch gloves cost?

Price is a big point that is the number one thing that most people check.

Generally, you can find some good slowpitch softball gloves under 100$.

But, there are also some really high-quality outfield gloves which are more expensive than 100$.

As the price increases, the quality of a glove increases.

In most of the gloves, the price of a glove decides the durability of a glove. As the high-priced gloves are made with pigskin leather or from the leather of exotic animals, so these gloves can last for years.

While the gloves that you purchase at a price of less than 100$, those gloves are good & comfortable but they may not last for years. They can also work for you for some seasons, but not for 4 to 5 years.

Wrist Strap

Adjustable Strap Feature

The wrist strap is a really helpful feature, but this is not a necessary functionality for everyone.

The wrist strap can be used to tighten or loosen the fitting of a softball glove.

In many softball gloves, whether they’re for outfield or infield, you will not find this feature. But, this is a really helpful feature that makes your slowpitch softball glove far more comfortable than ever.

But, as I told you earlier, this is a feature which you may not find in many gloves.

So, if you don’t find this feature, but you like the overall glove, then don’t reject it just because of the absence of a wrist strap.

Best Slowpitch Softball Gloves for Outfield

Top Rated Slowpitch Softball Gloves

Wilson A360 Slowpitch Glove

Wilson’s A360 model is one the best gloves for outfielders you can purchase in 2019. It is an excellent score for both beginners and intermediate softball players, but players with more experience and competition would likely look and desire glove with additional features.

Despite this little downside, it comes with an economical and perfect for your kids to make use of during practice. Purchasing this product at that affordable price won’t come with regrets; the glove is top notch and made with the high-quality material.

Key Features and Design

Wilson has always been known to put hand orientation into consideration each time they make their gloves. It is also perfect irrespective of your hand orientation: right and left-hand throws.

The slow pitch glove is constructed of pure leather with an extremely soft feeling. This shows that Wilson A360 will not provide you with a durable glove but also maximal protection and

The material for this glove is pure leather, but it feels very soft meaning that you will get not only a durable glove but also maximum protection and coziness.

It is imperative that you are of the size of a glove before making a purchase. Wilson made the glove about 14 inches so it fits appropriately when used by most adults. So, it’s perfect for the outfield position. However, some might find this product a little bigger.

Wilson A360 glove has the following attributes: high-quality leather material, pocket depth, and design, and the padding, which all sum up to make it a perfect glove for any ideal playing positions aside from the batter position.

This softball glove, Wilson A360, seems to appeal players looking for a large-sized softball glove due to its split hinge web. Aside from the large size, the web design enhances a better feel of the softball while playing.

When it comes to slow pitch, a glove excellent in its design, size, and style make it more right for slowpitch softball.


  • Available for both throws: left and right-hand
  • This glove can be used for any softball positions on the field
  • It does not feel heavy rather very light and cozy when worn in your hand
  • The glove usually takes about a few days to break in
  • This glove is constructed using topnotch, world-class comfortable paddings available on market today
  • It has a very reasonable, economical price tag
  • Wilson had all gloves in the A360 Series long lasting
  • A360 series have all gloves looking stylishly and very artistically appealing
  • Perfect for the outfield play


  • When vigorously used; Laces start giving issues: they don’t stay intact anymore
  • If you looking to make it more durable then you will work on the stitching
  • Some softball players find the fact that the glove coming from China disturbing
  • Although the glove breaks in quickly, it may still feel a little bit stiff
  • The sizes are not as exact as described in their description

The Verdict

A great score from Wilson, readily available to all irrespective of your budget. The glove may not be for professional players but still, offer quality service making it a well-priced slow pitch glove.

It is a great choice if you are not certain of the position you want to play, Wilson A360 can help you adapt to any softball positions. The glove was designed to be versatile and catch up with your requirements anytime.

With great features that a young player needs, this is my number one recommendation for the outfield glove.

In this year, they have made some improvements that make it even better for the outfield position.

Easton Salvo Slowpitch Glove

The Easton Salvo is probably better addressed as a bat, however, the Salvo name can also be used to mean softball glove. The Salvo slowpitch glove is an excellent pick for players playing the slowpitch softball.

The Easton Salvo glove is very soft and reliable, which are the benefits most players watch out for when trying to have their skills increased.

Key Features and Design

Easton design Salvo series using a leather – 365 steer hide, which provides you with durability and comfort. This both still do not affect how structurally complete the softball glove is.

Salvo has a double deep pocket feature making the glove remarkable. This feature is deeper and broader, which makes it very easy to both catch and keep softballs.

The Lock Down wrist strap provides you with a way to have the glove perfectly secured and fit comfortably regardless of the different hand sizes.

Has VRS padding on the glove palm that aid attenuation of shock and rebounds. Hence you get utmost comfort.

Easton adopts a strategical mesh design making the gloves lighter and flexible without hassle.


  • Has 365 steer hide leather making it soft and more durable
  • Decent palm padding which your hand protect against rebounds and absorb shock.
  • Softball players will love the wider and deeper pocket.
  • Awesome snagging line shots and shagging fly balls
  • It is also perfect for players with large hands.
  • Custom and secure fit using the Lock Down adjustable strap
  • Comes in both left and right-handed throwers.
  • Lighter and flexible due to awesome mesh inserts.


  • Quite stiff when purchased
  • Break-in time takes a bit longer
  • The material inside amass a lot of sweat
    According to customers – material wrinkles after a while

The Verdict

Easton Salvo Elite Series is another world class and highly reliable slow pitch softball glove. It is a great choice for individuals with slowpitch.

Although it comes with a smaller price tag when compared to other slowpitch gloves, the glove offers standard features making it awesome for those looking for an entry or mid-end glove.

Easton is also considered as a good manufacturer for the softball bats & gloves. But, if we talk about 2019, then Wilson is way ahead as compared to the Easton, if we talk about outfield glove for slow pitch.

Miken KO Series Slowpitch Glove

The Miken has an awesome slowpitch series – Koalition series (shortened KO series), day after day they appear to capture softball players interest with its great features.

Miken has been in the sports industry for a long time, they are popularly known for the great featured bats, however now they have come up with a standard glove to give you the desired fun and satisfaction.

Stylish Slowpitch Outfielding Gloves

Key Features and Design

Mikan made all KO series with USA leather with a full-grained shell, making the glove reliable, soft, light and comfortable.

Miken uses PORON technology, a technology to have the glove padding in the palm to reduce the increase to avoid hand sting.

Poron XRD Palm Pads in the glove helps you handle any effects of Ball impact like shock.

The KO gloves fit a bit smaller to size but are overall very comfortable once broken in.


  • Synthetic
  • Soft & Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Full-Grain Leather Shell for Game-Ready feel
  • Palm padding to give more protection
  • Great glove for a well-priced product
  • Priced in the mid-tier but you still get some excellent quality leather – although may not be top-tier premium leather, still very durable and will hold up well for multiple seasons.
  • Overall very nice look and feel


  • Takes a bit more time to break in
  • Fits slightly small to size

The Verdict

The popular brand, Miken, was able to achieve this high level of popularity because of their bats. Meanwhile, the Koalition line of gloves is a decent option for softball players at the outfield position wanting to get a new great slow pitch glove.

In recent years, Miken has gained some popularity. Now, in 2019, they are becoming one of the top choices for the softball players.

DeMarini Diablo Softball Glove

One feature that makes DeMarini Diablo is the fact that the glove is perfect for both baseball and slowpitch. However, it performs better as a slow pitch softball glove due to.its large and deep pocket dimension and mesh inserts.

Key Features and Design

DeMarini Diablo uses topnotch leather –  ECCO leather to come up with this awesome score. ECCO leather help make certain that you feel cozy and comfortable immediately after purchase.

The slowpitch glove does not accumulate sweat from fingers and wrist. The Dri-lex breathable lining takes care of not only that but also has a palm reinforcement that decreases stinging.

Outfield Glove for Softball

Image taken by Michel Dangmann

Another feature is it decent leather which makes it a game-ready glove with minimal broken-in. Hence, you don’t have to wait hours before use.


  • Soft, cozy and broken in immediately out of its package
  • Very reasonably priced and not too pricey
  • Great glove for beginner or amateurs
  • Perfect for those with players with large hands
  • Comfortable shock-absorbent palm padding
  • Dri-lex breathable wrist and finger lining to reduce gloves from amassing sweat.
  • Can be used at the outfield position


  • Not the most topnotch leather.
  • May not be perfect for smaller hands.

The Verdict

If you looking for slow pitch glove that doesn’t have your wallet drained or blown up –  DeMarini is the right score in 2019.
The glove is game-ready, without an existing break-in period. Conclusively, it is a great glove at a decent price, with fewer dislikes.

Mizuno: Premier Slowpitch Glove

Mizuno, over the years, has proven himself to all softball players why they earned a spot as one of the best and leading brand in the slowpitch softball glove industry.

The slow pitch softball glove, GPM, has both style and durability integrated with the newest technology. It ensures that all players do not only find this glove comfortable, productive but also economical.

The use of GPM isn’t limited to use as a slowpitch softball but also ideal as a fastpitch softball glove. This is an amazing glove with enormous benefits, which has made it possible to become well-known and used among most softball players today.

Key Features and Design

Quality material

The GPM is constructed with a full grain leather shell. This provides you with the assurance needed to be certain that the glove will serve you for a longer duration once you break it in.


It adopts a web form known as Arched Tartan Web. One thing about this web form is the fact that makes this slow pitch softball glove equally ideal for fastpitch softball.

ParaShock Palm Pad gives you that excellent and ensuring safety by making sure you get fewer softball shocks and rebounds.


The GPM 1403 also has an extra deep, inmost pocket, which makes the glove ideal for play in any positions in slow pitch. It can use be used at most playing positions in fastpitch.

Adjustable Wrist Strap

PowerLock Adjustability offers you a very quick and also one of the highly secure fits you need or looking forward to from any slowpitch softball glove. There is another advantage to this PowerLock Adjustability – it makes sure that the GPM  glove fits every different hand sizes without problems.


It is a 14” inch glove. Its size enables it to be an excellent choice for both adult slowpitch and fastpitch softball players.


Premier GMP 1403 has an awesome design – open back, which has earned it as of top quality gloves and most softball players choice today. This is because Premier GMP 1403 makes it fit any hand sizes.


  • The glove is made with full grain leather for utmost toughness and lastingness Shell.
  • It is also constructed with Parashock palm pad to have all repeated shocks absorbed. This helps to heighten comfort and protection the glove offers.
  • Designed to have Mesh inserts in glove, in order to have the glove weight decreased for a wonderful playtime.
  • With the aid of a polyurethane power lock strap, the glove gives a customized fit.
  • An economical price makes it a perfect choice for smaller budgets.
  • It has all the features that a good outfielder’s slow pitch glove need.


  • Minute time to break-in to get this glove game-ready.
  • Not every softball player find the Open-back design pleasing.

The Verdict

This topnotch slow pitch softball glove is certain to offer you world class experience. Are you a recreational softball player with the desire for an excellent glove at a great price? Then, this is a perfect choice for you.

Final Words

On the above, I’ve mentioned some of the top-rated slowpitch gloves for the players at the outfield position that you can try in 2019.

But, for 2019, my number one recommendation is Wilson A360. It is an excellent glove, which is why it was becoming most player’s choice lately. It is great, cozy, and durable over a lot of seasons.

What your pick is, do not forget to have fun with it!

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