Can Baseball Pitchers Wear Sunglasses?

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So you’re a baseball pitcher and you’re wondering whether or not you are allowed to sunglasses on the field? Does the sunlight hinder your vision and perception completely? 

Well, look no more because here I have an article on whether or not you can wear sunglasses or not on the field. 

Let’s get into it!

‘Wear’ the Shades Or ‘Chuck’ The Shades 

Can you wear the shades on the field, it’s a question I’m pretty sure you must have thought several times in your head. I know that feeling, that struggling feeling of squinting your eyes on the field and not being able to see where you are pitching the ball or not. So well here’s the answer to the question you’ve been looking for your entire time. 

Yes, baseball pitchers can definitely wear sunglasses when they are on the field. Sunglasses will protect the player from the sun’s glare. The sun’s glare will affect the ability to see the target clearly therefore you are allowed to wear it on the field. Many pitchers tend to wear it mainly to reduce the strain on their eyes and improve their visibility when they are playing on the field. 

However with every right there is always a twist, there are certain rules and regulations on what to use when you’re playing the games on the field. The sunglasses should not distract the batter or should not hinder the batter when they are playing on the field. This should not give the pitcher the upper hand when they are playing on the field and should not obscure their eyes or create a reflecting surface either way. The umpire has all the right to ask you to remove your glasses if they do seem to be inappropriate when they are playing on the field. 

What Type Of Glasses To Be Worn When Playing 

Try to find something that is non-distracting, the glasses should not be overly flashy, distracting, or even draw too much attention as well. They should have a minimal and sleek look rather than something you’d wear to your next neon party! No, but in all seriousness do get something that won’t be way too flashy. 

glasses for pitchers in baseball

Clear lenses are another criteria one must follow to try and find something that’s not way too condensed or have like flashy blue or green lenses. Find something very minimal and super sleek at the same time, they should be clear or even lightly tinted. Darkly tinted lenses or mirror lenses are often not allowed as they can obscure the eyes and potentially make it difficult for batters to pick up the pitcher’s intention or release point. 

The lenses should also be nonreflective, glasses with highly reflective surfaces or not generally permitted. They can create distracting reflections for the batters or the infielders. The lenses should have an anti-reflective coating or be designed in a way that minimizes glare. So there you go another reason you should be careful about. 

The last valid reason is the safety standards that must be followed when you are playing on the field as a pitcher. In certain cases one must follow the safety standards that are presented by the association or team managements, this ensures to protect the eyes of the pitcher from any potential injury. This can include having lenses made of shatterproof materials. 


Well so there you go, there are a few rules that you must follow when playing on the field as a pitcher. Try to follow things appropriately and ask your association and other people for consultation when buying the right sunglasses for yourself. 

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