How to Tell If Your Bat is Dead? {Composite & Aluminum}

A time will come when your $400 baseball bat made with a composite handle and alloy barrel won’t hit like it used to because it’s dead.

It’s true.

Many players ask questions that are related to this.

How to tell if a baseball bat is dead?”

“Do composite bats lose their pop?”

So, today, we’ll try to answer how to tell if your bat is dead and other questions that come to your mind related to dead baseball bats.

Let’s get started.

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Baseball Bat Shaving and Rolling: Everything You Need to Know

Baseball is a strong batting game wherein every hitter aims to make contact with the pitch, get on the base, and eventually score a home run.

However, hitting a home run is not an easy task. You need to have a bat that is strong and powerful enough to send the ball far and long.

In order to accomplish that, many baseball hitters adopt bat shaving and rolling methods to increase the performance of their bats.

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End Loaded vs. Balanced Bats in Baseball & Softball

You may have heard a few times that you should play with an end-loaded bat or with a balanced bat.

But, the main question is,

How does an end-loaded bat or a balanced bat affect your performance?

What type of bat should you buy if you’re a baseball power hitter or a softball contact hitter?

Let’s find out in this short article.

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Slow Pitch Softball Batting Techniques + Common Mistakes

Just like baseball, softball is also an interesting and competitive sport. It is played by two teams with ten players each.

Softball has its own set of rules and strategies of play like every other sport.

Different pitching and batting techniques are used by pitchers and batters to outsmart the other.

Softball actually has two different types – fast-pitch softball, and slow-pitch softball.

Slow-pitch softball is easier to hit due to the ball’s slow pace but it also requires extra force to hit it down to a longer distance.

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How to Paint a Baseball Bat & Ball: Step by Step

A simple and ordinary bat and baseball can be quite boring. It hampers your personality, reducing the fun out of the game. However, a vibrant coat of paint on the bat or baseball can not only totally change the look of the baseball bat and the baseball, but also arouse interest among the audience and players.

You can go to a professional shop and have your baseball bat and baseball painted, but it can be expensive. Thus, mostly all athletes prefer to paint their baseball bat and baseball by themselves.

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