Can You Use Real Baseballs In A Pitching Machine

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Wondering whether or not your pitching machine will be compatible to use real baseballs or not? Would it harm the machine? Or would it harm the ball? Pretty sure these questions are going on in your head 

Well, I’m here to clear all those doubts and confusion because I have an article, about all the things you need to know about pitching machines. 

Let’s get into it! 

To Use Or Not To Use Your Real Baseballs

Well, the answer is fairly simple if you have bought an expensive machine, you can surely use your real baseball in them. Some machines come with features and a great set of machinery as well to sort of handle the roughness and hardness of a baseball. So yea! You can definitely use these each time you set out on the field for a short practice or even just a casual day, where you want to have some fun with your pitching machine. 

Few Factors You Should Consider When Using Real Baseballs

Of course, there is a twist to each and everything that is stated, well although you can use your real baseballs in the pitching machine you should consider some of the factors before using them. Some machines might be compatible and some machines might just have balls that you can use specifically with their machine. So here are a few factors to consider when using a real baseball: 

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The Machines Compatibility 

So the first thing to consider is whether the machine is compatible or not. As I said before some of the machines are simply designed to use synthetic or dimpled balls for the purpose of practice. If you were to use your real baseballs you could potentially damage the machine or you could even damage the ball itself. So you should be careful to consider what type of pitching machine you have. Be sure to read the specifications or even an instruction manual. 

The Safety Factor 

It is of utmost importance to check whether the pitcher or the batter is placed in a safe position away from the pitching machine. Make sure that even the setup of the machine is done correctly and follow the instruction manual for the right type of setup. After doing all this test it out without the presence of any person there, once you feel it’s enough you can proceed to use it for practice. 

Ball Condition 

Real baseballs have the tendency to get scuffed or even damaged over time. This affects their performance and accuracy,  which might cause you a bit of a problem when you are playing or even when you’re just practicing. Discard any type of balls that are excessively worn or damaged. 

Regulation Balls 

Do make sure that when you are practicing with any type of ball it meets the standard of your organization and also meets the standard of the machine as well. Ensuring these two factors will allow you to play easily and even practice perfectly when you are on the field. 


Well, this is all you need to know about how real baseball can be used or not in the pitching machine. Hope that this article gave you all the information that you need and will help you practice perfectly each time you set on the diamond! 

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